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League of Legends Build Guide Author n0n4m3d15

Vladimir THE 2 HIT KO

n0n4m3d15 Last updated on May 21, 2011
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Hello mobafire members.. This is my vladimir build. i decided to published it because he is my main champion so i hope you will vote for it and comment it...
On full build you will have about 4000-4300 health and about 1000 ap

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I put runes for magic penetration because it very usefull in early game and also you are not squishy because of health runes.
on full runes on beggining You will have 25 ap but you will get more and more ap every lvl

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Skill Sequence

What you should get:

Flash-Probably the best spell you can get. Its always great. its not important if u use it as escape way or hunting way. Dont waste it if you dont have a clear kill. Play smart!
Ignite-Great to make 1st blood and also great to combine it with your ultimate (hemoplague).Because of it your chance to get kill with ulti are 50% bigger

What you shouldn't get:

Heal-I used this spell when i started playing vlad and i sucked.. This spell is just useless after lvl 9 because then you have transfusion on lvl 5 and you can heal yourself just by spamming on transfusion.
Clarity-You dont have a mana so thats just useless.
Revive-Vladimir is not that squishy champion so u will be using this maybe once in match what is just useless. Vladimir is not ment to die in team because after lvl 9 he can heal himself in about a 30 seconds
Teleport-You will not need this because only time you go to spawn is when you die and when you need items.. Using spawn for health is useless on vladimir because of Transfusion
Fortify-Let it for the tanks because you are mage in the first place NOT TANK!

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I like to start withand because it will give you much ability power and you will have a potion if you are low health. I try to farm as much is possible so i can afford my boots of switfnees. When i reach lvl 6 i try to kill enemy mid champion and if i see that isnt so easy i wait till lvl 9 and then start ganking side lanes. The only reason i took 3x rabandon's deathcapis because every each of them gives +155 (3x 155 = 465 ap) and + its pasive that gives u increased ap by 30%.. I think i mentioned everything i wanted and i will try to update it as soonest i have time and it will be possible

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Item explanations

Its a great item to start playing because it gives you a lot of abiliy power and you transfusion heals u more
I choose this boots because on beggining you will need speed more then u think it.. You will be faster and espace/chase enemies faster
I choose this because it stacks and vlad must have kills to be of any use in team and when u collect 20 stacks, not just that your cd will be small YOU ARE GONNA BE ****ING MONSTER MAAAN!!


This is your 1st big buy and trust me it is worth it. You will have around 400 ap after buying this item and allready then squishy champions won't stand a chance against you.
Gives you a lot of health and it gives you much of ability power and thats the only reason i choose this ITEM.
It will give you health and health will give you ability power
It will give you ability power and ability power will give you health

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Where to lane

I prefer going to middle because its very important for vladimir to get to lvl 9 as faster is possible. when he reaches lvl 9 he has cooldown on transfusion 2 seconds. I dont prefer laning on side except if you have a jungler in team. When you have a jungler then you should take a solo top lane. Vladimir is great in ganking because of his pool which slows target long enough so your team can stun him if you have a stunner in team.

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1. Transfusion:
Sucks enemy health and heals you! Your main move, Should be leveled to full ASAP. It has absolutely no cost so cast it every chance you get. Early game, Dip in, Cast it, and get out. Rinse Repeat till you have the advantage. Ignite the enemy and finish them off with Ghost+Sanguine Pool as they run away.

2. Sanguine Pool:
Turns you into a puddle of blood, Dealing damage to enemies above you as well as healing yourself. Cost 20% Current health to activate so use wisely! This move can be used for both Tower Diving and Escaping Ganks. Best used say if a nasty projectile is flying towards your face, pop it and dodge the move entirely and sneak away unharmed. Ex: Ashe's Ult, Sion's Stun, Blitz's Fist. Use it in conjunction with Ghost for an easy behind turret kill or to escape a neardeath gank. (DOES NOT STOP ENVIRONMENTAL STUNS! EX: Veigar's stun). Anyways! It should be the next skill you level up after Transfusion.

3. Tides of Blood:
This move can be extremely powerful during teamfights but deadly to yourself early game. I chose to only put one rank in it early game for minion farming and maybe a little boosted damage during a fight but nothing more. Towards the end, when you become entrenched in team fights this move will begin to shine.. When mixed with Sanguine Pool and Hemoplague you will begin to do some REALLY NASTY AoE damage. The trick is to just watch yourself and only cast it when you have the health to waste.

4. Hemoplague:
Your Ultimate, It has a long cooldown and I kind of skimped on CD reduction in the item builds! So pay attention and use it only when you can get the most out of it, Ex: 2 Champs early game, 3-4 Late Game in team fights. Preferably all five! Toss it on and follow it up with some Tides of Blood and watch the enemies' healths melt away. It works well with Ignite to provide a really nasty 600+ damage finisher. Level it every chance you get, It is your big daddy and can easily break the other team during a team fight.

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So this would be all i wanted to say for this build and i hope you will have a good time playing with this build. if you want to play with me add me to friends on xfire: n0n4m3d15 or add me ingame : Cr0loGiC.

UPDATE 06.03.2011