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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sheepyamon

Vladimir extended beginners guide! (out dated)

Sheepyamon Last updated on November 8, 2010
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Hello and Welcome
Im Sheepyamon, and this is my fourth Mobafire guide, introducing my way of playing Vladimir-The Crimson Reaper
Like normally i will use Acronymes, talk about masteries, runes, items, have an introduction along with an ending summary regarding pros & cons and such!

TF= Transfusion
SP= Sanguine Pool
ToB= Tides of Blood
Hemo= Hemoplague
EG= Early Game
MG= Mid Game
LG= Late Game

*The other Acronymes used will be up to you to figure out but they are all basics so everyone should allready know them!

Vladimir Abilities:
Crimson Pact: One of the funniest Passivs in the game in my opinion, making Vladimir get Extra HP from AP, and Extra AP from HP.
This build revolve arround just that!

Transfusion: Deals magic damage and heals Vladimir for 25% of the damage done?! Hey what? 25% thats alot of healing along with HP regen items, making this ur bread and butter ability.

Sanguine Pool: This is his so called Defensive mechanism, but it can be used in so many ways, dodging Tower, minion damage, even player abilities, not only does it heal you for 15% aswell, it also slowss anyone standing in the pool for the 2.5 seconds it lasts, and you can control it, so use it wisely, may save you in more than one occation!

Tides of Blood: An AoE ability dealing damage to surrounding enemies, increases regeneration and healing by 8% and can be used multiple times with increased health cost aswell, but a neat ability nonetheless!

Hemoplague: Now this is an ability which will be hated ALOT, it does area wise damage after 5seconds and icnreases damage done to the targets affected by 5%, this is a teamfight turner worth using and mentioning!

Runes & Masteries:
Standard Caster and Masteries with increased Neutral buff duration, improved ghost for the occational fleeing/chasing capability, and ofcourse Greed to increase gold income due to the expensive build we will need any penny we can get!

Greater Mark of Magic Penetrationx9 Magic Penetration is VERY viable for this champion and should never be disclosed.
Greater Seal of Vitalityx9 More health equals more AP so yes please.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductionx9 Cooldown reduction is awsome making us able to spam our abilties more frequently, so this is a must have in my opinion.
Greater Quintessence of Healthx3 Flat Health Quints for the sole reason health is something you can never get enough of, and some extra starting health is awsome so yes please.

Standard Caster masteries with improved duration on neutral buff, Greed, Improved Ghost

Item Core:

For the time beeing the core looks pretty much like this, you see ive added a 7th item, this is situational, and might be something worth looking into, do you feel you are not quite punching hard enough you might remove an item and put in
for that extra Magic Penetration for some increased damage.
People start saying getting Spirit Visage is a waste of money..
Is it? Think about it..
Cooldown Reduction by 12% + 20% Extra healing and your main attack spell heals for 25% of the damage done, add SV and you have 45% Healing from the damage done.
Only a fool wouldnt use this imo.
And why i take Mejai's last? Because games usually never last for a long time, if i see i get fed early on i rush Mejais before Zhonyas.

HP-Lifesteal Build

Thanks to eXstatik for the tip, this is a BUILD which is getting tested, will report any findings after testing is complete!
So hold your breath, as this might become interresting.

Early Game: Level 1-6
Early game you would want to either go in a solo lane, pref mid to level up faster and gain even more gold for your expensive build, that beeing with HP&lifesteal or the standalone HP&AP Build, either way you want a solo lane, maybe with a jungler if possible for you? if not pick a lane with a heavy carry or someone with a stun, to make the best out of ur abilties, slow and general burst and pushing capabilities.

Pickup: +
And head to your lane.

Goals: Getting Spirit Visage and Mercury Treads depending if you are lucky enough to get some kills, tower pushes!
It can happen, so never give up the hope for this!
Butt keep in mind, im not saying you HAVE to use Merc's you do if the other team have alot of Casters/disablers.. Sorcs are justa s good a choice if they have no disablers =)

Mid Game: Level 6-10(11+)
By now you have SV and MT's, and building your RCS, start by getting while building Rylai's to increase hp and staying power in lanes and pushes!
MG means the start of teamfights so be ready to use your ToB to slow and your Hemo to increase damage done to your oponents, it sure helps out, so use it wisely to make sure your team comes out on top!

Pickup:Rylai's, Zhonya's or Warmogs during this part of the game!
Depending how lucky you have been and how Fed you are this will help out in the long run so keep staying in there for the gold you need it for your build so dont ever get greedy as it only results in demise which none of us are interrested in!

Goals:Getting ur 3-4(maybe5th) items in order, pushing lanes as much as you can with your team, help out lanes which need it, dont forget to grab lizard and golem buff when possible, and generally help out with ganks, this is the time when Vladimir truly shines due to Health, regen and staying power as you can darn nearly outlast anything they throw at you if played smart, so keep the few factors in mind.

1.Don't be greedy
2.Don't overdo anything(i.a going vs 3champions unless you no backup is close to help out)
3.Stay with your team

Late Game Game: Level 10(11)-18
The End Game is now closing in, and you should have the needed items and this is very paths are ment to be crossed do you go for more Staying power in teamfights or higher punches? that is up to you, +
makes you do way more damage now or you can go the more Healthier way by getting
+ More Damage and more health both are Viable so the choice is up to you!

Tip's & Tricks:
1.Always use your TF to Harrass as much as possible, when going in for a kill early game use that to make ur oponent go dangerously low(AS Phreak says), when you go in for the kill pop SP to slow him down for ur teammate to lower him more then when SP ends, pop out, use ToB+TF end him!
It might seem like alot of work but this happens in 5seconds depending on Cooldowns so use this as a ingeneral starter before you get your Ultimate!
2.When you get your ultimate, start with using TF, then ToB, Hemo and then Sanguine Pool, SP is over you rince and repeat without your Ultimate and you will see that your oponents will drop very fast, pick out the Squishy enemies first, but think forward, dont go for a squishy if the enemy carry can rip ur team apart, then focus their carry first!
3. Stay alive, and try to possibly tank the oponents for ur team, its ur job to help out as much as possible!

Pros & Cons:

*Good staying Power
*Awsome Towerdiving Capabilities
*Great damage output
*Good Support with Sanguine Pool
*Fight Changer in teamfights

*Hard to master
*Can be abit squishy early game
*Expensive build (both HP+Lifesteal and HP+AP)
*Timing Crucial

In all fairness Vladimir-The Crimson Reaper is a new champion and diffrent builds will come up but at the time beeing this one works wonders until tweaks and fixes have been gives so work with it, it takes time to learn how to use him, and timing of his abilities can turn the tide of any team fight, all in all he is a great package of both tanking and dps capabilities wrapped in a Dracula looking beeing, so use the time needed t master him and ill promise you will have alot of fun with this champion addition to the list!

Check out my earlier guides aswell on Mobafire:

Please Rate and Comment.
-Votes are non viable if there are not given a Valid Reason for them, do not downrate if there is no reason for it! Any Criticism will be taken and noted to the build and will be updated with a fix to whatever problem might occur, this build works for me as such its not ment to work for everyone and should be taken into account when rating a build, a guide is ment to be an indepth explaination of abilties, playing tips, pros & cons and everything any guide which has taken more than 10minutes to write should revolve arround!
Keep this in mid for future ratings you might do!