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League of Legends Build Guide Author king of scrubs


king of scrubs Last updated on March 1, 2014
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after looking around i found that no one really has made any guides or builds for the new champion Vel'koz The Eye of The Void so as a gift to all here is a guide/build for the new champion. I will be covering what items are useful on him, Masteries, what skills to take and when, what summoner spells to take, your place in the team, and his pros and cons. and seeing how this is the first guide I've ever done please leave any commits about the build and the guide and if it help in any way let me know.

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starting item doran's ring for the sustain, two health potions, and a warding trinket.

as a core item take a chalice of harmony so you use abilities more liberally and then build a fiendish codex for the cdr after that build into a Athene's Unholy Grail is you need some mr or build a Morellonomicon for damage after you built a Morellonomicon or Athene's Unholy Grail build the other one for the 40% cdr and all other effects they have
mid game after that build a Rabadon's Deathcap for the surge of ap it gives, lichbane for the movement speed, the mana, and spellblade and build a Zhonya's Hourglass for a little defense or if you need more defense build an iceborn gauntlet for the armor and substitute the deathcap for a Zhonya's Hourglass and finish with and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. if they stack mr against you take a void staff instead of the hourglass and a abyssal staff over the lichbane.

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Skill Sequence

take a point in your q at level one so you can harass you opponent and max it first. take a point in your w and e by levels two and three maxing ether one first because there both a form of cc it doesn't really matter because there both a form of cc and take a point in your ult when ever possible and max it third.

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flash: is a must because you don't have a escape and you can pick up fleeing enemies.

barrier: its good for some early protection early and later game and it's good for surviving jungler ganks.

ignite: helps obtain kills...enough said.

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Team Work

when your with your team stay in the back and lead with your ult it will soften up all opponents caught in it and if they didn't die lay down your w and then your e and finish off people with your q and wait for the minions to be gone so they don't body block. Do not chase or get caught out of position because if you do and help is no where to be found your dead, even if your just about to get the kill back its not worth it another opportunity will show up later and your not waiting to come back to life its a win, win. work well with your team because if your being a pain is the *** no one is going to go out of their way to keep you alive.

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Pros / Cons


* his is really strong even why he has minimal items.

* has very good harass.

* has a slow, a knock up, a knock back, and a stun.

* his ult is very powerful.

* has a devastating passive


* his best harass is hard to land.

* is very squish.

* his passive is difficult to trigger.

* can be slow if the wrong items are build.

* mana hungry.

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tips and combos

when you fire your q you can end the skill shot and fork it off early by pressing q again, this is really nice if you miss the first part of the skill shot but their still in range of the split off so you can still land a hit.

your e is a good knock up and can be used as an escape (funny note if you use it on a minion next to the turret it will be knocked up higher so it can go over the turret. check it out its funny) and your w is a good escape also.

your ult can break the lines for your opponents and force key players out of position and make easy kills for your team with 40% cdr you ult is less then a minute 56 seconds for exact time so spam the **** out of your ult.

Combos: toss down you w and then your e so that their slowed and the knock up is easier to land and it give enough time for the second damage of you w to go off.

toss down with your w follow through with your e and then you q to finish off your passive and to build more stacks.

as above start with your w lead up with your e and q and then ult if you keep your ult on then if will trigger you passive again dealing massive damage or killing the target.

use your e to knock then up and ult then lay down you w because it has 0 cast time and will not disrupt your ult you passive will trigger dealing heavy damage and then q if their not dead yet and if their not dead after that DO NOT CHASE it's not worth your life.

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so now that you armed with so know how about the new champ go slay enemy for the void and gain all the knowledge you can about them. so thanks for reading and leave any commit below if anything i did wrong or could do better on or if i missed anything and this build/guide helped leave a commit.


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