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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wc3Legend

Vladimir - The AP Vampire

Wc3Legend Last updated on March 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello out there,
first of all ive seen a lot of good Vladimir builds in, or Leaguecraft,com...but everytime I played Vladimir something wasn't right...there was missing something. And now ive found that missing part on how to play Vlad the "Crimson"-op."reaper".
Here is a nice Vid for Vlad and how to use his spells (the items are wrong but htis guy is freaking awsome^^

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Pros / Cons


- Best nuker in game
- If played well you'll even fight 4-5k hp tanks solo with no prob
- Probobly a win if you reach Lich
- You'll have around 4.5k lives at the end
- No mid hero is able to stay that ****ing long on a lane like you
- You'll hear " Wtf?? Bloodpool op..." like all the time
(e.g. Kathus Ulti, Caytlin Ulti, Nearly all spells like that)
- You're able too kill 2 heros at the same time
- Incredible self-heal
- Great in Teamfights as well ( Ultimate couses 20% more Dmg for your team )


- The opponents are going to focus u after theyve seen your incredible nuke
- Vlad is a really bad hero until lvl 5
- Everybody fears you so the'll play verry safe and since then its hard to get kills
- Your team will hate you for giving them no chance to have good items as well ;)
- It is really hard against a good Zilean or Katharina 1v1 on mid lane

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Instead of [Greater Seal of Fortitude], you'll also be able to use [Greater Seal of Focus] for even more dmg. And you can switch [Greater Quintessence of Potency], with [Greater Quintessence of Insight], if you think your dmg is still too low.

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These are the perfect Items for him. The only thing that is able to switch is [Mejai's Soulstealer] with [Void Staff] if you have below 8 stacks or the enemys have all about 170+ magic resist.

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Skill Sequence

The Skill sequence is the dieffernt one between my and nearly all other Vladimir Ap nuke builds. Having [Tides of Blood] early on a high rank couse much more dmg to push a creepline fast and its is really needed in all early teamfights.
Using your Skills:
Your Q spell shall be your main dmg output; cast it whenever its rdy(You have no costs for it at all!) Go in fight cast - go out - go in cast, etc.
Your W shoud only be casted for chasing and running away (nearly no dmg costs a lot of your lives, but great to evade sure deaths, like Ezreals Ulti, Ashe Ulti, even Karthus or Nunu are going too flame if they will have wasted their ulti for a coupple of times but didnt do any dmg to you^^)
Your E is for to heal yourself (only in combination with Q ) and to push really fast and to dedecimate the enemy lives in teamfights.
Your R - OP - Ulti is the thing that makes Vlad to one of the best Teamheros in game , never cast this if a kill isn't 100% save and theres only one person. Use it in Teamfights and shine like hell! everyone infected with this gets 20% more ****ing dmg by everything (includes Mobs, normal attacks, spells and attacks from allied heros or Mobs, etc.) and if this would not be eought after 5 sec it deals hugh dmg to all infected as well (the dmg is around the dmg you do with one Q spell)
- But the cd on your ulti is enormus ( so think about using it now to kill one hero or later for to make sure win out of every teamfight.)
And again a vid to give yiou examples of how to use your skills in differnet situations

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Summoner Spells

[Flash] isn't needed you'll be able to choose [Ghost] as well but [Ignite] is needed for you the make your first kill early.
Remember the earlier you get your first kill in mid, the faster the tower is down. And then you'll be able to gank perfectly (normaly at this point you have about (3-4:0-1:0) stats and youve nearly Rabadon compleded).

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Game Play

Start of game (lvl 1-6)
No matter who you are laned against you will want to make sure you fight them, not the minions. This means you transfusion the champion down as best as you can while sitting back not taking damage. Being a ranged champion gives you the ability to run to a point where the other team is in ranged of your attacks and hit them, then instantly run back so you take no damage. Only last hit minions when you can and will not take damage (can heal off of them). If you are in a 2v1 situation, I suggest not playing aggressive at first until level 6, unless the people are not knowing how to play LoL, because if you are too aggressive you will lose to much health. Also make sure you choose to weaken the easier killing target so that you can make the 2v1 become a 1v1 by either killing the champion or making them run before a lane fight begins. Lastly, transfusion is your friend and use it on the champion as much as you can, but if your hurting for health don't be afraid to use it on a minion to heal. All and all sit behind your last line of creeps and running back and forth and side to side to get the other champion's health down and get out of their range so you take no damage.
Early mid game (level 7-11)

If your starting game has been going well you should be around 80% health, no deaths, and the other champion or the weak champion is around 50% or less health. This is where the fun begins, wait till the most perfect time to strike and killing the other champion(s). Mainly I wait till they get close to my tower and I let them push and prepare for the assault. The way you can make sure you kill the other champion(s) is to start of with flsh to make sure you can run them down. As you start your charge ignite them followed quickly by hemoplague to make sure you are dealing the most damage. Transfusion them down as much as you can as they run. If you are taking a lot of damage or you think they are getting to far away and need to slow them down pop sanguine pool, but try and not use it to early because it could result in your death. Sanguine pool will slow your enemy down making you get another transfusion off and it can also heal you if your getting low and need a second to make sure you stay alive as the other champion is taking damage and also reset your transfusion cool down. Do not be afraid to tower dive if they are going to run past the tower and really low on health. Also, if you still have your sanguine pool after you kill the champion you can pop it and get the aggro of the tower off of you so you don't die. After this kill go back and buy all you can going down the line. If you can not buy your level 2 boots at this time after mejia's soulstealer skip the boots.

Ending mid game (level 10 - 15)
After your first kill and the other teams tower going down or your lane, all you want to do is kill champions so set up with your team for team fights and gangs to help stack your mejia's while buying the rest of your items.

End game (level 16-18)
The idea here is to basically help your team push lanes and kill champions, strengthening your team with xp and gold while making the other team weaker. Go back to buy items when ever its quiet and nothing is happening. You want to make sure you are in each fight.

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Ranked Play

You'll see it when trying it there is nothing to say because Vlad is like 99,9% banned...even more often as rammus...

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Team Work

Team - what the hell is a team...ah you mean the bigger Mobs behind you to make sure you dont die^^. No, teamwork is important because Vlad is easy to gank if the enemy team knows how hes working.So ss is very very important as well as not let you be the enemys first target. Tell them that even if theres no tank and you have 4k lives some1 with 2.5+k lives sha'll initiate the fight.

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Creeping / Jungling

Hm I've tried it ones and jungling with vlad is ok, but its like not being on mid line: too less gold, too less experience and not enough hero kills.

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So this was it if you have any Questions pls have no fear to ask.
(if you liked this Build+Guide pls give me a 1+ if not -1, and if its really bad tell me what I should make better (exept my english^^ - its not perfect i know)).