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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snubbz

Wanna win? Play Nasus!

Snubbz Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wanna be the silent backbone in your team? Wanna have a 75% win ratio with Nasus like me in ranked? Then go ahead read this guide!

"The cycle of life continues... We will live, they will die"

Lets be realistic here, if you're playing Nasus how many times have you been owing it up "balls to the face"-style early on? Answer: Not to often! Then listen up! Nasus is a pusher, and that's your job. You will not be super active in every team fight and you will defiantly not waste your time chasing after teammates and/or enemies. Farm your Q and have at least 160+ creep kills and 5 towers when the game is over. Not to say that you're NOT gonna help your team at all. That's just egoistic! But be realistic; Do you really need to be there, or can they perhaps handle it by themselves?


Q: When the enemy team are pushing middle and your team are 4 peps at tower. It's a draw and not much is happening! What should you do?
A: You should be standing top/bot lane with A WARD placed in the middle lane and be pushing the tower!

Q: You find yourself roaming around the map, then suddenly a TF is engaged. You and your team successfully killed two of then and seriously injured the rest. What should you do?
A: Teleport to the most pushed lane and start hacking away on the tower with your Q!

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Ranked Play

This is a FOREVER ALONE-guide on Nasus. I always pick Nasus when I'm about to solo in ranked, since it doesn't really matter if your team is not that great.

You (Nasus), will be hitting like a truck on heroes, towers and creeps in late game. So just mind your own business and farm like crazy! Take very few risks, and it's almost never a good idea to tower dive if you're not 100% you will be getting a FB or ending a killing streak and don't forget to also check if your is teleport ready.

And really, even if you're 0-4 with Nasus. It won't really matter, ask to change lane and keep focusing on getting your Q up and pushing towers! I'm not perfect but almost every game when I go negative in beginning I just restart and return to the lane.

I remember one game when our team was under 15 kills and I had negative stats. But I kept pushing forward and told my team not to lose any towers! And so we did, we had 4v5 at our towers almost the whole game. But I just went solo lane and pushed their towers to oblivion and we ended up winning

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Ok if you're playing Nasus aggressive early on, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Simply get the cash you need and get the items too. And after Trinity Force you might wanna step up a bit on the aggressive part.

My build might look quite tanky, but that's how Nasus should be played (according to me). And I promise you, when you got your Q on 200+ dmg. It won't really matter what items you have, you will do A TON of dmg either way. But I like the early on defense and Trinity Force is such a great option since it gives you; MS, AS, DMG, AP and some HP. Guardian is also very nice to have since you probably will be risking allot pushing lanes and you won't be focused in TFs either. And yeah Sheen, lets just say you're hitting like a truck with it... :]

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Summoner Spells


Ok if you wanna waste a perfect summoner spell then suuuuuure go with exhaust! But as I recall, Nasus already has an exhaust. W stands for Wither! Ghost is a optional choice in this guide, it's good and it could replace fortify if that's the style you chose to play. But again this is not a balls in the face Nasus guide but more a "I wanna win, no matter what!" type of guide.

Fortify: Extra creep dmg, perfect for your farming. And yeah sure, helps the team and you also become pretty much immune against tower dives.
Teleport: Perfect for strategically doing counter pushes, or just getting back on the lanes ALLOT quicker! I'm usually 2 lvls ahead when I play Nasus

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You're gonna farm like crazy in order for this build to work out! Then why not take the extra dmg against creeps and some extra overall. If you wanna spec imp ghost instead of teleport. Fine by me, but if you wanna win...(a) Then listen up and do as I tell you!

You will be taking the blue buff quite often, so 30% extra is very good! Same with the MR, fast pushes with Q and E are vital for this build to work for you!

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Not super important, but I like the MR and the extra health. Armor pent or flat out dmg, your choice! But by all means, go with the MR and HP! The magic resists is just a personal choice, almost every hero uses magic dmg. Why not just go with the pretty obvious defense stat then?

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Skill Sequence

Again, it don't think I need to tell you. But Whiter is a bit OP, even in lvl1. Don't waste your skills on putting an extra point in it, sure it's great if you find yourself being chased allot. But if you're like me and "in it to win it" then go with Q and E.