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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shurayari

Vladimir - Your blood resource! [UPDATED]

Shurayari Last updated on March 20, 2011
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Vladimir - Spellvamp & Ful

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Hi everyone! This is my Vladimir build, this build is a great build to play either in mid, or in lane (solo or with partner).
Vladimir is one of the most hard characters to deal with, though he is not a very good farmer at the beginning of a game.

I've seen Vladimir builds all around mobafire and all I see is AP builds, so I thought in posting my own Vladimir build, because this build is not all about AP.

Note: I'm not gonna write much in this description, because if anyone needs help/advices I'll write something down in the comments below, that makes the thing easier for me, and everyone can leave their questions and get their answers.
*All that you'll read under this, is all about the Spell Vamp build.

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Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons, this is what every champion guide should have, I think this provides a big idea of what a person can do with the champion, here goes:


- Great damage mid/late game;
- Awesome combo for dive and run;
- Doesn't needs to run away to base when he is low HP;
- Has a very effective Ultimate in teamfights and in 1on1 (like mid);
- Can easily escape using Sanguine Pool (and Ghost if needed);
- His passive is good, makes his build easier;
- Annoying!;
- And his Transfusion with Spell Vamp = "I don't need a support dude healing me!".


- Big cooldowns at the beginning;
- Not big damage at the beginning;
- Can't help much doing first blood gank (at level 1);
- Squishy until level 9, 10...;
- If you don't start well, you won't do almost anything in teamfights (all champions but affects a lot Vladimir).

With this information I guess you know what you can and what you CAN'T do in early game!

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Before you guys start reading the Runes and Masteries, etc... I decided to put Skills page first because I think you need to know Vladimir's skills, but if you have already played him I guess you can skip this page and go to Runes.

1������º: Transfusion: This is Vladimir's main skill, it has no cost. It deals great damage after level 4, and a lower cooldown and even higher damage at level 5. Depending on your AP you will damage more your enemy and healing yourself for 1/4 of the damage. Just max out this skill at level 9, and don't recall when you're low, just use it carefully without dying!

2������º: Sanguine Pool: This is his second skill, it costs 20% of your health (not max health). Vladimir dissolves into pool of blood and damages anything above him, healing him.
Don't use this skill often, this skill has a bit big cooldown and it's used to escape ganks and tower diving. When you use this skill, you cannot be targetet and any spells used against you like Taric's or Sion's Stun, just use Sanguine Pool right before it hits you and you won't get stunned, awesome!

3������º: Tides of Blood: This is the third skill, its costs low health. This skill hits every enemy around you, in a certain range of course, this skill is great to stack temporarily with Transfusion because it'll heal you more than normal.

4������º: Hemoplague: This is Vladimir's Ultimate skill, this skill is PERFECT for teamfights, while active, the enemies you hitted with Hemoplague will take even more damage from all sources, and in the end it will deal even more damage, killing the enemies that ran away with low HP. This skill is great for tower diving, and after using it, just go with Tides of Blood followed by Transfusion and then Sanguine Pool, after using Sanguine Pool your main skills will be out of cooldown and you can use them again (don't forget to apply IGNITE on them!).

PASSIVE: His passive is called Crimson Pact and it's a very simple and useful passive, when you buy Health you get Ability Power, and when you buy Ability Power, you get Health. (Bonus will appear while playing)

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So we have 9/0/21, Offensive Ability Power, nothing on Defense and CDR, Movement speed, health regen, etc on Utility!

I guess there's nothing to say here, so... let's move on!

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Items and some Tips!

Okay, items is next!

We start with a Regrowth Pendant and a HP Potion. Regrowth Pendant gives a great regen with your regen skills, so either if you play defensive or offensive in your lane (depending on your opponent of course), you'll end up with always your HP full. If you (or you and your partner) decide to attack, you have always your potion and Sanguine Pool to run away.
Next is Boots of Swiftness, why Swiftness instead of Sorcerer's Shoes ? Because with Boots of Swiftness you run faster, and that speed gives you advantage, you can pursue your enemy and run away easily without be damaged, you can also dive when you have your Ultimate, use all your skills including IGNITE (DO NOT FORGET TO USE IGNITE ON YOUR TARGET AFTER USING ULTIMATE, IF HE HEALS HE WONT GET AWAY WITH THAT AND YOU GET AN EASY KILL!). Boots of Swiftness also are great when used together with Sanguine Pool!

Alright this is the Items page and I started talking about kills, damn... let's just move on shall we!
At this point of the game you have already killed at least one enemy champion, if you don't, just farm to rush Hextech Revolver, with HR you will heal a lot more and you won't lose the HP when you use Tides of Blood, I mean, you'll recover the loss of HP due to Hextech Revolver.
Why didn't I bought Mejai Soulstealer ? Well you can chose to buy it, but I myself prefer HR because in later game we'll buy other AP items like Rabadon't Deathcap.

After all this, you just got some kills and you need to buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter so you can hunt down your enemies with its passive and with the help of Sanguine Pool they won't leave your range :)!

From here it's up to you to choose, if your opponents are Mages or Fighters, you gotta start buying some defense, because your Spell Vamp won't last longer that way. If you need to focus on magic resist, just keep the build I've posted up here, if you need some Armor, well, start building a Zhonya's Hourglass because of the AP and the armor it gives (not to mention it's Active which it'll be very helpful in teamfights)!

NOTE: If you are having problems with your HP, don't be shy and buy yourself a Warmog's Armor and stack it fast! But this is just in rare cases, I guess you won't be needing it but I decided to post this note anyway.

Any doubts here, just post a comment and I will gladly reply!

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If you are watching this I think you are already familiar with all the spells and what they do.
While playing Vladimir I guess that the 2 Spells he needs the most are Ghost and Ignite.

Ghost is great to use with Sanguine Pool when you want to run away from a gank or either tower diving, or just going after for a low health enemy.

Ignite is awesome for first blood when you use Ultimate and all your skills, its very helpful. And in mid and late game will prevent from champions to heal themselves too much, like Dr. Mundo's Ultimate.

You can also use Flash, I don't like, but if you find it useful, be my guest!

All the other spells I think they are unnecessary, mostly like Heal (you heal yourself), Clairvoyance (leave it to a support champion), Rally (just... don't...).

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Added a brand new build, full damage build!
Added some info in the Introduction about the build itself.

MORE TO COME: I will add information about the new AP build, how to work with it, add images to help understanding it, etc. (I haven't had time to do that yet)

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Final words

So this was my Vladimir build, don't forget to comment and vote if you liked/didn't liked, I hope it helped you guys playing a nice Vladimir and being a positive member on your team!
If you guys have any doubt just post it down here and I'll answer like I said before...
The build doesn't have any pictures with items like the most of the builds have because I have no idea how to add them, I find it unnecessary, the build is here anyway ;)
Any error that you find here, just tell me and I will correct it.
Don't forget to add me, my IGN is "Shurayari" :D