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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pHetHH

Vladimir - You will suffer in blood - AP/CDR/SpellVamp Build

pHetHH Last updated on July 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Vladimir - You will suffer in blood - AP/CDR/SpellVamp Build

This is an Carry Build!

-Changed Flat HP Seals to HP/Lvl Seal -> Crossover Level is 5 so the Flat ones were useless
-Added some calculations for Hemo/DG usage
-Added more Pictures
-Added Crimson Pact

Welcome to my Vladimir carry build. I will explain you why i use this Items, Runes, Masterys and Skill sequence later on. Please read and test the enitre guide before you rate me, this guide is for mid/high elo players who know what they are doing but you can definatly rape an low elo team on your own if you want.


His passive is more then awesome and absolutly makes this champion.
For 1 AP you gain 2 HP
For 1 HP you gain 0,25 AP
As you can see, you get an better bonus for stacking up AP and AP will boost your damage beyond godlike, lets do it!

Transfusion will keep you alive in the laning phase no matter how bad you get harrassed, just stay a bit back and leech yourself back to full life. This Skill is skilled by priority, its your bread and butter all in one spell. Great for harrassing the enemys, lastitting and leeching yourself back to full HP. Use this on cooldown (at level 5 every < 2 seconds)!

Sanguine Pool is your only escape mechanism use it wise cause its longer cooldown you can use it just once every teamfight. If your team is doing great this is also very good to slow down the enemys so your team can approch. Best thing is the aggro reset of this spell. You can tower dive, kill an low enemy champ who is tower hugging and pool out to reset the tower aggro.

Tides of blood is an AoE nuke which is needed later on to spam entire creep waves away, it definatly helps farming and is pretty decent in crowded team fights. You will skill this last cause of its heavy HP costs if spammed.

Definatly your best Skill. Marks all enemy champions in an middle huge AoE who will recieve increasd damage of all your champions and yourself for 5 seconds and afterwards "explode" for another amount of damage. This skill turns every teamfight you envolve, use it wise cause of its long CD.

Summoner Skills

This is the most needed spell for Vladimir you it to kill tower huggers cause you can escape with your pool. To flee above hills, engage team battles aso..

Often very usefull for your 1-2-3-4-5 combo to nuke down even tanks, you can switch this to cleanse if you want. Even if you have about 3,5k life lategame you are very squishy since you dont have any armor and magic resist.


Since you are an very bad Tank anyway you can go 9/0/21 to boost your CDs, get some Mpen, better Flash CD, Movementspeed and even more. Do i have to say more ?


I am doing best with Mpen/HP LvL/CDR/Flat HP if you want you can swap the Seals for Flat AP or AP/LvL runes. You main goal is to get as low Cooldowns as possible so you can nuke like an madman with your Transfusion. The Mpen will help you for harrasing and the HP's are just for early game to be on the safe side cause your Transfusion will have around 9 second Cooldown then.

Item Build

This is what makes the difference to all these Rylai/Warmog builds.

Note: Mobafire seems not to count his passive. You will allready have about 2500 HP before you buy Rylais!

You want to start of with andand an. You take theover the shield cause it has 120 HP and 10 AP summed up around 700 HP and 18 Ability power at level 1 without AP runes. Most people tend to take Dorans Shield but you really dont need the HP reg you have an great skill for that!

If you are going what you should do fokus on farming to get enough for your+. Farm more and start ganging till you can affort the next 3 small items (,and). The reason to split them up and not finishing the items you want to build out of them is that you want the Gold, Spellvamp and CDR as fast as possible. At the time finishand get(This is one of the best Items for you, its AP and Spellvamp will eleminate the %HP usuage of your spells!) andyou can litterally do over 9000!! damage in some seconds, ok not 9000 but still enough to nuke an Tank down before he can find his Stun button, more to this at "Playing style". Now spare money forwhich should go really fast cause you can kill entire creep waves in a matter of seconds (Pool->Tides->Trans on big ones), but allways be carefull using pool for farming issues can be your death! The game should be over now anyway, gettingis an HUGE HP and AP buff now.

Playing Style

Early Game

-If you get harrassed use your Transfusion to lasthit creeps while staying on maximumm HP
-Meeting an melee champ? Nuke the **** out of him with Transfusion while lasthitting Creeps with normal attacks
-Meeting Another Vladimir? Stay at max range to creeps and outfarm him, the one who engages first will die to 90% so you dont want to be this guy, just get all creeps and gang side lanes if you get some items.
-Wants some kills? Constantly harrass with Transfusion, if you got them to half life (check their summoner spells, you dont want them to heal) blink in->Hemo->Ignite->Transfusion->Tides->if needed Pool.

Mid Game

You should have now Mejajs, Hextech, Fiendish, Kages and Mercury Threads and got some kills and assists allready. Help your teammates ganging all lanes. If you gang one you can blink in and pool him for an slow and start nuking with Trans->Tides. This should be enough. In team fights stay back spam Transfusion and only use your pool as last resort. If the enemys got about 70% HP and your team know your Hemo use it! Afterwards you have 5 seconds to spam all you got and wait for them to explode.

Late Game

Now your DG is finished and if you were doing well your RCS is ready too. All keeps the same as mid game. Your DG comes in handy for your combo: Hemo->DG->Trans->Tides->Pool->Tank down!
Some calculations why DG is very usefull on Vladimir: His active deals 30% of targets max HP as damage + 3,5% for every 100 ap you have. To make it easy lets say you have 600 AP => 21% more =51% of targets max HP, now your Hemo add 20% to this (Lets say the enemy has 4000 HP) DG = 2040 DMG + 20% = 2448 + 600 + 480 (600+80%AP after 5 sec) = amazing 3528 damage in 5 second ONLY with your Ult and DG, if you add your 1-2-3-4-5 combo cya Tank

If you read till here good job! Now you should have an clue how to skip useless Items like Warmogs and actually be usefull for your team. If you want to rate me or give some CC please do so and explain why you are doing so.
Have fun dominating games with Vladimir!