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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doedzor

Vlad the ap/offtank hemomacer

Doedzor Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first guide ever so be gentle :).
I bought vladimir a few weeks ago and i have been doing rather well with him.
i played about 20/30 matches with him and only did beneath average three times.

For masteries i pick 9/21/0
The reason behind this is that utility focus to much on mana which vlad does not have.
Also the additional health and armor give vlad more ap and survivalness.

As for the summoner spells i pick ghost and teleport.
Ghost is for obvious reasons.
And teleport is always nice to have.
If u want u could also take flash or ignite.

Vlad is best played with a team that either has multiple AOE dmg dealers or long lasting dmg dealers like olaf or xin.

This build is used to play an Ap vlad who can funtion as an offtank who can handle a few punches.

Early game

As first item i pick a Ruby Crystal i never actually needed a potion with vlad during the lane phase because u got Transfusion. U could change the ruby crystal for an amplifiying tome and a health pot if u want to be more aggresive.

Normally i take mid as vlad because he can dominate most other mid chars quite easily.
Take Transfusion as your first skill. this will be enough to poke your oppenent of out heal his poke.

As second skill take Sanguine Pool. This will allow you to escape the gank their jungler might try on you or the escape ur lane opponent if he harrases you to hard.

Always try to level Transfusion first and after the first Sanguine Pool level Tides of Blood (ToB). Be carefull with ToB tho since it will sacrifice health and aint that strong on low level.

As soon as you hit level 7 you should have leveled Transfusion to rank 4 and with the cooldown now as short as 5 seconds you poke your opponent out of the lane (or might kill him with the help of your ult Hemoplague). On level 9 you should have killed your opponent once or ganked bottom or top. Even withour a kill you should have gathered around 1450g. Zone back and pick up an Haunting Guise and normal boots Boots of Speed. If u haven't killed ur lane opponent yet take your new items to an adventage and unleash ur combo on him. He will be suprised how much more dmg u do with Haunting Guise.

As the laning phase is coming to an end you should have either, downed their turret (maybe with help from your jungler) or ganked an other lane and got a few kills/ assists.

On your next trip back you should finish your boots. If the enemy team has lots of cc or ap buy Mercury's Treads. If not buy Boots of Swiftness, This will allow you to get in and out of battle as you please with the help of Sanguine Pool.
If you have more money you could start working on your Rylai's Crystal Scepter either starting with the Blasting Wand or Giant's Belt.

Mid Game

you should consider what your next item is gonna be since u finished your rylai's by now.
If everthing is running smoothly and your not being stopped by anything go ahead and buy a Zhonya's Ring. Are u being pressured by their mages Buy an Abyssal Mask. are their dps dmg'ing you buy a Randuin's Omen. The change is pretty big that they are gonna buy a Madreds Bloodrazor against you so an Abyssal Mask is always welcome.

During the teamfights wait till your main tank takes focus and pop ur ult on the enemy team. The +20% extra dmg will melt most of their mages and non buffy dps away if your team mates unleash their dmg on them. If one of them makes an escape at low health u will probably finish him off when ur ult explodes.

While the teamfigt last spam ur Tides of Blood to hit every1. Focus Transfusion on their biggest threat to take him down. If they focus you wait till your health gets below 50% and pool out of there (if you bought an Zhonya's Ring u can acitvate this first and then pool for 4 seconds immunity). If u bought Randuin's Omen make sure to activate it because the acitve will help alot against they physicals.

Vlad can kill other mages quite easily 1 vs 1 due to Transfusion and Sanguine Pool.
Physical dps however should not be fought 1 vs 1 unless they are low on health already.

Late Game
U should have aquired quite a few kills and assists by now and either have a abyssal scper,+ Zhonya's Ring/ Randuin's Omen. If they are really trying to get you down dont be afraid to buy both a Abyssal Mask and a Randuin's Omen.

Should it be the case that nothing is stopping you u can always buy another rylai's or if they have alot of tanks a Deathfire Grasp
If the game is till going you could sell your haunting guise for a Void Staff.
If you are fully geared you can also buy the blue and red pot for extra ap and hp.

Keep doing the same things in teamfights as in mid game.
I sometimes see vlads waiting with their ults to make sure they get the kills.
DON'T do this it is selfish and the extra 20% dmg ur team will do is more then welcome.

U can split up to push 2 lanes at once with vlad functioning as the seconds team tank while your main tank and 1 of the dps push another lane.

This is my guide to playing vlad.
If u have any hints op tips u want to share please do.
Also english is not my main language so it could be the case there are some typos in here.

Comments are greatly appreciated.