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Vladimir Build Guide by phongfrancis

AP Offtank Vladimir Ownage Build

By phongfrancis | Updated on October 27, 2012

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Vladimir is a special champion. His passive allows health items to give vladimir Ability Power. If vladimir gets Ability power, then he gets health. His passive does not stack with itself. When I first played vlad, i thought he was a wierd champ. I didn't think much about playing him much because my friends said he was hard to play. After a bunch of games, I got better and realized that vladimir is strong in many ways into helping his team.
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The setup I used was for All ability power Vlad. The Ability power quiescence is for high Ap early game. The marks are good because every champ starts out with little magic resist. The seal is so you can quickly use your Q and E. First off, Vladimir gets stronger and stronger as he levels up. So with the glyphs I use, Vladimir gets stronger and stronger every level.
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The first items i get is boots and 3 potions. Vladimir without boots is really slow. Then I get tomes because you need to rush Hextech revolver because spell vamp + Q with extra AP heals you really quickly. The next item, rabadon deathcap gives you a lot of AP AND GIVES YOU EXTRA AP BY 30%. Now you have build the AP side of vladimir. Now for tank side, Gets warmogs as it will give you some AP too. Get Guardians Angel because if they focus you, then Guardian Angels will force the opponent to not focus you, or they could focus you but your team could clean up the other team then.
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Skill Sequence

The skills should simply be Q + E over and Over again.
There are some situations when you need to use your W and R. When you haven't got first blood yet and you really want to win the 1v1 heres the sequence: Q, E, R, IGNITE, W, Q, E, Q EQEQEQEQEQE. Until he dies.
W is used to stop tower dives and dodge Ultimate's and other spells. NEVER USE IT TO HARASS, THAT IS WHAT Q AND E ARE FOR.
League of Legends Build Guide Author phongfrancis
phongfrancis Vladimir Guide

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Vladimir Ownage Build
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