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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prowler

Vladimir - Maximizing the Passive

Prowler Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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(I accidentally just posted this build as a Guest, so I'm reposting it correctly).

I've become convinced that people are thinking too hard about their Vlad builds. Forget the Soulstealer. Forget Warmog's Armor, and all the Hextech Revolvers. Here I present the simplest and most effective Vlad build ever.

Now you have to do a little math here to understand the actual awesomeness of this build. The planner does not calculate Vlad's passive bonus, nor does it calculate Zhonya's bonus. You'll find that in-game, your actual HP and AP are a lot higher than what's presented in this planner.

Crimson Pact. This is, in my opinion, the best passive in the game next to Anivia's egg. Every 25 bonus HP gives you 1 additional AP. Every 1 bonus AP gives you an additional 2 HP.

b]Rylai's Crystal Scepter. [/b] The base HP/AP bonuses on Rylai's Scepter are 500 HP and 80 AP. However, after we apply Vlad's passive, this bonus becomes 660 HP and 100 AP (before factoring in Zhonya's Ring). So you can easily see that for Vlad, Rylai's Scepter is THE strongest item you can have.

Now I know what you're thinking. Rylai Scepter's slow bonus does not stack. Yes, I am fully aware of this, but we don't care for the purposes of this build. The build is simple. You maximize your HP and AP by getting Zhonya's Ring, Boots, and as many Rylai's Scepters as possible. That's it. No bells. No whistles. Just cramming as much HP and AP possible into your item slots.

3 Rylai's gives a total of 1980 HP and 300 AP with passive calculated first. Zhonya's Ring gives you 25% additional AP on top of that, which would give you a total bonus of 375 AP. The additional 75 AP you've just gained from Zhonya's would also give you an additional 150 HP. Total benefit from 3 Rylai's becomes 2130 HP and 375 AP.

Total bonus AP and HP after Zhony'as and Passive would end up looking like:
2130 HP, 375 AP -- Rylai's Crystal Scepter x 3
175 HP, 88 AP -- Void Staff
300 HP, 150 AP -- Zhonya's Ring

2605 HP, 613 AP -- Total Bonus from items
2202 HP, 28 AP -- level 18 base Vlad stats after Runes (I don't believe Rune bonuses calc into Vlad's passive, but I may be wrong)

4807 HP, 641 AP -- Final stats
+29 / +40% magic pen, and spell slow

Very tasty stats.

Situational Items
Void Staff vs. 4th Rylai's. If your enemy is pumping magic resist, then get a Void Staff and 3 Rylai's. If your enemy isn't pumping magic resist, then get 4 Rylai's. When magic resist is not an issue, the extra 660 HP and 100 AP is better than 175 HP and 88 AP.
Thornmail. I am a huge fan of swapping one of the Rylai's or Void Staff out for Thornmail if you are running against a high physical ranged DPS such as Twitch, Kog'maw, Twisted Fate, or Ashe. Thornmail gives you a huge edge against these champs -- especially Twitch.