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League of Legends Build Guide Author zelkar

Vladimir, the Spell Vampire

zelkar Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Chapter 1

ok, so this is my build for vladimir. keep in mind this build is for 3vs. i dont really play 5vs very often, so i havent tested it in there. the idea here is that transfusion is amazing, and that we want to heal from it as much as we can, so that we can stay alive, and in lane as long as possible. to accomplish this, we use will of the ancients and the hextech revolvers. those items alone give you 65% spellvamp. that means that you get the healing from transfusion, and on top of that, 65% of whatever damage you deal. transfusion is your harass tool with vlad anyways, so why not make it the most useful spell? with it, you can now stay in lane as long as you want, since you can just gain the life back you lost, and then keep going. as long as you dont die, you should be able to come back to near full health after one or two transfuions. this is extremely good, and since you have a good amount of AP, you also deal a lot of damage at the same time.

the runes i chose all make sense if you play vlad, and magic pen, and AP a lvl runes are just helpful. the magic pen, and the AP/lvl give you more healing with transfusion because of the spell vamp. they help a lot with your game, especially the magic pen early game.

masteries. well...getting a lot of cdr out of masteries is important, and to get all the way down to it in the utility tree is simple, since for vlad there is only one way to do it so that everything could be helpful. you go nine into the offense to get the magic pen, and the cdr.

the items are what make this build work. you get boots for early magic pen, and speed. will for AP and spell vamp, rabadons deathcap so that we make up for lost AP and then the revolvers so that we get the spell vamp we need. they give both AP and spell vamp, for this build that is perfect.

the skills are chosen the way they are so that we get transfusion max'd first. this is the whole goal of the build, and since tides dont become useful till late game anyways, we dont get it till later. we only use if for the increase in healing anyways, so it isnt so important.

the summoner spells are pretty basic. ghost away from or to an opponent depending on the situation, and heal because health is what vlad runs on, and early game it could save you.

as far as pros and cons go, vlad is pretty underestimated. use that to your advantage. people wont focus you until its too late, then use that to your advantage. you can get kills, and the money you need to make this stuff. another pro is that you can heal so well, and stay in lane for a long time. you also have a pretty good amount of health, which is awesome. sanguine pool is an amazing escape mechanism. use that to your advantage as well. the cons...early game you arent gonna do that much damage, thats why i said to harass as much as possible. thats really it for cons :)

now, to get to the stages of the game, and how this build works for each.

early game:

ok, so early game is really important. before you leave the base, get boots of speed, and three health pots. the health pots are going to be used to keep you in lane while you get ready to make your will of the ancients. your gonna want to take bottom lane. when you do eventually go back, you should be able to get either a hextech revolver, and possibly the sorc shoes, or atleast get a hextech revolver and make a trip back for the shoes. while this phase is going on, you want to really harass using transfusion. this is the key thing to getting kills, and it will make all the difference. harass every time you get the chance to, just make sure not to get greedy. if you have to settle for them blue pilling, then thats fine. you gain level advantage that way, which means even more damage and healing from transfusion. last hit minions with transfusion as well, since it will guarantee the kill then, move onto mid game.

mid game:

alright, so early game went well. awesome. now its time to finish up your will of the ancients, if you already havent, and get going on that rabadons deathcap. one important thing to mention about the making of it is to start with the needlessly large rod. that is the biggest jump in AP and will help with your damage output a lot. then go to the blasting wand, and complete. next all you do is get hextech revolvers. after you get one or two, its late game.

late game:

so this is the last stage of the game. this is it, time to finish the game. by this time, you should have all but one hextech revolver, and even then you should almost have it done. also, if you forced them to blue pill, then level advantage is yours. with all that, you should be able to take them, especially since team fights occur. make sure to use hemoplague and sanguine pool to there fullest, since they can make the difference, especially since you can dish out a lot of damage once hemoplague is on them.


the tip section. i always love throwing these in there. alright, so as i said before, use hemoplague first so that you can deal the maximum amount of damage in the fight. if you have to initiate, use hemoplague to do it. then use tides of blood, since it will give you amazing healing bonuses during the fight, then use transfusion and sanguine pool to your hearts content. transfusion is the better to use during the fight, and when they try to run, use sanguine pool. it slows them, and by the time your out of it, your transfusion should already be off cooldown again. if transfusion is on cooldown, use tides of blood. your gonna need to pay attention to your health when you use it though, and calculate whether or not its really worth it. the neutral buff that is helpful is definitely the dragon, and the wraiths. the wolves are ok, but only because of the cdr they give. also if you want to change the revolvers into gunblades, go for it. they give you more AP.

thats all for now, please comment and vote, if you want to downvote, please share why so that i might be able to fix the build. thanks in advance, HF and GL!