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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author moiseman

Vladimir AP: huge dmg & 4khp

moiseman Last updated on August 21, 2010
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My other build (Olaf):

Hello everyone, I've seen lot of Vladimir build with hp & ap items.
I always go full AP and end up getting stats like 19-2 and about 4000 HP. So i thought i'd share how i like to play him and explain my choices.

Ranked game 1350+ :

Vladimir : Nuke with AP, get free HP.


Crimson Pact : (passif) Every 25 points of bonus health gives Vladimir 1 ability power and every 1 point of ability power gives Vladimir 2 bonus health (does not stack with itself).

This will allow you to dps people like a real mage and will also get you to 3500-4000 hp lvl 18

Transfusion : It's your main skill in this build, we get it to 5 ranks as soon as we can to harass as much as we can. It has a 3sec cooldown when maxed and will deal lot of dmg for a free mana ability when you'll get APs.
Always use it, make it your auto attack. Also its range is amazing.

Sanguine Pool : Use it carefuly, you never know when you'll need it to escape. You can use it to farm when you have at least 3 points in it because it'll have a short cooldown. You can kill a full wave with Sanguine Pool and then Tides of Blood to finish them. Use it to farm the 4 spectres in the jungle, you'll get back most of your life thank to the lifesteal. It's great to walk away from a tower once you've made a kill.

Don't understimate its dmg.

Tides of Blood :Dangerous ability, it cost lot of health when you're low level so be careful! It does less damage than transfusion.I use it mainly when i need to deal lot of dmg real fast (to finish someone for exemple).

Hemoplague(Ulti) : It deals lot of damage since we're going AP.
I get lot of kill from it earlier. Harass people with Transfusion then when they're low use flash/Hemoplague/ignite/transfusion and then sanguine pool either to walk away safely or to deal extra dmg if needed.

Summoner Spells
: Excellent combo with your ultimate, just like Mordekaiser. People can't stay around if they low hp because you'll get the kill.
: great to make sure you'll kill you lane ennemy when he's mid-low hp, flash in and combo his face with Ulti + ignite.

Lane Strategy

Be mid if you can, Transfusion with AP will allow you to stay forever in your lane and cause great dmg to you opponent.

Harass, harass again and harass more. If you get low hp just back and hit minion with Transfusion, since it has a great range you can get your hps back safely.

I don't use Sanguine pool to farm until lvl 8 or 10 because :
1. It's not doing enough damage
2. It's cooldown is too long and it's your escape tool so you'll prolly get attacked right after you use it.
3. We don't have Tides of blood to finish all the minions arounds who didn't get killed by sanguine pool

Keeping your distances until YOU decide to engage is important

Once you're lvl 6 you just have to flash-ignite-ult to get free kills

When your lane is empty/when the teamfights begin:

You're really usefull in teamfight so you should always be with your team.
Don't open with your ultimate, they'll just run away until it wears off and does its damage.Wait a bit instead.
Try to keep your distance from the melee at first so you can spam Transfusionn and don't get focused, thank to its big range you'll be able to pick the squishy targets.
Once ennemies are engaged and that you have spammed transfusion a bit you can rush in with ult, sanguine pool and Tides of blood if needed.

Don't hesistate to run away from the fight and to use Transfusion to get your hps back


-is the core item. Three of your abilities are Area Of Effect and your passif, Transfusion and Sanguine Pool allow you to survive almost anything.It works extremely well with a stack item.

-is another important item. We use every stats on that item but its slow is just great. Since Transfusion has a cooldown of only 3 secondes and a great range you can keep anyone slowed forever. Which mean most heroes will just fail to chase you because you'll keep them slowed while healing yourself and destroying their HPs.

-gives you lot of AP and is cheap. The cool part is the spell vamp, you'll get more health from your transfusion and you'll get most of your health back when using sanguine pool.

-At this point you'll have lot of stacks and lot of AP so the +25% will works great and give you lot of hp.

-Why we won't buy warmorg ? that's really obvious but some people still need explanations it seems :
It's one of the most expensive item in the game and it gives you 1200hp (45ap thx to passive)
For that price i can buy zhorna's ring and get 120+(0.25x420) = 225ap (500hp thx to passive)
So it's absolutly useless in a DPS build.

- The last item is situational obviously, like all last items are because most of the time you won't even have the time to buy it, so take whatever you want. I like Abyssal because of the huuuuge resist magic which is perfect to counter huge mage-dps like annie , ryze and especialy veigar (because of his ult dmg scaling on ennemy's AP)

Remember everytime you get AP you also get HPs so DON'T WASTE GOLD ON HP ITEMS

That's about it for this guide, please tell me what you think about it, how to improve it and i apologize for my english.