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Vladimir Build Guide by Swezzy

Vladimir - In Depth guide

Vladimir - In Depth guide

Updated on June 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swezzy Build Guide By Swezzy 3,442 Views 0 Comments
3,442 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Swezzy Vladimir Build Guide By Swezzy Updated on June 13, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
  • LoL Champion: Vladimir


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Vladimir In Depth guide - Notes

This is my first guide so don't judge it to harshly, If you follow this guide you are going to have a successive game with Vlad-O-mire, wither it be normal or ranked.

For any further questions message me.

My League of legends Addy Is Swezzy
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Welcome to summoners rift,

This Is my basic guide for Vlad. In this build you can find how to combat AP/AD heavy teams while doing a load of damage. I've play over some 300 games with Vlad using these builds and its very rare that you will find me being useless on the team. you must remember you just because you have all that health it doesn't mean your a tank. your job is to Hit and run. Positioning in team fight's is Crucial, you should be to constantly Dukeing in and out of team fights and nuking the enemy Carry as much as possible you need to keep your tides of blood stacks in team fights as they do AOE damage and the higher the stacks the more you heal with your transfusion. Avoid early game combat, As that is when you are most vulnerable. your main goal is to take down the enemy carry while keeping stacks on your Mejais and tides of blood high, and to out lane your Opposition by staying in lane for the longest period of time. You should always take the middle lane when playing. These are all key factors to being a good Vlad.
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Runes And Reasoning

These are just the standard runes i use on my Vlad. The runes i play will make you less squishy early game and your AP Scales will benefit every level up. Other optional runes can be like - Cool down reduction, and AP straight of the bat. these runes will also work well with Vlad.
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Masteries And Reasoning

The Masteries speak for themselves.

10-0-20,They will give Vlad the Sufficient early game damage he needs as well as keeping him alive for longer. Personally i like to put a point on the Burning ember, rather then Presents of the master. this is because the Extra 10 AP given while ingniite is on cool down is Imac This will allow you Ability's to hit harder and heal more. But that is only my opinion. You can also play Vlad using 9-21-0 Masteries these will also work.
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Skill Sequence And When To Use Them

Skill Sequence is a crucial element on Vlad,

Transfusion is your bread and suegiue pool is your butter:
Transfusion should be maxed at lv 9 always, no exceptions. At level 9 this spell becomes extreamly spamable especially combined with a Spirit visage and/or Mejai's with Stacks. As stated In the introduction you should always use you Transfusion to nuke the enemy carry.

Next in line is you Suegiue pool:
In my opinion its is the best "Get out of jail free card in the game"
This is the spell that should be next maxed. Suegiue Pool combined with flash or ghost will ensure you an escape. not to mention the slow is awesome. In team fights if it looks like you are going to win Pool an ensure none of them escape. If find yourself getting focused Pool and step back, After this if you still have the health stay in the fight and continue Nukeing there Carry or support Ect.

Tides of blood should always maxed last
This is one of Vlad's most dangerous spells, Not only to the enemy's but to yourself to. If not used carefull you can easly but rape yourself and feed the enemy middle lane. for this reason you should always Max this spell last. In team fight you must use it whenever it is up. the AOE Damage at 4 stacks Is crazy and will Really hurt the enemy Team

And finally your ultimate
Hemoplague you should put a point in this when the occasion arises, Genraly Lv 6,11 and 16. In team fight this spell should be the first to go off. you should try to hit all of the enemy's so you do the maximum amount of damage
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Summoner Spells

Ignite/ Ghost helps with your lane dominance much more. The threat in lane with your ignite and ultimate is huge. Ghost/ flash is also good against strong roamers like alistar, nunu, and taric. However summoner spells are just preference, I recommend playing with summoner spells that you're comfortable with. However if you're playing against a heal composition, i would recommend ignite for sure.
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Early Game

Level 1-9

Early game is the hardest phase for vladimir. Your objective is to farm as much as possible and to play safe. Vladimir starts to pick up from level 5 and becomes insanely strong at level 9. Once you reach level 9, you can overextend and deny your opponent as long as you have proper warding. Try to always avoid harassment and just farm. If you want to harass your opponent at early levels, try to only trade 1 attack for 1 and heal up with transfusion.

In my opinion Vlad is strongest against most AD Carry's in mid for example Ashe Tristana and Corki.
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Mid Game

Level 9-16

Once you hit Level 9 you can start harassing hardcore As long as you have the right items and are sure you wont get Ganked. Durring mid game you must be involved in all team fight so you can gather as many stacks on that mejais as you can. once you get 10 stacks you will be rolling there team hardcore.
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Late Game


As the game progresses, you should be the highest on the CS charts. During the whole game, your objective is to farm and to help with team fights while keeping those mejais stacks up so you can deal mass amounts of damage continue to focus fire the enemy Carry. as long as you follow these steps 95% of you games will be successive

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