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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nihma

Warding guide, in depth with warding positions

Nihma Last updated on March 23, 2012
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This guide is part of my guide project. I will be using this guide with my other guides to give understanding about wards and warding. This guide can be used by other guide writers, but give credits to me! = )

I apologise my english skills, but I am working on the grammar and spelling mistakes on the guides. English isn't my native language (as you can see), but this should contain understandable english anyway. = )

This guide can also be found at Solomid:

Here is my other guides on Mobafire:


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What are the wards?

There are two kinds of wards: Sight Wards and Vision wards. Sight wards are so called "normal" wards which costs 75g. These wards only reveal small area surrounding by them. Vision Wards (125g) act as a Sight Ward, but they also reveal stealthed objects (heroes and wards).

There is also item called Wriggle's Lanterns which has a use - ability, which puts sight ward on the ground. Some hero abilities acts as Sight Wards:

Shaco = Jack In The Box
Teemo = Noxius Trap
Heimerdinger = Turret
Maokai = Sappling

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Why to use them?

The wards are mainly used for gaining vision over the map, this is the most important way to gain map control. Vision over the enemy movements makes avoiding ganks possible. It also can be used more offensive way like caughting enemies on the places where they don't expect to be ganked.

Teleport (summoner skill) can be used on wards. This makes great ganking opportunities and gain new way of map mobility. Teleport is mainly used for dragon fights where top laner can fast teleport on ward and help to secure the dragon.

There is three heroes at the moment who are capable of using wards as mobility method. There heroes are Jax, Lee Sin and Katarina:

Jax Q (Leap Strike) can be used on wards and to perform a ward jumping.

Lee Sins W (Safeguard) can be used on wards and to perfor a ward jumping.

Katarina E (Shumpoo) can be used on ward and to perfor a ward jumping.

It's recommended to carry at least couple of wards with these heroes for this reason.

Ward jumping is mostly used as escape method, but it can be used more offensive way also. It can act as a "mini flash" to catch enemy champions.

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Denying Warding

There is two possible ways to destroy enemy wards: Vision ward (125g) and Oracle Elixir (400g).

Vision Ward is the upgraded version of normal Sight Ward. It has ability to detect stealthed object and therefore other wards including other Vision Wards.

Oracle elixir is a useable item, which gives you the stealth detecting ability like Vision Ward. This effect lasts until you die and after that you have to buy a new one.

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Psychology effect with wards

"You are not afraid what you can see" and "What if..." are the phrases that fits perfectly to this small section of the guide. With wards you can feel safe when you can't be suprised. This means you can farm or harras with 100% focus and back off when you see enemy movement.

"What if..." applies when you are wandering around without vision over the map. In every bush there may be ambush and that mostly means you are screwed. Most likely if you don't see them, they most likely see you or know about your presence.

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Warding places

These are the most used warding places:

Here are pictures of these places in game:

1. Here the bottom lane bushes are warded to prevent enemy jungler or cc supports (like Taric and Ali) camping.

2. These wards are to prevent enemy jungler and mid ganks. The ward, which isn't in bush, is there to gain vision from both routes (river and jungle). It doesn't give vision from the intersection bush, but this way you can cover the needs of two wards (intersection bush + dragon) with one single ward.

3. Dragon ward to give vision over the dragon.

4. The most common places to use ward to gain vision from the dragon side of the river.

5. The ward places in order to gain vision over red teams blue buff.

6. 1/3 part how to ward red teams red buff jungle. This covers the intersection warding and the mini bush near wraiths, which is common ganking bush.

7. 2/3 part how to ward red teams red buff jungle. Here is 2 pictures of how to gain vision over red buff.

8. 3/3 part how to ward red teams red buff jungle. This is mostly for top laner to protect himself from the jungle and mid ganks.

9. Top lane bushes warded to prevent enemy jungler camping in these bushes.

10. Baron ward.

11. The most common places to use ward to gain vision from the baron side of the river.

12. Blue teams side to gain vision over the blue buff side of the jungle.

13. Blue teams side to gain vision over the ramp. This also covers the mini bush near wraiths. The intersection bush ward is used when enemy team has oracle and is fast checking the intersection to destroy wards. They rarely check that bush for the ward.

14. Ward positions to gain vision over blue teams red buff.

15. These wards locations are used in the late game when your team is pushing. The reason why to ward these positions is to prevent fast enemy flash ganks when waiting for a opportunity to push the inhibitor tower down. Also the T - intersection ward is used to gain vision from that area. Enemy heroes mostly take this route instead going behind their fortress walls.

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Bonus section

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Enjoy! =)


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