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Vladimir Build Guide by LordNephets

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordNephets

Vladimir? Bladimir. (Builds)

LordNephets Last updated on June 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings Summoner.

Why is it that despite the ability to do massive burst, despite having no hard CC, and despite being one of the most difficult champions to play effectively, Vladimir is still chosen by a good number of champions within competitive matches?

The answer is, Vlad is Blad, as in BLADASS.

I have posted three builds on this page; the first, an AD Caster build which is more or less the standard for him; the second, a tank-ier build for players who want to be less squishy, but still deal decent damage; the third, a non-competitive build based around dealing AoE damage, which is quite fun to play.

So as a disclaimer ahead of time: this is my first guide.
However, I have played Vladimir extensively for some time, and am proud to share my builds with you, hopefully it will open a few interesting ideas about Vlad.

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Why Vlad?

When you play Vlad, you will be Glad, for all your ee fnemies will look Blad as you dominate the field with your skill, charm, power, and dashing good looks.

All puns aside, Vladimir is an incredibly interesting and fun champion that has amassed quite a bit of a cult following and a hardcore fanbase amongst its players. Vladimir continues to be a highly powerful bruiser/caster/solotop/mid, and takes advantage of many spell based attributes other champions cannot.

Incredibly sustainable in lane.
His Ult is highly valuable in team fights.
Easy to escape from enemies when needed.
No mana costs.
Built in Spell Vamp.
Incredible Farmer.
Punny, charming, dashing, and has one of the best Legendary Skins in the game.

Can be incredibly gold hungry.
Often focused in team fights.
No hard CC (stuns, snares)
Spells cost health to cast.
Cannot often 1v2 or higher.

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Rune choices are always strictly up to the summoner, but there are some notes that should be made:

First of all, standard AP caster Rune Pages do not always work on Vlad, for they focus on Mana and Mana regen as well, while Vlad has no mana, instead you should focus on AP and HP. I prefer Magic Pen Marks, and flat AP Quints, so I can pick up kills early game to earn money faster.

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Masteries are pretty standard, however as a note, I typically take 9/21 so that I can get extra cooldown reduction without having to worry about buying Boots of Lucidity.

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Items are vital to Vlad, and I will discuss the three builds I have posted here.
First of all, as a note, I did not include Boots in these builds (exception of third build) this DOES NOT mean to not buy boots. I simply left out boots, for your choice of boot and when to buy them is strictly up to you, Vladimir would never criticize your choice, and he looks good in whatever boots you want (Except Berserkers Greaves). However, I most recommend Sorcerers Shoes, followed by Boots of Lucidity, and Mercury Treads.

BUILD I: (Offense)
It's recommended to start out with an Amplifying Tome and a Health Pot. These items, plus your AP quints, should get you first blood, and allow you to farm minions. Make sure in this build especially to ALWAYS keep at least one stack of Vladimirs "E" up, to maximize his healing effects, since you won't have many pots.

After that, build into Hextech Revolver, a staple Vlad item which will make you crazy sustainable. In this build, I also recommend getting Kage's Lucky Pick. You may not be using it later in another item, but the extra AP and the Gold it gives will be very valuable. If you hold onto this all game, you will earn gold faster than other AP casters, which means better items sooner.

If you have a lot of gold, build into Rylais first, this will give you incredible health mid game, and make your pool even more effective with the built in slow. You can grab either this or Deathcap first, it doesn't really matter, but you will want both.

Will of the Ancients is vital. I also recommend that you get another AP caster (if you are solo topping, or they are) or your Jungler/Support get a Will of the Ancients. With both WoTA and your spells, your health regen will be comparable to that of the Bloodthirster.

Typically, by this time in the game, you will have won. But good other options are Morellos Evil Tome (if you dont want to throw away Kages), Zhonyas Hourglass (for those in base teamfights), or really any other AP based item.

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Notes and Changes:

This build is still in BETA. It will be worked on over the next few days to finish out the three main builds, but I uploaded a basic build and guide to start, to see if there were any major things that need be changed.

6/2/2012: First Rendition Uploaded