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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkreapers

Vladimir, How to Build Him

darkreapers Last updated on February 1, 2011
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This is my first time writing a build, just a little background info about myself, i am a vlad player with over 150 solo queued ranked game using him under my belt, my win average with vlad is 55% with a ratio of 9-4.5 I would just like to point out that i do not solo queue with a partner so i do meet allot of grievers during game play. My highest elo rating is 1453.

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I picked my rune page to maximise survivability for vlad especially during the early levels as he is considered to be weaker then other heroes such as MF or Trist, the HP runes also give him a nice bonus to Ability Power.

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I follow a standard 9-21 build for caster, CD reduction and movement speed is important for Vlad.

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Skill Sequence

I am going to Explain why I maxed Pool first instead of Tide

1) I also go solo top during ranked games and try to stay in lanes as much as possible

2) As we all know top lanes are more likely to be ganked, there are countless occasions when i get ganked i was able to survive and even double kill by running between the two brushes and using pool to dodge incoming spells or attacks

3) The Shorter CD on the pool allows you to spam it more, at level 5 i was able to get to CD down to 10 seconds, with your heal spell you can kite your enemy effectively and pool under at critical moments to turn the tide of battle.

4) It is a great tool for killing your enemy, when you try to max it first it greatly reduce the cool down on it, but your enemy does not know that does he? At times i would bait the player by pooling down on minions and back off into the brush only to reappear a few seconds later. Your enemy thinking your Pool have 15 or so CD would sometimes engage only to find it refreshed already

5) During mid game team battles where vlad shines, its important to pool under the enemy team during the first initiate after your ulti goes down, slowing the enemy entire team while your allies hammer as much dps into the enemy as possible before your ulti buff goes away, with 10 seconds CD you should be able to pool again short after should you find the battle not go your way.

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A few things i want to point out with my item build.
Always, Always go sorc boots first, the 25 magic penetration is just overkill at early level. As you approach late level and your items are almost fully complete, sell your boots and buy the CD boots, by that time the enemy would have stacked enough MR to make your boots less effective.

Depending on enemy team Banshee Veil, and void staff is also good ideas

Item Build Order

Build these Items in Order

1x boots of speed + 3 HP pot
Upgrade Boots into Sorc Treads, on your way back you should also buy a Soul book or if not enough gold, one amp tomb + more potions ( Always have 2 potions on you at all times)
1x Deathcap
1x Rylais Scepter
1x Lich Bane
1 x Hextech GunBlade

Note, Lich baneand Hextech Gunblade can be replaced by any other items that fits the situation more and Sell your Sorc boots for CD reduction Boots near the end game.

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Ranked Play

You must have a solo lane, mid or solo top it does not matter, however vlad is considered much harder to gank so i would try to go top solo as much as possible, It is important to remember pop ghost then Pool if you want to make your escape.

Early Game
Early game is dangerous for Vlad, His Q have a long cool down at roughly 10 seconds and the damage + Heal amount is trivial. This is why you need to play a bit passive with Vlad, If the enemy is in range do pop a Q at him and back off, do not chase into them.
At level 4 you could get your first kill depending on the situation, but for me I prefer to farm creeps at this time, only harassing the enemy hero once it gets into my range but never aggressively harassing them, remember minions hurt!

At level 6 you should be looking for your first kill, try to ease off pushing minions and let the enemy push towards the half way point, head into the brush and pop ghost when you chase out smack them with a Q + R + ignite + Pool. When you pop out of pool your Q is still on CD so use a tide followed by a Q and auto attack. If they are at 60% or less HP there is no way they can survive it. It is also a good idea to pop a potion in the brush before you charge out.

Mid Game
You should have some charges on your soul book by now, The lanes are going to be broken so its time to gank with your team instead of farming top. Here is a few time frame and items that can keep you on track

By the 21-23 minutes you should have 1 sorc boots, 1 soul book, 1 deathfire cap finished
25-30 minutes Ryalis Scepter
These are your core items, you do not want to be 30 minutes into the game and still not have the following items finished.
After these set of items you are free to build whatever you wish depending on the situation, if the enemy is full of carry feel free to go Armor Items such as the Hour Glass or Banshee If they are Magic Heavy.

Late Game
Did you have a good early and mid game? Do you have more then 15 stacks charged? Well great news not many can stop you now, you should be nearly 700 AP by this point, consider selling your sorc boots for CD reduction ones, you are a walking Q bomb and you will abuse that title.
Stick with your team and move as one, Wards are the most important item at this stage, try to place them at the baron/Dragon/your jungle (near blue) their jungle (near red) and at both rivers
You need to get a successful gank off, and finish the game. Good luck and Have fun.