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Viktor Build Guide by Santa609 return

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Santa609 return

Viktorious Viktor

Santa609 return Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So there's this new guy to Leagues... He's Russian.. part robot... with 3 hands... and 1 of them shoot lazers. He actually is pretty fun to play and some awesome tips and tricks with him.

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Pros / Cons

- Awesome range
- Spammable hard hitting poke
- Nice AoE stun
- Can adapt to any game situation nicely

- Squishy-ish (at least with this build)
- Poke requires you to be close
- Mana dependent if spamming Death Ray

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I go with basic MPen with offence. Always nice on a spell caster.

I like my casters to be able to not cry when they stub their toes.

It's the little extra things that matter.

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Evolving Technology
Pretty sweet passive, gives you ability power per level and can be upgrade into 1 of 3 augmentations.
Power Transfer
High damage, low cd, and low mana cost, what's not to love? It cost 65 mana at level 5 to cast.
Gravity Field
Gotta love cc, especially AoE cc. This makes team fights pretty nice. Just lay this down and kill, rinse repeat.
Death Ray
Line damage with a fun aiming system. Massive range when you learn how to place it. Mana dependent though
Chaos Storm
Basically a weaker form of Annie's Tibbers but has a silence and nice damage if you let it follow someone. You only have to click ONCE for it to follow someone. If you tell it to move after someone let it go so you don't get yourself killed trying to chase someone with it and then not being able to move yourself.

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MagicPen Marks
More damage, more kills, nuff said.

Armor seals
More armor, less deaths, nuff said.

Magic Resist
Take care of caster pokes.

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Summoner Spells

For that mobility to get a kill or keep yourself from getting killed.
Flash ignite kills are always fun, or just ignite to finish off a hurting player.

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Evolving Technology

Viktor's passive is an item. That being said, it takes an item slot too.
Yeah, it kinda sucks, but it can be upgraded for 1200g to 1 one 3 augments

220 More health and 6 health/5
Also makes power transfer give you a 30% speed boost when used.

200 More mana, 5 mana/5, 10% cd reduction
Makes Gravity field 30% larger
- My personal favorite aug

45 Ability power
Makes death ray deal additional 30% magic damage over 4 seconds after getting hit by it.

All Augmentations keep the 3 Ability Power per level 'True' passive

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Doran's Ring- for the health and more mana regen and ap.

Boots- ... you know what these do...

Hextech Revolver- spellvamp is awesome on everyone, but more so on casters

Sorc Shoes- More magicpen since you know... it's the only source of significant damage you deal.

Will of the Ancients- I've played around with this item a lot on a bunch of champs (my favorite being getting one of these on Lee Sin) it works really nice on Viktor because his q is spammable and does a nice chunk of damage, plus death ray's damage and your ult is an amazing source of health then. It keeps you from having to go back because you got knocked down to little under half life.

Abyssal Scepter- makes you harder to kill with spells while making it easier to kill your enemies with spells. Yay!

Void Staff- Magicpen is always nice, and with masteries, 50% magicpen, very nice.

Rabadons Deathcap- More ap... yea

Augmentation- Takes up an item slot... bummer

Situational- Just like your passive, adapt to the game to be better, buy more armor it you need it against a Cait or Tryn. Or buy a Evil Tome if you need more mana and max cd reduction.

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Build 2

The second build focuses on more damage than utility. Building a RoA for more health and mana and a Crystal Scepter for the nice slow with a spammable Q and your Ult. This build focuses more on tanky caster than a more offensive based one.

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Early Game

Last hits, no duh but yea, last hit like a boss. Youris cheap enough to even last hit with if you're having trouble with your melee.

Try upgrading your core if you can. It cost 1200g but still, if you can try and get it done early (If your going gravity augment)

Finish up early game with a ring, boots, and catalyst and embark on the adventure of mid game.

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Mid game

By now you should notice the combo to do with Viktor.


Stun to Ult to Shielding to Death and back to spamming Q

This rotation I find to be the most reliable when bursting someone down.

For skirmishes I tend to use the rotation


Getting more damage off and then stunning after they either try running or if you need to. With Gravity field, if augmented, you can usually get better positioning to lay it behind a person whose over extended than not.

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Late Game

Gravity Field is your best friend in clumped team-fights. Use Death Ray for some nice poke on multiple people and don't be afraid to run up and Power Transfer somebody if they extend a bit to far.

A nice trick to do is when a fight starts to happen, lay gravity field on YOUR teammates so any melee dps guys/tanks have to run through it to get to your team, so you can focus down the carry or ignore the tank who is stunned inside the field.

Another trick is laying directly behind a person charging into your team so for that brief period of time, the are alone while anyone who was following them is now stunned or to scared to force their way through the field.

Chaos Storm is very nice in team-fights, as an AoE Silence and swirling cloud of dps goodness. Try to run up to place it on top of the mages in the back or position it to make them run back away from team-fights.

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Viktor is all around fun to play with. His moves are versatile like the concept of him. I won't say this guide is perfect, or that it's even above average, it's just what I've found out that has been working so far since his release.

Feedback is always nice.

There will be tweaks to stuff the more I play around with Viktor and better descriptions and things when I can.