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Vladimir Build Guide by Squidaga

Vladimir - Guinsoo is absolutely LIVID

Vladimir - Guinsoo is absolutely LIVID

Updated on October 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squidaga Build Guide By Squidaga 4,181 Views 1 Comments
4,181 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Squidaga Vladimir Build Guide By Squidaga Updated on October 14, 2011
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Gewd Eeva-ning Ladies and MentleGen, Bleh, Bleh.
This is Just a small Build I've been Fiddling around with, attempting to balance AP and Health in the correct amounts, Seeing as a Straight AP Glass Cannon is not the Optimal build.
Your Blood pool will do no damage, And killing yourself is not fun.

The Difficult part is purely math. Seeing As Vlads Passive sends the normal equating of abilities and statistics into a loop, and that Mobafire doesn't include passives into the equation, getting the balance of the highest Health and AP possible is very difficult.

In Reality, This Build gives about 5185 Health, While giving Vlad about 739 Ap, both provided you can keep up your soulstealer stacks.
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Awright, I confess. At the time that I'm writing this I'm not level 30, hell I don't even have Tier 3's.
That doesn't matter, Do you know why?..
My laptop comes with a calculator. That's how I know what runes to get.
Game Theory, Motha [Censored], Do you speak it?

I'd Shoot for Scaling Runes, (Only exeption being Quintessenses, which have notable difference at level 1) Sheerly because of every game I've played Vladimir on, I've been overleveled, even If I don't have that much gear.
Vlad's a Health Champ with amazing Spellvamp and Heals, Thus, You have Perpetual Lane sustainability. Just play D and attempt to aviod poking the best you can, until the enemies have to B, After that Rampage, Rant, and Holler all you want. Repeat untill your Levels make your Runes give you the upper edge over their Flat runes.
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Skill Sequence

Basically you get all of your spells at level 6, With your transfusion at level 3, then alternate between Trasfustion and Blood Pool, then go straight tides of blood lategame.

Now Alot of people level Tides of Blood before their Sanguine Pool, They're doing it wrong.
You see theres a method to the "Madness" for multiple reasons:
1. Blood Pool's Cooldown Scales down when it's leveled, Tides of Blood doesn't
2. Blood Pool is not a one point wonder, It does more damage when leveled, thus healing you more.
3. Tides of blood IS a one-point wonder, The Healing and Regen increase is stable, always.
4. Leveling Tides of Blood early-game acutally HARMS you, making it cost more health that you don't have.
5. Blood Pool is not your Excape/mobility ability, It's too short lived for that, It's an AOE nuke.
6. Being as you aren't using your Pool for excape, Tethers such as Noc's Fear or Fiddle's Drain don't [Censored] you over.

I hope this has explained a common Falacy of Vladmir players.
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Cooldowns, Cooldowns, Cooldowns.
and That Magic Penitration thing.

And Experience boosts are also pretty cool.

9/0/21 is actually an amazing Mastery set for Vlad, It makes his Pool Come back in near 11 seconds, with Transfusion and Tides being at around 3.5 seconds. All the while making up for the lack of Magic penetration in this build with Archaic Knowledge. Although you may not do 4% more damage, you will be dying less due to having Vladimirs abilities and your summoner abilites coming at you in a constant cycle.

What's Better, not being able to get that one moer soulstealer stack on the fiddle who had 12 health, or loosing a third of your stacks because you had to wait 10 seconds to flash out of that gank?
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost:
Your Bread and butter, They make up for the one thing that Vladimir doesn't have, Mobility.

Other good choices include:
The Rift is a pretty big map, If you find Ghost alone being able to suffice, and If by somechance you had to leave the lane but get back quickly, Then This would be a decent Choice to get over Flash. Keep Ghost.

Again, If Ghost alone seems to be doing good for you, Fortify's aslo a good idea, It'll back your team up when your Mid Goes Derp-Nuts and dies when the enemies suddenly push. It's also good for getting your minion farm up pretty fast in early game.

High Mobility Carries Like Vayne and Yi can Tear up Vlad more than He can heal for. Stoping them in they're tracks and making them do no damage is pretty damn useful for destroying them. Make sure you get Cripple in the masteries though.

BAD Choices for Summoner abilities:
Your transfusion comes back in 3 seconds and heals you for more than this gives you...
Don't get it under ANY circumstance.

What the hell are you, a Troll?
You don't Jungle with Vlad.

What the hell are you, a Troll?
You don't Buff minion waves with Vlad.

What the Hell are you, A Troll?
You don't die as Vlad.

What the Hell are you a Troll?
You don't Mana with Vlad.
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Ah... Items
The most important part of the Build.

Yet it's so self explainatory...
Just by looking at it.

Other than that I don't see much else that is different about the items, Grabing your Mejai's, Boots, Spellvamp then moving on to the Stronger items late game just seems to work good, being as Vladimir typically Drifts into lategame before the other players, so you save the best for last, because your first to get the last...

Getting your Rylai's abosultely last is actually a good idea, The gold is better spent on the other items in the build early in the game, plus the Slows are only really helpful to help clean up the teamfights end-game so you can push with an ace.

And a Final note: Remember that Your Will of the Ancients has a AURA of AP and SPELLVAMP, So if you can lane with someone like Jax, who typically gets a Gunblade. Bam! your Jax's Leap Strike and Empower now heal him for half the damage he deals.
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Well that's All for now,
Have Fun and Run them through with what runs through them.

Feel Free to comment so Improvements may occur.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squidaga
Squidaga Vladimir Guide
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Vladimir - Guinsoo is absolutely LIVID

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