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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nazban

Vlad, Doesen't die and can gank

Nazban Last updated on September 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is an all around build and good for beginners and pro's. This build will explain all aspects of the items, runes, masteries and combos & play style.
The build is basically 40% Tank 60% Ganker.

Summoner Abilities:
Ignite is a great spell for early game. As you can see in our masteries we have put a point into Burning Embers which will give you an extra 10 AP when Ignite is cooling down. Once you are able to use Ignite the 10 AP goes away. The extra 10 AP is awesome in early game because it adds a big boost to your Transfusion skill and damage, so now you can hurr*** the other players in your lane or mid and also bring there life down real quick and either ganking them or sending them running back to spawn to heal up.
[Battle Info: If an enemy is a quarter life pop Ignite on them and hit them with Transfusion this will finish them early game. [You may also pop ghost then Sanguine Pool and float over them if they have a sliver of life left]]

Ghost Is a great asset and is a must in my opinion. As you can see for ghost we have also spent a point in our masteries on Haste which will make ghost fast and last longer. Ghost can be used for an endless amount of tactics. examples; Evading (Running from enemies), Chasing an enemy down to finish him and get that kill, you can also include ghost with some of your skills to maximize your effectiveness
[Battle Info: Pop Ghost then Sanguine Pool to catch up with an enemy and kill him]
[Movement Info: Pop Ghost then Sanguine Pool to get away or run even faster. Sanguine Pool adds a little bit of movement speed when it is used so combined with ghost gives you insane speed for a short time]

Vlads Passive plain and simple your focus with vlad is more AP and more HP. The more ability power vlad has his passive gives you a % of health, the more health vlad has his passive gives you a % of ability power.

Transfusion this is the bread and butter skill of Vlad. You will be using this skill all the time, it has a great range it costs nothing and also gives you back HP. Early game with Ignite in cooldown this will tear through enemies health like it's nothing. It will scare off your offenders and make them think twice about coming to close to you.
(Battle Info: If an enemy is next to there tower you can hit him with transfusion then run back without getting targeted by the tower]

Sanguine Pool: this skill is a very hectic skill, you go invulnerable for a short time create a cloud of blood around you and anything within that cloud receives dmg, gets slowed, and also any of you or your teams dmg is amplified. But it also takes away 12.5% of your health and this is were this skill can be tricky. If you use it to much while u are pushing an enemy in there lane it could drain your life down real quick. You have go to be careful of when and were you use this skill.
[Battle Info: If you and a couple of teammates are around pop sanguine pool and get on the enemy it will slow them down and also increase the damage that they are taking by your teammates.]
[Battle Info: Pop Sanguine Pool if you are being attacked or trying to get away]
[Battle Info: Great for team battles pop sanguine pool run into the middle of all your enemies to slow them all down and increase the % of damage they take. Be sure to get out of there before sanguine pool ends]
[Battle Info: If an enemy is hugging a tower and you move in to attack and the tower targets you pop sanguine pool go over the enemy (this will make the tower target something else) then hit them with transfusion and get out of there before you are targeted again]
[Movement Info: Sanguine Pool adds a little bit of movement speed so be sure if you need to go fast pop ghost then pool.]

Tides of Blood a great skill for farming & doing a bit of extra dmg. This skill will hit all enemies near you and deal a decent amount of dmg.
[Battle Info: run inbetween a group of mobs and pop tides of blood this will either dmg them enough to 1 hit them or kill them off totally at higher lvls. Great way to lvl or earn gold]
[Battle Info: While in battle against enemies use this skill as often as possible to deal a bit of extra dmg and also hit all enemies at once.]

Hemoplague the highest damage skill vlad has, it forms a aoe pool of blood in a wide radius any champions or mobs caught walking in it or on it will recieve massive magic damage 5 seconds later. Do not go into battle if this skill is on cool down.
[Battle Info: cast this under an enemy, then engage in battle the enemy will not take any dmg right away from this skill so he will think he is ok to battle. hit him with all you have and that dmg will eventually pop on him without him realizing it and boom he's finished.]
[Battle Info: Cast this under a fleeing enemy if you cannot catch him, he will die a few seconds after the dmg hits him.]
[Battle Info: Early game this skill will take 2 enemies out in you and your temates lane or kill the guy in mid if you have widdled down there life.]
[Battle Info: In team fights make sure to cast this under the biggest group of enemies to make them all take dmg]

Regrowth Pendant this item is key at the very beginning, you will not need potions with this pendant believe me. Using Transfusion and the +15 health regen will keep your health bar full through out the low leveling.

