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League of Legends Build Guide Author robb11

Vlad- Atreyu Style.

robb11 Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Hey and welcome to my first build. its of how i play vlad and i seem to always have pretty good results with him. i would post pictures for you people but i havent really looked into how to do all of that so nothing really fancy, alltho if i figure out how i will probably go and add some stuff. so now, the build.

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Ok i have the runes set up here even tho i dont really even use runes in genneral. but ive thot of things that would be a good things to have for a nuke of a vlad.
I chose marks of insight because with all the spell damage you deal out, itd just be beastly to just penetrate tanks that go and piss you off with banshee's veil and FoN.
Next, i chose to use the seals of fortitude, because with them you can stay out in the lane longer, and you deal more damage with your W, which does bonus damage equal to 15% of your bonus health. and with that bonus damage with that, you get even more life back.
Then i use the glyphs of force. vlad doesnt use mana, so that'd be stupid to just use mana glyphs. i chose the per level runes here, because, while having a big begining bonus is nice, in the end game, the more you have, the more kickass you become.
Lastly, there are the big dudes. i use the health quints, for the same reason as the seals. just to have a bonus and for the extra damage on W.

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The masteries i use are pretty basic masteries, things i would use for people like kennen and akali who dont use mana. so in offense you get the bonus ability power and then the CD reduction along with the magic pen. Then in defense i dont use anything cuz its just a waste on vlad. on utilitie i use the 3 in health/mana regen, so you live longer, kinda obvious. then ghost so you can run faster and get away when people try to gank you, or to chase down people to then slow down with your W or to last hit with Q. And then good hands just to make it so i can move to other levels of the techtree so i dont waste any on stupid mana things. then, i go for the increased exp so you level up faster and have a little advantage over other champions who dont have that ability set for themselves. Put one in extra gold so you have a little bonus there, and to fill space for the next level. Next, i put into faster movement speed. vlad moves quite slow, so a little bonus is always nice. Then, even further reduced CD's so your pretty much just spamming your Q and E. Then just top it all off with the last one and you can use ghost and ignite more.

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One thing ive noticed in most builds for vlad, is that people go for that little mask with like 20% magic pen. i think that is a stupid thing to get because if you have enough AP itll beat the magic pen, and that item doesnt give much AP. i start with the regrowth pendant just so i can stay and lane abit longer, plus it helps build into the warmogs for later. I also usually use a health potion just incase things get abit to out of hand and your health regain and life drains just arent enough. After that i get hextechs revolver. Its a good cheap item that gives some ability power, and it gives spell vamp so you get more healing from Q and W, and also from your E and R. it also helps that it later builds into will of the ancients which further the effect of the item. For boots, i get sorcerers treads. Vlads a sorcerer, and magic pen and movement speed bundled into one is pretty good. no reason to get all fancy and get things like ninja tabi and mercery treads when they wont benefit you as much. Now i seem like i contradicted what i said earlier about the magic pen but this is in boots too, not just some little item that gives health and small amount of AP. Then go and get yourself a warmogs. With that, your passive will give you more AP and it makes a good way of stackin up some health so you have some survivability. next i go for the ice scepter for even more health/AP and for the slowing abilities. the slow stacks with your W, and then you have alot more range with slowing to chase down fleeing enemies. Now some people might wonder why i chose this before my rabadons, and my answer to that is because even if you have rabadons, if you can only hit one spell on them and they get away, they get away. if you can hit multiple weaker spells on them, it stacks up to be more damage. Next i get the death cap for obvious reason-loads of AP. and with that huge number you got there, your passive gives you more health, so its a win win no matter what. next, i get morellos evil tome, for the 75 AP and for the CD reduction, so your just spamming your skills even faster than before, letting your Q be under a 2 second CD. then i just upgrade to will of the ancients cuz i can and it helps out teammates. Now i dont always follow this order sometimes i just go and get a rabadons because ive saved up enough money before ive gone back to get anything else. but i always always always, get the revolver before anything so you can get the spellvamp. if you dont have enough to get the deathcap at the time, then you dont get it. its as simple as that.

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Spell uses

Your Q, Transfusion, is great for healing and dealing damage from afar. its a great harras skill, and when you get it into the higher levels you can just spam it and get health. its also a great thing to use to get last hits with on minions, and since vlad doesnt use mana, you can do that without having to worry about doing it again. this spell also allows you to stay in the lane longer, and when your being chased by a towerdiver you just use it to heal abit, use your W, and get more life and let the tower hit them, then come back and use transfusion again just to make sure they dont get you.

Next, the W, Sanguine Pool. This is a f***in awesome spell that makes you untargetable, and gives you life when you hit people with it. As mentioned before, it does damage based on how much bonus health you have. so this spell with just drain anyone with it. It can save your life, it can kill others, it can allow you to tower dive and get away without the tower hitting you. The bad thing bout this spell is its long cd. thats why CD reduction is greatly valued. It also slows and stacks the ice scepter's slow with it so they cant do anything to get away, or to chase after your teammates.

Tides of Blood is a effective farming tool, but doesnt do much damage so i normally save it for last. its a good thing to use just get that small last hit when your transfusion is on CD and you just came out of your pool of blood. it also does wonders to slow huge groups with the ice scepter.

The ultimate, Hemoplauge. This beastly ability just slaughters anyone you use it one with the exception of afew MR built tanks. you use it on a group of 2 or 3, and then they take increased damage from all sources. use it on someone taking down your tower, someone you just used ignite one if your not sure that the ulti alone will take them out. use it in team fights to just drop enemies quickly, and use it to get last hits on people after the 5 seconds are up and the burst just comes and finishes them off. Its a great tool, pretty much anyway you use.

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Summoner spells

I use ignite because its great for just making sure you kill the person. or just to stop a mundo from healing or even another vlad from healing. F***k up a WW thats just used his ulti on ur buddy over there. its a great all around spell.

I also use ghost so i can run after, away from, to my allies, just anywhere i want to get to fast. Great for survival and killing, anyway you need to use it works.

A next preference would be Flash instead of Ghost. It too also gives you a little boost to get away or to a person. i dont use it because its a small distance and if your mouse is ******ed your screwed. not as reliable as Ghost in my opinion.

i wouldnt use any other summoner spell really, unless your a noob who doesnt do so well, in that case i would sugest using heal for that second chance, but if you really need that with vlad, you just shouldnt be playing him.

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So, thats all of it. thanks for looking at my build and please leave constructive criticism and other little tips and all complements are always apreciated. before you go and diss the build, try it out and see how it works for you. and dont criticize me for having a ****py build or not using runes.