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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sullistrate

Vlad Tank Build

Sullistrate Last updated on October 14, 2010
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I partially made this build for both myself, and others. Personally I always find it a pain in the *** joining random games because there are never any tanks. With vlad you can get up to a ton of health and do a decent amount of damage. Being able to absorb damage and dish it out at the same time. Im going to keep this basic because nobody really wants to read a ton of other peoples ****.

First off, i buy regrowth pendant and a health pot and head to mid. You wanna level transfusion and sanguine pool first. Trans is your most deadly spell, at max rank it has a very small cool down and will become pretty much your only attack. Your Tides of blood is very useful when killing minions and champs, but its fairly easy for vlad to get to level 10 without any problems.

When playing i like to set myself up in the center of my teams minions and do as much damage to the other champion as possible. Harrass them as much as you want, they wont be able to kill you at all. Keep yourself up with transfusion even if you cant use it on a champion kill a creep. The health pot is just a safety net, and usually i randomly click it later in game when i dont need it.

Now once you hit level 7 you can proceed to go into another lane to help them. Hopefully your team wont blow *** and they will keep their guys occupied. If you haven't been ganked at all, you possible have downed their tower, or kept it a stalemate. When you hit 7, push your creeps to their tower, and move to another lane. I take teleport incase of emergencies, but hardly use it. If your team is good, don't leave. Stick it out. Dont even B back. You most likely will be able to get enough money to get a giants belt and sorc shoes if you stick it out. At level 7 you should only be using transfusion on your enemy champion. By level 9 if u used it wisely, they should be a clean kill. Take out their tower, kill the minions, then move to another lane.

Don't use sanguine pool as a source of damage, this is a huge mistake i usually make. Try to use it as a slow or a get away escape. It does damage, a good amount, but its usually not a good way to attack if they are above 50%. Once u get them low u should use it so they dont get away, giving you enough time to set up another transfusion, and the kill.

Also it can help you dodge attacks. It will not save you from nunu's ult and a few others. But it will Karthas, miss fortune, ashe, and another long boring list you can probably find somewhere else. I would personally copy and past, but i feel like playing more.

Also stay out of the jungle, unless you have fallen behind and you need gold + exp. Go into the woods and kill ****. other then that, stick to a lane. after 14 you can walk into a lane and kill the creeps in seconds, giving you a **** ton of gold. Late game sometimes i will push lanes when our team is holding them off at a random tower by coming in from behind and killing the minions before they get to ours. Our minions will be left fighting theres, and more of ours will show up before more of them. Having well over enough to take out a turret.

My 5's team is usually. Vlad, Dr. Mundo, Akali/Garen, Twitch, and Olaf