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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vladimir Build Guide by Sekonds or

Vlad - imma pool, umad?

Vlad - imma pool, umad?

Updated on June 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sekonds or Build Guide By Sekonds or 3,431 Views 0 Comments
3,431 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sekonds or Vladimir Build Guide By Sekonds or Updated on June 17, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Vlad - This is my first build/guide.

First off, vlad is squishy early game and your cool-downs are slow, so don't be aggressive. Play smart and safe, but once you have farmed or become fed then gg.
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Marks - Magic pen; fatter hits

Seals - Armor & magic resist; so you're not entirely squishy

Glyphs - Cool-down reduction; playing Vlad CDR is a must.
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Cool-down reduction, movement speed & magic penetration.
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Simply follow it. Its a purchase order, so don't freak out. -FARM A LOT-

Depending on what the situation is, there is a few variations to approach Vladamir's item build.

Bunch of casters, focus on getting magic resistance such as "Abyssal Scepter" or "Force of Nature"

Bunch of melee, focus on getting armor such as "Thornmail"

Survivability/Damage, focus on getting "Zhonya's Hourglass" -Keybind it to "x"

My key-binds with the items 1,2,3 are z,x,c
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Skill Sequence

Leveling/farming "Transfusion" Max this out first. Last hit minions with it & harass.

Always keep your "Sanguine Pool" available, to dodge skill-shots, ults, heavy damage or to go in for the kill. If you pool too early or too late, it might cost ya. Pool is awesome for tower diving, since it drops tower aggro completely.

I recommend that you level Tides of Blood" later on, because it takes up a good chunk of your health. The more you use it, the more damage you deal and healing you receive, but early game and somewhat mid game, it's a pain to have. So level it last. It does heavy AoE damage and is a really nice spell to farm with, end game.

Save your "Hemoplague" for team-fights or if someone is very low by their tower. Use that, then "Transfusion", "Tides of Blood" and "Sanguine Pool" to drop aggro & to escape.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Best spell in the game.

Ignite - Extra dot (damage over time) & a healing reduction to get the kill.
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Pros / Cons

- Good AoE damage
- "Sanguine Pool" slows, heals, does heavy damage & you cannot be targeted
- "Transfusion" has no cost
- Perfect turret diver
- Passive is OP; AP to HP and HP to AP

- Will be focused down first
- If pool is down, you're dead
- "Tides of Blood" can mess you up early game (avoid learning early game)
- Perfect and quick timing is key (no f*ck ups)
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Team Fights

In a team fight, pop "Hemoplague" first, "Tides of Blood"Transfusion", Then "Sanguine Pool", so you won't be targeted at all, and repeat. By the time you come back up from your "Sanguine Pool" all your spells will be up so repeat. And don't forget to use Ignite.

*Never open with "Sanguine Pool". Use it after you've done your spells, or to flee. Unless you are chasing someone, because it has a slow effect of 40%, for whoever is in the pool.
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Aim for Blue buff or purchase a Elixir of Brilliance.

Spam "Tides of Blood" & "Transfusion" on lanes to get some serious AoE damage, healing & fast farming.

Last hit minions with Q. -FARM A LOT-
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Thank you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sekonds or
Sekonds or Vladimir Guide
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Vlad - imma pool, umad?

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