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Build Guide by Young Typhoon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Young Typhoon

Vladimir - The Sparkling Vampire

Young Typhoon Last updated on August 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Vladimir: The Crimson Reaper - This is just a quick guide about playing the tank/caster that is Vladimir. He is very useful in team fights and he is a great harasser. This is my first guide so if you rate down, say why. And for two, feedback is greatly appreciated if I did something wrong or left something out. There are many opinions on how to play Vladimir and I'm not saying mine is the best. However, I am saying that I do well with this build so I thought I would share it. This build can be altered however which-way you like, I just play him like this.

- Great Harraser
- A lot of health
- Good damage
- Good lane pusher
- Good slow ability for chasing enemy champions
- Easy to learn

- Squishy at low levels
- High health cost in some abilities
- Easy to counter
- Not high in the 'Tier' ladder
- Could easily be played poorly

Summoner Spells:

I prefer to use Ghost/Ignite for good chase and kill tactics. Also, ignite is also very good in-use with your Ult Hemoplague. However, you can use most of the summoner spells out there.

Exhaust: I don't think you should use this for one you already have a slow and an escape method with your W ability Sanguine Pool.

Teleport: You could use this for protecting a tower, getting to team fights in a hurry, or just killing massive creep waves.

Rally/Revive/Clarity/Smite: No.

Fortify: Another 'No' from me, but could be useful depending on the player.

Heal: Could be useful to heal up in quick situations, but I wouldn't prefer it.

Flash: Could be put in for ghost because it's good to 'get out quick' in sticky situations.

Clairvoyance - Just like fortify, it depends on the player. Could be useful, could be useless.

Vladimir's Abilities:

His Q ability (Transfusion) costing nothing and the cooldown is little to none, it makes for a good spam ability. At lower levels of the ability, you want to use it whenever it is up. It heals you, does damage, and costs nothing, so why not?

His W ability (Sanguine Pool), makes for a great escape or initiate tool. However, I preferably use it to escape or use mid-fight since it costs 20% of your current health. I choose to level this up before his E ability (Tides of Blood) because it lowers the CD of it so you can use it to escape a risky situation when needed. It also can be used to slow down enemy champions for either your teamates to catch up or for you to slow them from running.

His E ability (Tides of Blood) can be very useful, but in my opinion, not too "great" of an ability. It can clear out minion waves and help reveal where enemy champions are that are stealthed at if they are in range.

Now for his R ability, his ult (Hemoplague). Personally, I love this ult. It doesn't have an extremely long CD and it is very useful in team fights. I use it in team fights when the opposing team is all in range of Hemoplague. It will get you kills if people are near their tower and low on health, just go up and pop your ult and a few seconds later you get the kill.

Now, time for the action!

Early Game
You should start out with a Doran's shield and a health pot. If you can and are comfortable with it, take mid. If not, that's completely fine. If so, try to lane with someone who has another slow/stun or a carry dps. Out of all the games I have played with Vlad, Mundo was the best lane partner to lane with. Xin is also very good. So when you get to mid or your lane, you want to start harrasing with Transfusion. Use it on enemy champions every time the CD is up. It is extremely annoying. By around level 5-6ish, you should have most of your health with the enemy champion relatively low. If they are tower hugging, you can tower dive once you hit 6. When your ignite/ghost is up, use ghost to run in, R, ignite, Q, then W to slow/damage/escape. Do this ONLY if he is low enough to die.

By this time, you should have your Warmogs with a chunk of health, working on your Rylai's. Your Transfusion should be maxed out and should be using it constantly with it's low CD. Start moving from lane to lane getting assists/kills. Harass, slow, and kill. That is what you do, isn't it? Team fights also should be breaking out, so try to stay with the majority of your team. With team fights, you should be racking up some kills and assists.

Late Game
With your Zhonya's, Warmog's, and Rylai's, you should have 4k HP or more with 350ap or more. Team fights should be a breeze to you and your team from the AOE damage capability that you have. Pushing lanes when the enemy are in different ones could make or break your game. Team fights are also a very, very big factor in whether or not you win or lose. Try to help your team win team fights and push lanes when you can. The game usually ends before you get spirit visage/sunfire cape, but if the game lasts that long, go for it.

To sum this guide up, with the large health Vladimir possesses and the damage capability in team fights or one-on-one, Vladimir is in my opinion a very good champion to have. Be careful of your health pool while using your W,E, and R abilities because they can be the deciding factor on whether or not you live. Put pressure on the enemy champions and control the lane you are in. I hope this guide gave a little insight on what Vladimir is about. Just remember, you aren't a real vampire unless you sparkle, so sparkle away!

'That which runs through you will run you through.'