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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThEon

Vladimir- The *****torm Made of Rapetrain

ThEon Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Hello there MOBAfire Community. This is how I build Vlad. Pretty straight forward Intro, huh?
Keep in mind, this is my first build, so don't expect much by the way of useful info.
I made this build out of boredom, and so far it's working really well, I've lost one game with it so far, been using it for about a week or so. So I decided to stick it on here, and get some opinions. It's main difference from other builds (besides no mejai's) is to max out your CDR. Thus the morello's...

It occurs to me that if this actually starts picking up steam as a build, I might start losing to other Vlad's... this does scare me...
Comment to Vote is awesome. Haters gonna hate, but Raters can't... hate...?

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I roll MPen Marks, CDR glyphs and HP/lvl Seals. Pretty standard stuff.
I pick up 1 CDR quint just to push the CDR that last bit to hit the 40% with rounding.

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9/0/21, the normal build for Vlad, but with flash instead of Ghost in Utility.

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The usual buildOR
Then either WotA or your Boots, whichever you didn't get first.
The choice between Boots and WotA is really just a choice of preference, and situation. I just go with the flow usually. If im getting a few early kills, I pick up WotA, just to compound the rape. If im doing 50-50, boots, and if I'm getting destroyed, I pick up WotA, for the bonus heals and more harrass.

Generally, I don't deviate into defensive items because with pool, I'm already pretty hard to kill in teamfights. However, the obvious choices are still applicable;And of course

With Vlad's massive health pool, you really don't need all that much to boost your Effective health way up.

And now for the Alternate choices. These are the items I use sometimes and also happen to love.

Yeah, with Zhonya's active, I basically can't die late game, with my 8 second pool CD, flash, Zhonya's and ridiculous healing, I laugh as my team mops up the *****torm I happened to start... Problem is, theres not alot of options to drop for it. I usually drop Lichbane, since Vlad's BS without it anyways.

Void Staff and Abyssal Scepter are just for MRes heavy teams, both are really nice. And last is Deathfire, which i would use instead of Morello's, if anything. I don't use Deathfire, on any character, just because i ALWAYS forget it's active (like a true baddie), just like Yoyos. It does the same thing as Morellos, just less effectively, discounting the active. Note, though, that if you get it, late game you WILL instantly melt any squishy. Hell, I melt squishies with just over one rotation as is.

TL;DR: Zhonya's win in every situation, highly reccomend over Lichbane, Deathfire = meh for me, void and abyssal, useful in some situations.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Q, like usual, pool, etc. DEWO taught me that loooong ago, ty DEWO (DEWO's Build (the top one, the one you'll obviously read before this))

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is standard because of it's synergy with his Ult. I choose Flash over Ghost just because, usually, when I get stuck in a bad situation, you're DEFINATELY going to get slowed, and that happens before I pool (**** reaction time is ****). And when that happens, you can say goodbye to your 10 kill streak and hello to the rapetrain that your not riding.

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Team Work

Eh, the obvious stuff really. If your team is fighting, you should be there. It's not like you can Backdoor very well (even with lichbane, it's ****ing horrible). Your ult is "teh rapesauce" and should be used as such. If the tank initiates, drop that bombshell and hope you get a Quadra. If someones getting chased, and you aren't guaranteed to die by helping, drop your pool behind them, I save a fair few people doing that mid game.
Special note that I don't follow; try not to get greedy, it never helps. Running under a turret with 3 people, killing one then dying is not effective, even though I do it at least 5 times a game (/sigh). If you sit back and work in the teamfights, you'll die less, get a few less kills but look better.

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Early game, you're almost totally useless (much like Kassadin, imo), you can harrass poorly with your Q, but you won't do the damage of say... Caitlyn. Once you hit level 4 or 5, you can start to get alittle more aggressive. Try to last hit with your Auto attacks and save your Q for harras, or if you have two low minions. Level 6 you can basically get a kill, if you've been using your Q to harras up until now. Just wait till they push forward, and once they're health is below 40ish% (on most), Q once, if they don't back away, R-Ignite-E-W/Q-Flash if needed (unlikely), First Blood. Of course, Flash basically ruins this, as I've learned painfully >_>. You can easily kill them under turrets, too, being Vlad. Just Ult-Q-E and pool out, if needed, ignite.
From here on, you get more and more beastly. By the time you hit mid game, you should be regularly killing your mid-nemesis, or forcing B's, then trying to gank top/bot. If done well, you will be demolishing everything, if not, give it a few more kills.
Mid Game, just roam the map, looking for kills (2v1 is entirely possible with alittle harrass first). If you see someone laning top/bot, head on over (the enemy's mid turret is probably dead now), harras with Q, push hard, if they get a helper for a gank, go ahead and do your ulti-rotation on them, pool away, get a kill, and if possible, work on the ganker. I get so many double kills from silly teemo's and whatnot thinking they've got me. It's okay to die, if you get two people; you just say "totally worth it" in /all and pretend your awesome. People will believe you.

Late game, you stick with your tank most of the time, push top and bot when possible. Try to keep pressure on all the lanes (I do this with all my Champs, the fear of Backdoor's really throws everyone off). If your lucky, you'll get a teamfight, and if your even luckier, your team initiates. Then you shine like the awesome ball of fiery hate that you are.
Just ulti-Q-E-W then spam anything when it's off CD (1.8 and like 2.6 for Q and E respectively) and watch the kills come in. Save your ignite for runner, and there WILL be runners. Theres always runners... mmm... runners...

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The Big Finish

So umm... yeah... It's 1:40 AM here, I'm not sure any of this makes sense, cause I'm balls to the wall tired right now. But yeah... this went a bit longer than I thought it would... which is cool...
Just remember, little Vlad'lings, try to avoid death with all your might. Do everything possible to avoid death. Surpass the master(just kidding, I'm actually ******edly stupid when it comes to suicides) and you'll quickly find yourself laughing at everything in LoL... except Vayne for the moment, Tumble is almost as BS as Transfusion... almost... but they'll fix that soon enough.

The past few games I've played (as proof this build works)More as I play more. Thats all of today's games basically.