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Vladimir Build Guide by Sakendei

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sakendei

Vladimir ~ Why is this guy draining my blood!? What a ****

Sakendei Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Introduction~ why this guide was built

I am currently making this guide as a means of keeping track of my build and cheat sheet reasons. I do plan on updating this guide as I get better with vlad. I like to share builds i make and hope that you guys like it too.

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Now why my runes are currently like this.

Greater Mark of Insight
Is a no brainer for vlad, since the marks are more for offense and i believe ability power boosts are quite useless, magic Penetration will do wonders to attack with all your abilities.

Greater Seal of Regeneration
This is different i know, but considering all your moves use up HP (Transfusion excluded) I thought that having Regen would be nice. Since this is in the Seal Category, this has the greatest Regen rate plus you have warmogs to back it up. The regen rate works alot better than you think it does.

Greater Seal of Resilience
Now if you dont want the extra Health Regen then the next best and most common thing i can come up with is Armor. Health boosts is what i believe to still be useless so forget about that.

Greater Glyph of Force
Now this is a rare one for me, I don't normally grab a rune that boosts attack or ability power but this is a very nice one. 3.06 at level 18 is pretty intense for a rune set. Its enough to actually make a noticeable difference in your attacks for transfusion and exc. so i automatically take these for the good power and health steal.

Greater Glyph of Celerity
This i believe to be just as equal as ability power, so this isn't a secondary rune. Having the power is nice and the cooldown reduction from evil tome is enough but if you want more rapid firing action I recommend this son of a *****.

Greater Quin. of Force
This I just add due to the pure amazing 22+ ability power at 18. I cant seem to find another one that would be great to have and this works wonders for me as it is.

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I wont say much on this one. I go for the basic 9/0/21 having to go for the magic pen of course on attack and build up on health regen and cooldowns for the utility cause its all nice to have. and of course upgrade the spells i selected in those categories.

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Before explination, you can feel free to rearrange this build order, this order just seemed to best affect my games, and if you dont want some of the items, Abyssal and Evil tome are items worth trading out for whatever else you want.

First off you want to start the game with a Regrowth pendant just because of the health regen plus the runes for regen you already have. and a few pots if you must just incase you feel like its not enough regen. after awhile you should be around level 4=5 and have about 1300-1500 gold. get that revolver right away so you can start getting twice the life steal from transfusion. Immediately after spell vamp boost,get a pair of boots just so the chasing gets better and finish off warmogs so that the pool of ******** will do some real damage. finish your boots after this cause its around that time to be finished. now that you have the core build, its time to buff your spell vamp. Go into will of the ancients so your allies and yourself will enjoy the best spell vamp. healing shouldnt be a problem now, you should now be gaining health for using tides of blood instead of losing it. after this you want to be a total **** and lower their MR by getting an Abyssal. Followed by Rabadons and finishing it off with Evil tome. Your AP should be beast, Your health steal should be amazing either way, and you pwn in group fights if all goes well.


Now going for warmogs does make a weird add to some folks but i got it just for the pool of ******** ability. Without it it never made a huge difference in team fights and you always had to use ult and barely touch enemies with basic attacks and transfusion. With Warmogs in the picture you can visually see your enemies health drain like a woman drains your wallet. With this i could actually start getting some 2v1 wins or on a rare occurrence 2v3 and i got all the kills. Plus the pool of ******** is a great help for the team especially in team fights. This gave me unexpected huge power boost.

Sorcerer's boots
These are for the boost of power so its kinda self explanatory to pick these.

Will of the Ancients
Now, a amazing discovery i made recently was that the spell vamp is actuall badass for vlad. not only do you heal twice with his transfusion (1 heal from spell vamp and the other from abilities heal) you also heal extra from everything else he does making his draining much more beastly. I know its ability power boost isnt amazing but its spell vamp is the best part.

Abyssal Scepter
This i got mainly for the Magic resistance reduction, making your spell vamp heal much much better and the great ability power is just a good boost!

Rabadons Deathcap
Now at this point this is wear the ability power boost from its passives makes a good punch. At this point of the game you should be close to the end. This item here will end it and fast.

Morello's Evil Tome
Now if the game is still tied or your being pushed back a bit even after Rabadon's then this great boost of ability power will bring you over 500 AP and the cooldown reduction will have you firing abilities like hell.

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Skill Sequence

i try to max out Transfusion asap of course lol, I get all my abilities from the beginning so I can start getting my spell vamp to good use. I then try to go for a balance between my pool of ******** and Tides of Blood. Since the warmogs keeps Pool of ********s's attack up the balance for the Tides of Blood helps because of the spell vamp you have. you dont want a low poer ability for your spell vamp, you want to see green numbers appear after you use the damn move!

if soloing, you can take a guy real easily. i know it goes without saying much but use ult before the rest of the combo. if early game and dont have over 3k health the sequence should follow: R-E-Q-W and the invunrability plus heal u get momentarily, by this time they should be about ready for an attack with the Ult, so if it hasnt finished by yet then use another E+Q since they have around the same cooldown.

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Summoner Spells

I use Ghost and teleport. Ghost just for the mere run away powers while your in pool of ******** mode and teleport main for saving allies ***es using your pool of ********. I have no other recommendations cause any spell being used right can be awesome. All i will say is the ones to not use.

Heal- are you a dumbass? you life steal

Revive- such a waste of time, you really plan on dying alot?

Rally- this is never used for a reason.