Giants Belt health, survivability and more Ability Power because vlads passive. Mockup for warmogs armor.

Ruby Crystal health, survivability and more Ability Power because vlads passive. Mockup for warmogs armor.

Boots of Speed By now you will be needing some speed these will help out just a bit. Mockup for Sorcerers Shoes

Warmongs Armor This armor will give you massive and health regen, you will have no problem tanking in early and mid lvls with this, it may slow down you damage just a bit but you will see why when 3 people come to gank you and you get away hurting all 3 of them and you still have more then 3 quarters life while the enemies are less then half health.

Sorcerers Shoes by now you will be hurting for more speed and maybe you could use a more damage, these will accomplish both.

Mejai's Soulstealer DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING KILLS OR ASSISTS, this item is great to have if you and your team are wrecking the opposing team. It gives a great bonus deal of AP so your damage will keep getting stronger, the more assists and kills you get. (If your team is loosing and you are not getting kills and assists you will need to get an item with AP and Magic Res or Armor depending on the opposing team)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter this item was made specifically for vlad well maybe not but it is an awesome item for him. Massive Health, Massive Ability Power, these are vlads main focuses

Zhonya's Ring what more can i say about this more ability power more damage, once you get this item you will notice a huge increase on you damage.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter another one of these? oh yes by now you have over 4.5k health for sure and enough ability power to take a quarter of enemies life with just transfusion alone

Disclaimer on Item builds
The item build I have shown above is a all around general build which will work in almost all cases. However keep in mind item builds are a big aspect of the games strategy. So I will list a couple of options for different situations you may be experiencing.

-Warmog's armor is a must no matter what
-Mejai's is only usefull if your getting kills/assists
-Sorcerers Shoes (If your taking damage get the boots with +25 armor/dodge or magic resistance depending on which of the enemies heros are or what which enemy is owning you in your lane.)
-Ry's Crystal you will need at least one
-Zhonya's Ring (If you are dieing quick switch this item with an item that has:
*Ability Power
*Armor or Magic Res
-Ry's Crystal if you arent taking dmg at all get another Zhonya's

You guys might ask why put points into ghost or ignite instead of the 15% ability cooldown. Well it's simple the 15% ability cooldown only shortens cooldowns for your summoner abilities examples; ignite, ghost, heal, flash etc. Well faster and longer ghost effects your gameplay a hole lot, and the extra 10 AP that ignite adds while coolingdown is beast early game. The 15% ability cooldown you dont even notice in game as much as the other 2 masteries do.

Also I have not gone tank spec in masteries, I have tried the tank spec and turns vlad into only a tank and is not useful at all early game, in fact it's a long slow crawl until you hit mid lvl to actually start tanking let alone you don't do much damage at all. So if you wan't to be a full on tank then go tank spec.

Marks highest magic penetration
Seals highest health
Glyphs highest ability power
Quintessences The reason why I have chosen x3 ability power is for that early game AP, believe me you tear through people.

Play Style:
Ok so vlad is a semi tank and great dps hero. He's awesome from level 1 all the way to lvl 18, He is best at all of his levels. One thing everyone should know is that vlad is not technically a tank, he just has massive life which makes him seem like a tank. He can gain massive life back really fast and it will take enemies a long time to kill you. But keep in mind a actual tank has damage reduction and does not take much damage, vlad will still take damage like the rest of the squishy players but has 6x more life then anyone on the team let alone he does massive damage.

Team battles you need to stay semi back cast hemo in the middle of the enemies use pool to kill enemies faster, stop them from running, use trans to do massive dmg from a distance and use tides to deal decent dmg to all of the enemies.

1v1 Battles you should not even come close to dieing before you enemy is dead.

Well guys this about it for now I hope i haven't forgot anything I will also update this guide with more info soon. Thanks for your time.