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League of Legends Build Guide Author beoboethemonky


beoboethemonky Last updated on January 22, 2011
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This is a early jump build as vlad is slow in the begging but crazy strong mid to end game. This build emphasis magic penetration as well as reduced cool-down towns for ability. The main ability for this build is Sanguine Pool.

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I only listed the item you would have at end game. As most of the people on here are noobs and have like 15 things making their build have 500 AP. naturally you would want to buy the ingredients to build these along the way.

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Skill Secquence

(Sanguine Pool, Sanguine Pool, Tides of Blood,) with this 2/1 you will be able to instantly kill all minions beginning of the game with little or no gear. This is do to your 30%+ magic penetration as well as you almost 10% cool down reduction from mysteries and runes.(as well as extra damage to minions)

Another thing most people forget is vlads passive skill that gives him 25 points of bonus health per 1 ability power and every 1 point of ability power gives Vladimir 2 bonus health (does not stack with itself). this means the item you are buying in the shop are also increasing his AP and health.(this is essentially giving you 33.333% bonus on all AP and Health items)

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I use teleport and ghost. The reason for this is simple. Every second that you are not activly engaged in combat you are getting behind. whether you use these to for getting back into the action quickly after death or to teleport to another spot on the map for a quick enemy champion kill.

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you basically going to start off by trying to get your own lane. once minions are summoned you will want attack each one in turn bringing their health down and then finish them all with SP. this gives 35x6gold or 210. you will now be lvl 2. put your point in SP. repeat. twice. and your now lvl three with over 1500 gold in under 4 min. port back and buy some AP increasing items/health (look at what i have under items, buy the ingredients) You are now lvl three and can TB-SP-TB and all minions are dead. now some of you are wonder well what do you do if an enemy champion runs up on you. attack x2 TB-SP-TB and attack if needed. (note: the only people you will have to attack after that combo would be max health tanks) Getting attack by an enemy champion isnt a bad thing. it gives you a significant gold bonus that will allow you to jump ahead of the game in item. Vlad is his items. As far as the rest of the game goes you can simple mop up minions to get more ahead or go champion slaying. max out SP first and get your AP up. SP is your strongest ability.

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once you reach lvl 18 you will generally have more health then any tank and a good amount of AP. By this point your SP will be doing over 1000 damage a use and should cool down in about 3 sec or less. this coupled with TB doing 300 before and after each SP will kill most tanks. also throw in fusion and your ultimate as situation permits. The very best combo you can do with vlad is H-TB-F-SP-TB this will do over 5000 damage easy at lvl 18.

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1. best farming champion out there beginning of game.
2. easy concepts to understand.
3. allows you to harass up to 5 enemy champions with nothing to fear.
4. items for vlad are on the cheaper side.
5. he gets strong very fast.
6. you can tank tanks and nuke nukes.
7 his ability's are health related not mana.
8.he can outrun most champions if needed.
9. great for pushing lanes solo.
1. easy to understand hard to master.
2. if you don't have a good start it can be hard to recover.
3. requires you to pay attention to your health. (you can kill yourself with vlad)

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Ranked Play

The only champions you want to watch out for or the ones that can stun you and silence you.

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1. cool down reduction is not calculated right. there is over 10%
2. magic penetration is well over 30%
3. you will have alot more HP then is listed do to vlads passive ability.
add around 4050 health for a grand total at just over 8k health.
4. there are some items not on the last that i would get instead.
5. sorry for any spelling errors. I'm always open for comments and or questions.