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Wukong Build Guide by PlaidHero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PlaidHero

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick (Dominion Build)

PlaidHero Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been using this build since the first day of beta. Wukong was made for Dominion.

The aim of this guide is to give a good balance of both defensive and offensive play. As Wukong, you'll want to hit health packs often, grab the storm shield when it's up, and know when to run away or initiate. It takes a bit of practice, but if done correctly, you'll be crucial to leading your team to victory. This is my first guide, so bear with me. Also, please read and try before you vote. Thanks!

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    Nice mobility
    Good capturing/neutralizing power
    Awesome early game
    Force to be reckoned with when defending turret
    Crucial to team fights

    Can't initiate team fights very well
    Not very forgiving
    Have to know when to Decoy and run
    Not the best against other burst damage dealers

A lot of this guide requires you to know basic Wukong play. You'll need to use Decoy to your advantage. Don't waste it.

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Items are really focused on staying mobile, being able to run away and come back in, and dealing damage.

Although you'll be defending your points some of the time, Pricilla's Blessing is still an important choice. The movement speed, although small, has a short cooldown. It can help you run away or give you the extra boost towards that turret. The health regen can also come in handy. Finally, the capture rate increase can save you more times than you'd be able to guess.

You'll want to grab your boots as soon as possible. Mercury's Treads are the best choice, as mobility is major for not only Wukong, but Dominion in general.

Entropy is Wukong's bread and butter item for Dominion. The DOT and slow are both incredibly helpful, and it gives you a nice health and damage boost.

Sanguine Blade is fairly important as well. But, do not buy it before Entropy!! Although the life steal is nice, you'll want the slow and DOT that Entropy gives out. But, you can grab Vampiric Scepter before finishing Entropy. The life steal can be helpful, as I said.

Finally, Kitae's Bloodrazor is a nice luxury. Most games won't run long enough for you to grab this item, but if you can, you'll dominate.

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I go 23/6/1.

The offense given is beautiful, and allows your decoy to punish those who get tricked. Not many will expect magic damage from Wukong. 6 in armor and magic resist help you stay alive longer. And since death is inevitable in Dominion, less time dead is awesome.

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Now marks may look a bit jumbled. Hear me out. The reason I don't go flat Armor Pen Marks is because Dominion gives you a 30% Armor Pen buff. Armor Pen is still important, as most enemies will stack armor, but you will not need a ton. The extra damage from the Marks can come in handy.

I take Attack Speed seals because it compliments Entropy nicely. You can push them down quickly while they slowly try to run.

Health Glyphs are for shear survivability. You can be a bit squishy in this build without them. It's really my attempt to make this guide a bit more forgiving, or in case of a gank. Plus, staying alive longer means you can deal more damage.

Finally, Armor Pen quintessences. Speaks for itself.

Now, these runes can be changed depending on your own personal play style. I've had good luck with these. But others may want to move faster, or throw some armor in there. I just say to try them, and see what happens.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Flash.

Perfect for Wukong. Exhaust has saved me so many times. With Wukong, you don't want them running away. And Flash helps you to run away. You won't really use it to initiate in Dominion. I have chased with it before, but the primary function is to get you out quickly. Decoy and flash is one of my favorite combos.

The only other choice I would consider is Garrison, replacing Flash. Since you both defend and capture points, this spell can help you immensely.

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The skills are pretty straightforward. Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow are major. Although I have said that decoy is very important, you will want these spells to be upgraded early. Taking two points in crushing blow straight away can allow you to dominate the first run.

Pick up one point in decoy at 7 and leave it there. Decoy won't be used for damage, ever. It's supposed to be a trick, and that is exactly what it's used for. It's perfect for setting up a gank or team fight. It's great for running away. And most of all, it can confuse the hell out of the other team. Be smart about using it and it won't let you down. I've honestly had people exhaust or ignite my decoy, so it's all about using it at the right times.

Don't be afraid to ulti one champion. Your cooldown isn't terrible, and it can let you capture the point and give your team that slight lead. If used correctly and at the right time, nobody can run away from it unless they Flash.

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Using this build, you'll want to anticipate enemy movement and react accordingly. At the start of the match, your preferred path is to rush top. As I've said, your damage will make the other team back off. Especially if you have the help of another burst champion. 9 times out of 10 that top point will belong to your team if you go there. The other route you can take is bottom. This is if you want to start defensively. Your point won't be captured if you stay there. You can also harass really well on bottom. But, I will always suggest you rush top.

Throughout the game you'll want to switch, and switch often, between defense and offense. Walk around the jungle, and run towards open points. Even if you can only neutralize their point, it is still worth going for it. If you can attract the attention and force the team to play defensively, you will gain a nice lead. Go for the neutralize often, and if you can capture it, even better. Around mid game you should switch to defense, or earlier if they are capturing your points. Camp your turret. I cannot stress this enough. Get on a point they want, and camp there. The great thing about Wukong is his Numbus Strike can hit 3 champions trying to cap. That's a huge interruption. If you camp successfully, and keep the minions waves down, nobody should be able to capture your point. Also, the turret does more damage than you would think. Attack anyone who dares enter. And hit them hard. Like I said, don't be afraid to ulti one guy. The pop in the air will allow the turret to bring them down very quickly. If a quest comes up, most times defense is your best option. Unless your team is completely incapable, defend your point. If you use the strategy I've said, and you have the help of at least one other, you should be able to keep the other team at bay.

Team work is essential. Don't initiate team fights unless you know you have backup coming. You're great at dealing damage, not so great at staying alive. If you have your team behind you, use Decoy when you initiate. This will allow you to circle around behind them so you can hit their team from all sides. This strategy will most times panic the ones being attacked.

If you're going alone, don't start with Decoy. Save it for running away or being confusing. Wukong is all about confusion.

You will want to start most, if not every, fight the same way. Nimbus Strike, Crushing Blow, Cyclone. This is a nice one two punch, and can leave the opposing team incredibly crippled.

When not fighting, you should be running through the jungle, looking for points to defend or capture. I sometimes use the perimeter, but it's better to not be seen. Grab storm shield when it's up. Most times, you'll want this more than anyone. It drastically increases survivability, and makes you terrifying for most enemy teams.

That's really all I have to say right now. I ma add more as I play more. Please leave comments and try this out. It's worked very well for me. I've not been below second place overall in a game yet, and average about 1000 a game. Not as high as other damage dealers, but remember it is extremely important you defend as well. Thanks for reading