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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alucard Tepes

Vladimir The Untargetable Pain in the ***

Alucard Tepes Last updated on October 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The main goal here is take advantage of your Passive Skill, turning ur 25HP in to 1AP and 1AP in to 25HP, you should always tag along with 5pontionswen ever u get out of base to the field. Making your enemys pulling out hair from theyr head!

This build is balanced like this.
[+++AP ++HP +++Speed]

My Game Status: 8-0-7 | 12-0-3 | 15-0-8 | 22-4-2 (Specialy on 3on3 works even great)

This build also helps to turn your enemys in to a super greedy pot, wen you are low HP, they will surely try to go after you, although they always forget you are the untargetable with all this skils, items and pontions(plus a life sucker) and they might be the ones get killed before they even realize "who was hunting who?"


This build will help you being an Untargetable and become a real pain in the ***, while doing quite some harrass and dmg, and having a decent quite amout of Life and AP. Not to mention you will aqquire alsmot 4.000HP and will be alsmot impossible to kill at some time... (GOD DAMM IT)


Sturdy mage, dont risk, spam pots at mid/Low HP, let your friends die if there are more enmeys than you can possebly handle alone (max 2 and half 1| Super Ultra Percaution on Tanks, just ar*** for the time being).

Early Game:

You should be ok with BOots and 3 pontions to help you out in the lane. Eitehr alone or together with a team m8. Ap is not priority here since everyone is Lv1-5 and you should have arr*** by ALOOT and died 0 times, and full life recouvered... (just go base if you need, be sure to get back your level gap wen ur opponent is busy with ganks)
Always take advantage of the time you are left alone in the lane to get Minions for Exp and Money. [Watch out for ganks, you are starting to be a pain in the *** if you don't die and stay in the field for to long...]

Mid Game: by lv6 you have ur ulty, go base get "a drink" (4-5 more pontions) and some HP and AP with Rylays Rod~ Help out your team once in a while to get some extra gold boost with lv6 mini-gank. Start ganking now with lv7-12 and don't forget to stay back wen Team-ganking and be sure that your Pontions are all at 5uses.
[You probably will now be the main target during most of the gank ambush's from your enemys]

End Games:

OMG you don't die no matter what you always run away lifeless or from impossible deaths ganks, ppl will stress out, take advantage of theyr psy-state, and your simple tricks like going in to grass to get ou of sight and teleprot throwt a wall etc. will work fine. Fall back to base anytime you are left alone, or if there is an out number of more then 2 enemys heading at you, at 3 you might die if you are careless. (Althoguh with this build you should be able to leave the field even if chased by 5enemys, or 6( LOL JOKING )

(Try save 1 of these skills for a latter ocasion)

Since you have Flash and Ghost, you can always run away or last hit an running enemy with flash(even chase after the tower and still get able to go back in sanguine pool and survive). Use Teleport to safety jump to tower kill or evoid tower shoot before it HIT's you! Also try Save Ghost for last in case you need to super out-run before you get ganked. In Addiction you have Mercury's Treads to lower your stuns/blinds/etc. take advantage of those you will be able to save Sanguine pool for Harass-Atks or a mega critical situation of life and death escape!!

5 is your lucky number!


Be sure to Active an HP-Pontion wenever you are 50% HP less, with Transfusion you will be back to full health in no time.

Priorize in getting Life Itens and big AP like Gian's Belt and Blasting Wand(1110+860gold) items wen aiming for Rylai Cristal Rod and/or Z-Ring , so that u can have an sweet boost of hp for survival(+ ur Hp Pots) and receive extra AP for every 25HP you get in itens like Warmog's Armor. (HP-Pot + LifeReg + LifeSucker = PAIN IN THE *** FOR REAL)


BONUS:Since you always get away, before you die (thanks to your Ghost and Teleport + Starting Boots + Pontions) you shall not die and being able to hang on the lane till Lv5-8. Also you will always store up enough money for more HP-Pontions and extra **** like Ward's and Elixirs wen/if needed.(if you waiting for like 1100gold and you think still need some extra power and need to gtfo the base to immidiatly, get Elixir's 4mins with 61AP? Just what you need +PLUS+ extra life added for 4minutes thanks to your *PASSIVE*

Runes: Since this is a survival build I though CDR(Cool Down Reduction) Runes would be more suitable, since it will allow you to spam Transfusion faster, you can use this to run and "eat" some minions along the way (use your Pontion's Stock no matter if you will survie armless or u will die, getting ur enemys psychic mind tierd of watching ur health getting full again is important, "you are Pain in the ***, so ACT like ONE PAIN THEM MORE")
If you think CDR runes sucks, fine get AP per Lv runes isntted, same **** (you do more demage your get more healing from Transfusion)

Has you have notice, you should always get a empty space in your iventory, whish allow's you to add whatever you think it might be more usefull to you!

Lich Bane: Goign for the last gank of the game? Need super,awesome,ultimate,extra
power? this is the right chocie!!(don't forget to add a Elixir if you can to boost +AP has well soem littel extra HP with ur passive)
Void Stuff: If the team is heavy on Tanks, u might really need this to transpass theyr *** Magic Armor!
Will of Ancients: Are you super OP, and your team is still to weack for ganking? Take this this shall help out your team with a extra boost of +30AP for everyone (PARTY TIME GUYS) and some Extra HP for you wen using skills!
Mejai's Soulstealer: I don't like this item, becouse I always have bad luck wen I 1st buy it, use it at your own risk.(I always use it wen Im over 5kills and 0 deaths at lest) If you aren't transpassing over 5-10stacks - sell it and get something else...

Recomended: If you can, get an elixir 1st and activate it, take Leach Bane
PS: Skills Order might not be correct but if you follow this Lv1:Q Lv2:W Lv3:Q Lv:E Lv5:Q/E Lv6:R-ULTIMATE you should be fine. If you are 50% less HP spam Transfusion till you get at lest 75-85%HP again before gank anyone.
Btw, you should RULE the 3on3 games with this build.