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Evelynn Build Guide by qeso

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author qeso

Wait, what happened to my life? - An evelynn AP guide

qeso Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi summoners.

I write this guide because is the way i play evelynn and i think it works really good.
At least to have some fun with the forgotten evelynn in soloq or with friends.
I haven't tested it yet in ranked but i think nowadays she doesn't fit well in the meta.

In my personal opinion ap evelynn maximizes the use of her skills which are pretty amazing. (i don't criticize any other play style with that).

This is the first build i write so i accept suggestions to get better at it ^^

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Pros / Cons


    You can be invisible a large period of time
    Your skills scales pretty good
    High movement speed
    Late game good damage
    The enemy will underestimate you
    If you do well you will shut some mouths up ^^

    Mana hungry specially in early game
    Early game you must survive
    Quite weak early game
    Weak against invisible wards and oracle

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Skill Sequence

    I prefer to level ravage first because is our most source of damage plus it scales 100% of ap

The second skill I usually maximize is hate spike
But first i want to have 2 or 3 points in shadow walk

Malice and spite I take it in the level i can because the movement speed and the heal will help us to gank a lot

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Evelynn as we all know is an ap asassin so i take 21/0/9 to maximize the damage she deals and to have some extra mana and movement speed

I also take demolition to have some extra damage to towers but if you prefer you can have 0.5% damage instead. All other points goes to ap masteries.

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As i said previously i take:

Greater mark of insightx9 to have the magic penetration we all need.

Greater seal of vitalityx9. Evelynn has really low hp and is squishy so to get hp high i take this, and give a lot more hp than flat vitality runes

Greater Glyph of forcex9. You know some extra ap is always well recieved. If you feel like you don't need this you can take M.res per level glyphs so you have more survivability.

Greater Quintessence of fortitude¿When were we squishy? With this wou will have quite good health in early.

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Summoner Spells

This great summoner spell will help you to take some kill or assists in early game.
Works really good with evelynn and if someone try to scape use this and watch how he die ^^.
I personally use ghost, and that added to eve's ultimate will make you a really fast champion for both chase and scape.

Other choice could be flash, it will give you another chance to chase or scape.

With the new nerf to range and cd of flash i prefer to use ghost because it will give a buff for more time and his speed is good

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I almost always start with an amplifying tome and one health potion.
You can also start with boots and 3 potions if you feel like you need some speed.

When i have to go base i usually buy boots of speed and evolve the tome to kage's lucky pick so i take gold passively.

Later depending on the money i have i take sorcerer's shoes and one or two potions (depending on the lane you are facing of).

After that i take sheen or mejai. That depends on how you look your game. If you think you are going to take assists or kills and not dying take mejai first. But if you feel you need some more damage to do that take sheen. If your game is going bad try to take lich's bane first than mejai.

Now on late game you need to take another decision. Going for health (giant's belt) if you are dying or taking rabadon's cap and crush your enemys.

I think game will not go that far but if it does your sixth item can be more pure ap, or some spell vamp.

Mejai is a situational item if you don't like it you can step it and rush lich's bane.

You take health that later because you are a specialist in enter the fight hit and kill carry and squishy champs and scape fast. You need that ap so you have a good burst especially when get lich's bane.

If you are dying a few times you can buy giant's belt earlier so you can survive better when you enter a fight.

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Game play

Early game
You will need to play defensive in order to not get killed. Try letting them get near your tower take damage, harras and when some of them are at half health you can start your play. Invisible get close and start with E( that makes some damage and they will frighten that) continue spamming Q and follow them until his tower and if they scape at really low life use ignite to kill them.

Mid game will be quite strange you still need to play defensive, don't go into suicidal places but you can go other lines, atack in group and get more kills. Stay invisible and when a fight start enter discreetly there and atack squishy caracters, they'll try to get rid of you but it'll probably be too late, kill and leave fast the battlefield. Because they'll go for you as soon as they see you.

Late game is quite similar to mid game, but you will do more damage and they probably get some oracle. Avoid oracle guys!! focus in people who distract and gets out of the range of oracle and go for them. The oracle guy.. try to get him in 2v1 or 3v1 that will be easy.

Tips and tricks

When a teamfight is incoming i usually try to go from behind the enemy group because is where usually lower health champs are and that will cause some chaos into the enemy team because by one side they have the whole team pushing and going straight and by the other side they have an evelynn nullifying (i don't know if it's well written xD) the power of his carrys.

Avoid fighting in warded places, talk to you team, tell the situation and start fights where you can be the one who initiates and cause chaos making enemy team chase you while the rest of your team is hunting the ones who chase you or kill the ones who stayed in the battlefield. If you don't talk that everything will be harder, comunitation is so important in cooperative games!!

One of your best roles as evelynn, apart from killing carrys (funny sport and reading his rages when kill in 2 hits is just amazing) is to initiate the fight and separate enemy team.

Be really carefull when enemy has oracle, try to start fight in a brush so you can disappear fast and they won't notice you from the start.

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I think this build really works and is funny to play. You gank and kill a lot so you will read in chat. Noob char eve!!, dat eve... and things like that which are well recieved :P

I hope everyone enjoys this build, tell me your opinions suggestions and all that stuff.
I'll be glad of hear it.

Thanks summoners!!