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Vladimir Build Guide by Lextzo



Updated on January 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lextzo Build Guide By Lextzo 5,291 Views 1 Comments
5,291 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lextzo Vladimir Build Guide By Lextzo Updated on January 29, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello! My name is Lextzo, a little background.

I have played many games myself, but i havent been as interested in the action gaming scenario midway through 2011.

When I first picked up Vlad, I did not have a clue as to what I was doing, but when I realized after i had got a sense of the metagame, coming back to vladamir has been a pleasure.

This guide is my first, and one that I will continue to review as time comes along, please take your time and feel free to give some constructive feedback!
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Pros / Cons (and some skill recap)

-Good sustain in lane. Doesnt need to go back for healing or mana for 2 good reasons. 1, his Q takes a lot of health back and 2. You dont use mana! This regeneration of health is increased by your E usage.
-His ultimate is great for your team fights. see them clumped up? use your ult. They all take more damage and if they manage to get away with low health, the plague will finish them off.
-Your W makes it so you phase out. This is good for your getaways. See ashe's arrow coming at you bro? NO PROB! Just pool and it will fly right over you! Please refer to the video below.

-Lacks some escapability. Your W is great, but if they run faster than you you cant do much.
-Its difficult managing your health. You really need to keep an eye on it then most other champions.
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For Vladamir, I strongly reccomend as follows:

Marks of Insight x9. This gives vladamir the magic penetration he needs for later game, once his foes begin stacking magic resist. Not only does it help late but it helps a lot during the early game.

Seals of Health x9 This gives vlad the edge over the opponent, having extra HP and even more AP due to his passive, this really will help vlad snowball early on due to his premature edge over the opponent.

Glyphs of Focus x9 Once your Q has been maximized, its only a matter of time before you fidn yourself constantly poking your opponent, that alonside some gained HP? Sign me up!

Quints of Health x3. Same reason for Seals.

Some alternitives.

I cant really provide much insight to this, but i can say that right now i have quints of mobility and they have really helped me when it comes down to chasing your opponent. Not a bad grab.
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As you can see above, i have put in my Uitility mastery build up top. This build provides you the movement speed, the EXP increases for snowballing and some cooldown reduction. We also get the mastery for flash so we can quickly get away if we so desire, with the -15 second cooldown and the mastermind 21th mastery, it really does make a significant difference.

For the 9 remaining, we snag all of the obvious AP choices, sacrificing 1 AP early on for the extra 5 you will get when ignite is on cooldown. This, although can take away some valuable heath, is also important for early encounters, because if you end up using your ignite to initiate, thats some 5 ap right there! This will give you that extra damage you need against your opponent and farming as well.

Other options

I have considered a 21/9/0 build. The build itself is pretty self-explanitory. Get the 30+ health from the Defensive tree and build the ap choices down the tree. This is a much more offensive approach (no... really now?) and may yeild high results. Feel free to take this mastery page for a test too.
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Skill Sequence


R for Obvious reasons

Q first for your health regen

E for your farm

W for your teamfight effectiveness, that and its not as good in the laning phase, your focus then is to get all of the farm you need with the least amount of interruption (going back) The difference between you E and your W is that your W takes 20% of your current max health and your E is a fixed, minuscule amount.
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Summoner Spells

For the above 9/0/21 build take Ignite and Flash.

Its also a viable option to get teleport instead of flash.

For the 21/9/0 build take ignite and Ghost.
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Why (This Summoner Spell?)

Flash. This provides Vlad with the escapability he needs. See someone ganking? Flash and pool away!

Ghost. A equally effective choice. This allows you to run away quickly and travel greater distances with your W. (Great for Tower Diving!)

Teleport. Enemies about to take yuur tower? NO PROBLEM! Just teleport and then smack him in the face!

Ignite. Gives you that extra damage. R and Ignite that ******* and just wait for that beautiful "You have slain an enemy!" as you retreat safely in their base as they are suffering miles away.

Exaust: Might work, its a great spell
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Why not (This Summoner Spell?)

Clarity: You dont even use mana...

Revive: Never found a use for this

Promote: LOL

Smite: LOL

Heal: Ur vlad, you heal yourself

Clairvoyance: Thats for the support.

Im pretty sure you can figure out the rest for yourself...
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You basically use your E and win. Drain whatever health your enemy minions have. Aim for a last hit. Damage doesnt effect how much health you drain with your Q. This is because if you read in the item description, it says. "Does X amaount of damage then Vladamir gains X amount of health" Therefore, it is not determined by you Spell vamp. So damage doesnt matter that much untill you gain the spell vamp itself.

Eventually, your E will one shot all of the small creeps. Your farm is imba.
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In closing

Thank you for reading my guide! Please post any opinions or questions you have in the comments and i will be sure to get back to you soon!

My email is

See you on the feilds of justice :)

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