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League of Legends Build Guide Author klinarus

Vladimir. He knows how to play with BLOOD!

klinarus Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my first ''REAL'' Build. This Build will help you from early to end game to make nice DMG, have big healings and also being a bit tanky. Hope you'll enjoy it ! So lets start.

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For my Runes I take 9xFor more Dmg early and late game.

9xThese runes work great with your Passive and also give you more Health for more Survivability.

9xAlso these Runes work great with your Passive and will give you a pretty nice amount of Ap when you're lvl 18

3xThese Runes will help you just as much as theseBut I prefer the Ap Quints because they give you even more Passive bonus and you already have some MPen from your Marks

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For my Masteries I take Standart 9 21 0 Masteries. 9 In offense for more MPen, Cdr and Ap and 21 in defense for more early game hp (got nerfed thought) and more survivability. The reason I don't take any points in utility is because you don't need the extra 2% Health regen because youll anyway have a really low health regen. You also dont need any death time reduction the only thing you mabey could need is the Ghost upgrade and the 3% extra speed but that's why you also should buy boots of swiftness but youll do fine thoose masteries. I also dont take any CDr because your abilities will have really low CDr late game.

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For my Iteams I usually take boots in the begining the reason I do that is because you can easliy harras your enemy with your huge dmg output. Boots also are good if the enemy has a jungler youll be a bit safer then. If you decide not to buy boots in the beginning I would highly recommend you to buyand if the enemy still would have a jungler you can easily escape withand Ghost. After harrasing a lot of minions I usually go back at about lvl 9 because then yourwill be maxed out. You should just have about enough money to buyand(if your good at last hitting). Witch boots should I choose ?!? If the enemys notice your doing great dmg and are clever then they probably would buy some MRessist then you should buyif your team is squishy and not very strong you should buyor. Already with these 2 Items (your Boots) and Rylais Zepter you will be a killing mashine. My 3rd Item with Vlad isthe reason I take this is for MORE DMG , and for more health this will give you an extreme boost with your ap and also your hp will rise alot. My last Item I buy is Your text to link here... This is probably one of the best items for Vlad because he heals him so much with his abilities and with this item even more. It also give you some hp and MRessist and that alwaise helps you. After these 4 Items you should feel free on what you want to buy. It really depends on the enemy team. I havn't really tested many Items on Vlad so I can't tell you what Items would be best next. But if the enemy is stacking MRessist just get Items that reduce there MRessist (but probably you should know that :P).

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Skill Sequence

For my skills I max out Transfusion first. Why ? This is a great way of brusing your enemys. 4-6 Times and your enemy will be on half life (if he isn't a tank). Next I max out is Sanguine Pool Why ? This ability has a really big Cooldown early game and it helps you dodging stuns , slows , snares etc... and it also can change a loosing 1 vs 1 fight into a winning 1 vs 1 fight. Dont worry about the 20% hp you will loose you will get that back with your transfusion. Next will be the ulti that I max out. Why ? Don't ask me you know why :P. And then the last skill I max out is Tides of Blood. The reason I max it out last is because early game it's a really useless spell it doesn't do much dmg it costs health it doesn't give you any back etc... but late game with a good amount of Ap this will be a nice way to dmg all the enemys in team fights.

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Summoner Spells

For my Summoner Spells I take Ghost and Ignite. Ignite is a musthave ! It really works great with your ult to kill thoose stupid healers , tanks , supporters ! For my second spell I usually take Ghost I don't really use it for chasing up I mostly use it for escaping out of a bad teamfight , ganks , or loosing other fights. This spell also works great with your Sanguine Pool!

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Pros / Cons


    Great Farmer
    Very good survivability
    Massive DMG
    Can change a loosing game into a winning game
    Doesn't really need much Items to deal much DMG
    Low cooldowns
    Good at tower Diving
    Fun to play!

    Vunerable to CC
    Isn't even that easy to play (needs good timing)
    Bloddy expensive 6900 IP or 975 RP
    Low Hp regeneration
    Isn't a Tank !
    Can have a hard time Killing tanks
    Ulti = NoKill = YOU= ?!%?/���£
    Is very slow !

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Team Work

I really dont know much what to say about this. But In my opinion before a Teamfight begins I normally just bruse all enemys a bit. Also Vlad is good at ganking (any lane). He can also be used a bit as a supporter (slowing the enemys) and letting your team to catch up or GTFO!

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This is what I really like about vlad he is one of the best farmers when he has rylais only by doing Singuine pool the minions will all have about 10 hp and you can finish them of with your basic attacks , tides of blood or transfusion. From early to late game Vlad can easily last hit with transfusion. With vlad you will have lots and lots and lots of Gold ! You also dont have to worry too much about getting fed or getting kills because youll have a huge amount of gold at anytime !

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So and this was my Build ! I hope I could help you. Ill probably write some more about Recomended Items , Ranked play , Skills etc.. but in the moment ill leave this build how it is. If you have any questions or recommandments please send me a msg or leave a comment. you can add me INgame my summoner name is klinarus. Like I said this is my first build and I tried my best. If you vote please leave a comment and tell me how you like it. If some one will even look at this build :D. I may have some spelling errors but that's because I'm writting pretty quick and I'm a bit lazy :P. I hope I could help you ! Good Luck and Have Fun !