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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ethorion

Vladimir - More Blood

Ethorion Last updated on September 7, 2010
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Fist off, sorry for my bad English; Still trying to master the language ;)

After testing Vlad for over 150 games, i've found the best working build for him. Runewise, mastery wise, and itemwise.

This will be a very simple guide, since Vlad is a simple character to figure out.

You will want mid, since Vlad has some of the best lane control abilities in the game.

You start off getting a Amplifying Tome, giving you a grand 39 ability to work with on lvl 1, making your Transfusion do 93 damage. Your HP should be around 630.
Try using Ignite to raise your AP, and not just to kill off people since Vlad can do that just fine already. You will want the higher damage to control your lane, right? ;)

In my experience, you will usually get First Blood, and once you got enough for Hunters Guise, go get it, you will want the Magic Penetration as Vlad benefits so greatly from it.

If you get people low, and they hug their tower, use ghostwalk, Transfusion, Pool, Transfusion, and you will most likely get a certain kill. Try not to do it before level 6, unless you are most certain you will get the kill. Ghostwalk is pretty much a must-have for Vladimir since you will catch up to anyone without it, and just pool them.

OK, so if you got to the point where you know that you are controlling the lane, and you got your Guise and your Sorc boots, its time for ganking. Go grab a Mejai's Soulstealer, and start helping the sidelanes (Remember to keep an eye on mid, so you dont lose your tower while ganking).

If you get to the point where you got 6-8 stacks on your Mejai's, you are most likely going to win the match. If Vlad reaches 200+ AP early enough, he will dominate the entire game if used right.

Here is a few tips for teamfighting with Vlad:
When you initiate with Vlad, always use your Hemoplague, and imidiately use Sanguine Pool afterwards to slow your enemies, giving your team a HUGE advantage. This way you will win most of your teamfights, unless your team members got no clue how to play the game.

Vlad is not a front figure, but we all know about the teamfights that never start off until somebody does something really stupid. This is your chance to harass some people going out too far, and where your Transfusion comes into the picture, and shines ;)
A great way to bring down your opponents HP, giving you and your team the advantage in fights. Just try not to get close to people with stuns/snares, since that most likely will be the death of you.

Things you dont want to do:
Do not get different Summoner skills, as others wont benefit you as much as these. Sure Flash will get you out of some sticky situations, but Ghostwalk makes Sanguine Pool that much better. And helps you finish off running enemies on low HP with your Hemoplague.
You could exchange Ignite with Cleanse, but i find Vlad having a much more powerful early game using Ignite.

Dont waste skill points on Tides of Blood early game. The damage is horrible at that point, and you will get much better benefits from just maxing out Q and W. It is a fairly good skill for farming lategame, so just wait till you're at that point with getting it.

If you have any suggestions/ideas, feel free to post them. Otherwise, enjoy - this build is really great, and i love making people ragequit with it :)

Please give me your oppinion on the build, and +1 if you like it!