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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anna Mossity

Vladimir - Survival of the Bloodiest

Anna Mossity Last updated on July 28, 2010
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So I've been playing with Vlad and discovered that, while you may be a "tank" mage, he can fall quite quickly if you get focused. The biggest thing you need to remember is that you are still a caster, just with and alternative to mana.

THE SETUP: So i went with Magic pen marks, Health per level seals, cool down per level glyphs and flat health quints. By the time you reach 18 the per-level glyphs make it so you can cast Transfusion every 1.5 seconds with the rest of the builds items.
Masteries are 10-16-4, getting both improved Ghost and Ignite plus the health bonus in Defense. The evasion and defense masteries help keep you high and the magic pen in offense makes your blood magic really sink in.

Summoner spells are Ignite and Ghost, as improved ignite gives you a bonus 10 AP on cooldown, which in turn gives you more life. Improved Ghost is a must to get out of sticky situations. You may be a tank, but your Pool is a one trick pony until the later levels, dont let yourself get killed.

EARLY GAME: Start of with a Doran Shield and health pot. The health from the shield will give you 6 AP as well as much needed health regen. Start with Tides of Blood as your first move. Most people go with Tranfusion first, but to really farm with him you NEED Tides, makes last hitting minions a breeze. When minions arrive stand between the mages and fighters and cast Tides, you should hit ALL the minions if done correctly. This skill is incredibly spammable, but be careful about using it too quick in succession. Give yourself time to let it cooldown completely before using again, at least until you get Spirit Visage. Aim for Hexteck Revolver next. The Ap boost and 10% spell vamp are best on Vlad as he is so health reliant.

MID GAME: By now you should be in really good money, so buy up Boots of Mobility. Most would go with the Sorc boots or merc treads, but unless they are running heavy magic resist or CC the boost in speed makes Vlad pull a Houdini ALOT, especially if you time your Pool correctly. Upgrade your revolver to Will of the Ancients and then get back in the action.

Whne you have the chance go get both golem and lizard buffs. I know most people are questioning the Golem Buff, but the reduction in cooldown is just too good to pass up. Unless you have a mana-intensive champ on your team get it. Lizard just makes it easier to kill the soon-to-be-blood-donors. The next major item is of course the crystal scepter, which makes your Pool doubly effective and makes Transfusion and Tides incredibly lethal.

When team fights break out time your Hemoplague to hit as many people as possibly and spam Transfusion and Tides. When things start going in your favor use Pool to make it so they can't escape, if things are going south, use it to get the the bushes and GTFO.

LATE GAME: Warmogs is an incredible item to get, but typically isn't needed too early. Now's the time to get it, as well as Zhonya's Ring, which is the biggest punch to the kidneys. Not only does it boost your AP but it also give you a LOT of bonus health. If you are encountering heavy DPS exchange the Spirit Visage for Randuin's Omen. By now you should also be very confident in your health and evasion to tower dive a little, harrassing the enemy then using Pool to drop turret aggro.

I hope you enjoy this little guide, give me a +1 if you like it and if you dont please comment on why. I f found this build to be incredibly effective and went 23-1-19 in a single game.