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League of Legends Build Guide Author wheresnessie

Vladimir No Sparkling here...

wheresnessie Last updated on July 30, 2010
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Heyo everyone, this is my first build on mobafire so don't knock it too hard. This is for middle in a 5v5. ive only played a few 3v3's and typically AP is the way to go then. if you want me to make a 3v3 vlad, then +1 this build, and don't be afraid to comment.

Use common sense, don't ever buy anything that isn't health or ap related because vladimir's passive will grant you a lot of extra health and ap.

First off Remember that you are vladimir, you aren't a tank or a hard hitting champion, you fit somewhere in the middle of there and that all depends on how you build him. This is my build on him and it works for my style of playing.

I only showed the first item i purchase, the others have no certain order and fully depend on the situation.

As far as lvling your abilities you want to get your Q up to lvl 5 as fast as possible, as far as your W and E it entirely depends on how aggressive the opposing midder is, if they're taking the lead (which they shouldn't be unless its another vladirmir) you're going to want to lvl your W more than your E, but if you can sap enough health to recover the spent amount on your E then you want that for a ton more minion kills.

When i get to lvl 7 ish i usually try to go for a gank on the other mid if they have less than 1/2 of their health. Just keep harassing them with your Q and when the time is right don't be afraid to throw down your ult and exhaust after that use your puddle and go under to slow him. This usually works. This is a perfect time to go buy your items. Health regen is a MUST as your first good item. Then its fast boots, i like boots of mobility.

From here you pretty much just farm and maybe help out another lane if they need it and you can leave mid. Cooldown items are also a huge MUST for vladimir. It really depends on what the other team is doing, if you go more towards AP or more towards mass health.
If they have a lot of DPS chars then you have to do a hybrid, but if they are all squishies then you can totally just go AP.

After buying Rylia's scepter thats when my build usually changes depending on the other team. But at least ganks will be easier because they are drastically slower, especially when you are in your puddle. and be sure to only use that puddle when enemies are trying to escape or you're trying to escape and ONLY then.
After your Rylia's if you are still pwning n00bs then buy items that stack if not, stick with non stacking items.

Lastly if there is enough time i like to go with warmogs, so you can stick with your team all the way until their nexus is gone. With this build you won't be a nuke at lvl 18 or anything, but you will get lots of kills and assists, but best of all you will be untouchable because you will always be at full health.

Thanks for readin my build guys, any criticism..? no one cares, especially not me.