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Vladimir Build Guide by huntz

Vlad, deal with it.

Vlad, deal with it.

Updated on June 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author huntz Build Guide By huntz 5,492 Views 0 Comments
5,492 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author huntz Vladimir Build Guide By huntz Updated on June 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



yo, this is my Vladimir AP build. It can help you do insane damage while having an abundant amount of health, Probably topping out at around 3.5k. Give it a shot, let me know what you think! +1 If you like it and it works for you!

REMEMBER THIS: You are a Mage first, and a tank second. With almost no armor or Magic resistance you won't last long against a group of enemy champions. But luckily if you engaged them with your own team as well, with Hemoplague they should be dead long before you ever even need to run away. Be careful though and play like a mage, a 'sturdy' mage.

Check the Skills section on tips and tricks on playing this character!

This is my first build :D so pls +1 if you like it.

More to come!
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I went with Magic Pen Marks to help early game!
Potency Quintessences and Glyphs for the egde early on!
And c/d reduction Seals

Thats it! A handful of easy to find runes you probably already have sitting around.
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These are the Masteries I use for Vlad as it gives him great durability in lane and is able to take a fair bit more damage.
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Summoner Spells

I normally take:


These are what I recommend as Ghost helps to catch or get out of a fight you dont wanna be in! and ignite is perfect with Hemoplague.
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Note Before You Read: If You are not aware, Vladimir's passive gives him +2 Health for each AP, and +1 AP for every 25 Health!

I thought it best to start out with a simple Amplifying Tome for the AP benefit early and a single health potion.

Then rushing a Will of the Ancients. This is perfect for your Transfusion!

Then I go for Sorcerers Shoes, as it gives you that bit more magic pen!

or I go for these, these work really well with your Q!

Then I get a Spirit Visage, this also helps increase how much you heal yourself, plus a bit more Health and AP!

I then build towards a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Starting with the two AP items first.

After that, I go straight into a Deathcap. This is the mother of AP items. When you have this item the opposing team will have difficulty taking you down!

For the last item of the build I take Void Staff, as this really does help, +70 AP and 40% Magic pen, you will be dominating anyone.
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1. Transfusion:
Sucks enemy health and heals you! Your main move, Should be leveled to full ASAP. It has absolutely no cost so cast it every chance you get. Early game, Dip in, Cast it, and get out. Rinse Repeat till you have the advantage. Ignite the enemy and finish them off with Ghost+Sanguine Pool as they run away.
2. Sanguine Pool:
Turns you into a puddle of blood, Dealing damage to enemies above you as well as healing yourself. Cost 20% Current health to activate so use wisely! This move can be used for both Tower Diving and Escaping Ganks. Best used say if a nasty projectile is flying towards your face, pop it and dodge the move entirely and sneak away unharmed. Example; Ashe's Ult, Sion's Stun, Blitz's Fist. Use it in conjunction with Ghost for an easy behind turret kill or to escape a neardeath gank. (DOES NOT STOP ENVIRONMENTAL STUNS! EXAMPLE; Veigar's stun.
3. Tides of Blood:
This move can be extremely powerful during teamfights but deadly to yourself early game. I chose to only put one rank in it early game for minion farming and maybe a little boosted damage during a fight but nothing more. Towards the end, when you become entrenched in team fights this move will begin to shine.. When mixed with Sanguine Pool and Hemoplague you will begin to do some REALLY NASTY AoE damage. The trick is to just watch yourself and only cast it when you have the health to waste.
4. Hemoplague:
Your Ultimate, It has a long cooldown and I kind of skimped on CD reduction in the item builds! So pay attention and use it only when you can get the most out of it, Example;: 2 Champs early game, 3-4 Late Game in team fights. Preferably all five! Toss it and follow it up with some Tides of Blood and watch the enemies' healths melt away. It works well with Ignite to provide a really nasty 600+ damage finisher. Level it every chance you get, It is your big daddy and can easily break the other team during a team fight.
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Team Fights: Your Moment to Shine

As the game progresses, your enemies and your own team will start to travel more closely together and attempt to gank loose teammates or push the remaining turrets. This generally happens at around level 13-15+. Watch yourself, making sure that you are never alone on your enemy's half of the field for more than brief moment. Even make sure that you are not alone on YOUR side of the field if all of the enemy champions are missing.

When you and your team finally engage the enemy, make sure to let a more sturdy champion such as a tank initiate. When the enemy's team swarms around him to start their attack you should pop your Ultimate, ensuring that you reach as many of them as possible. Close the gap to the enemy, trying to stay tucked behind your tank or melee and use your Tides of Blood and Transfusion spells each on cooldown. (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE HEALTH TO SPARE FOR TIDES OF BLOOD) Between your Ultimate and your teammates' damage, the enemy should be dead or staggering away while your team walks off with only scratches. Try to cut off the enemies as they run away with Ghost + Sanguine Pool, slowing them down as you cast Transfusion/Tides of Blood/Ignite to finish them off. BE SMART! If an enemy has gotten away, retreat! Don't be reckless! THE ONLY THING THAT CAN KILL YOU AS VLAD IS LACK OF CARENESS!

At the end, if for whatever reason your team is having trouble pushing the final turrets, I suggest grabbing the Lich Bane from the optional item list. Allowing you spike 800 damage hits on turrets every three seconds, YOU can push the turrets! Having around 4k Health and taking only minimal damage from cannon fire, YOU could even backdoor a turret without minions provided you are careful.

Follow these strategies, tips, and tricks and you should rock the enemy team with no problem. If for any reason any part of these Strategies or any other part of this guide were not clear to you. Please leave me a comment! I will try to explain it in more depth as well as use your feedback to improve the wording of my guide! Thank you and enjoy.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author huntz
huntz Vladimir Guide
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Vlad, deal with it.

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