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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author awsomenoob456

Vlad Easy Use

awsomenoob456 Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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******************************************************************Note******************************************************************This Build contains Tier 3 Runes, Higher level Summoner Spells, and expensive items,so if you are not high enough level to obtain the runes, spells or cant afford the items, be sure to change the runes/spells/items up so that it fits you. Also, the Tricks/Technique part is when your Abilities are at least level 4. Oh and, this is my first build I made so please don't criticize me that bad!!!

Introduction: This Build allows players to use the champion Vladimir decently easy. This Build is useful for players just starting on Vladimir. Remember that this is just a basic and simple Build, and that there are more complex and probably better ones out there.

Pro's: This Build allows you to activate spells/abilities quicker with the low cool-down allowing you to have a potential to have more kills and to make you last longer and make you be on the offensive from the start. Also, Vladimir has the ability to attack from a range.

Con's: Even with the low cool-down rates of your abilities, your defenses when you get ganked/chased will be on the low side, so be sure you are attentive of any opposing threats of them.

Optional: You may instead replace the items you buy with life-steal and health/armor/speed items to take off some of the frustration of the low health situations where you could last even longer in battle or perhaps pushing a lane for the barricade destruction. Optional Summoner Spell are Heal for those just-in-case moments and Exhaust for those kill-the-enemy types.

Laning-phase: In the early game, I would start off buying a Vampiric Scepture or Boots of Speed. I would always focus on farming on the minions because right now Vladimir is pretty weak so focusing on leveling up is a good idea. Farm until you are level 7+ or so. Any champion kill you get will definitely help you in gaining experience and grabbing some extra cash for better items.

Jungling: This Build works moderately well on jungling only on higher levels. In Summoner's Rift, I would go and defeat Baron Nashor for the ability power/attack damage/health regeneration buff. The other 2 are optional, but I personally wouldn't kill them.

Teamfights: Vladimir is not much of a support champion. However, he is great for helping to gank with his great abilities such as Sanguin Pool and Ghost. When helping to kill, I would first use Ghost to catch up to the enemy. Next, I would quickly cast Ignite, and then Sanguin Pool-Hemoplague-Transfusion Combo. If you bought Hextech Gunblade, you can add the item's active attack which deals 300 magic damage plus an additional Haste on the enemy. Vladimir is also a great pusher because he is a TANK. He has several abilites to heal and several abilites to fend off several enemy minions at once such as Hemoplague and Tides of Blood. Be sure to use your abilities at the right time.

Tricks and Techniques: The combo I like a lot is the Hemoplague/Ignite ,Transfusion, Sanguin Pool, Transfusion, Hextech Gunblade,and Transfusion. The first part is Hemoplague/Ignite. Hemoplague allows any damage occuring to the opponnent to increase and after 5 seconds, dealing approx. 300 dmg. You can also use Ignite as an alternative. Next, I would use Transfusion and quickly pull out Sanguin Pool. This allows for some quick damage and slow-down. After you exit Sanguin Pool, use Transfusion and then the Hextech Gunblade active ability. This will cause a quick 400-600 damage and a slow-down. after chasing, you can do Transfusion again. This allows a total damage of about 1200-1600 damage in about 4-6 seconds if done really fast. Also at anytime, if you have exhaust, you may use it to slow the opponent down for an extra 3 seconds. There are several combos so find out and make one for yourself!