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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wardi

Wardi's guide to AD Evelynn

Wardi Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Hello there! Welcome to my Attack Damage Evelynn guide.
The hardest thing to play Eve is situation when the enemies have oracle. Most Evelynns I see just stay back in these situations and do nothing, "because they see me". So what? They see our Annie/Garen/Janna/Urgot/Zilean/whoever too. And they do not stay back. Why the hell you do then?
Element of suprise, you say. You want to catch an enemy when he doesn't expect it. OK, just turn on your Ghost spell and ultimate and get him. Oracle has pretty small range, it WILL be suprise, seeing Eve appearing from nowhere with deadly movement speed and killing unexpecting man. Even if he sees you in that fraction of a second, he won't be able to react.
And what if they use wards? Simple - YOU buy oracle and have a nice trip through the entire map, destroying them.

Let's have a look at skills:
Determined Killer (passive) - Pretty useless, but can save your life in some situations, especially in early game while ganking unexpecting enemies close to minions.
Hate Spike - Low damage, but cool to increase damage with Sheen/Triforce every 2 seconds. Get first rank of it when you buy Sheen, rest ranks at the end. Higher ranks at lower levels waste too much mana, and damage is low anyway.
Shadow Walk - Maximize it as fast as possible. Stealth and stun are Eve's greatest advantages.
Ravage - Useless on AD Eve? No! It descreases target's armor, so with armor penetration runes, Ravage debuff, Youmuu's and later Black Cleaver you will ignore their defenses, not only, but they will probably have minus armor. That means additional damage. Ravage also decreases magic resistance, what is useful to your teammates.
Malice and Spite (ultimate) - Cool ulti. Awesome movement and attack speed along with Youmuu's Ghostblade. After buff, you can use it whenever you want. Don't forget to turn it on together with Youmuu's.

Okay, but what with summoner spells?
I think that mobility is really important when you play Eve, because if you want suprise someone who has got oracle, you need big movement speed. So
Ghost and/or
Flash are really good. After patch Flash does not break stealth so it's very useful in chasing. Another spell I like to pick is
Exhaust. It's really good when you want to solo some melee dps, like Trynda, Akali or Yi - they won't hurt you for a few seconds. Another good pick is
Ignite, you know why. It's useless only on Soraka, probably.

Start withAmplifying Tome and aheal potion.
Don't be always on stealth - it doesn't help your lanemate, you only steal his experience, so help him hurting minions and harassing enemy champions. Being stealthed all the time won't give you any gold and it's nooblike. If you want to do it anyway, it's really better to go jungle and let your teammate get all XP for himself (jungling tips - down). If enemies hurt you seriously, hug turret with your lanemate. He should understand that Eve has really poor early game. You should also get out of lane sometimes and help to gank somebody on other lanes. And remember, dont feed! Even without it people hate Eve for just being in their team.
Sheen - purchase it as fast as possible, it's a key to your pwnage. Next, you should get
Boots of Mobility, after that buy
Phage for, finally, some AD, and end yourTrinity Force.

Next item really worth buying is
Youmuu's Ghostblade. It's AD Eve must-have and basic item, clone of your ultimate which works with it perfectly - remember to turn on both at the same time. Your attack speed reaches 2,4 (almost max!) when you have ulti and Youmuu's active on, so you don't need more AS. Really.
Now, focus on damage. Save money to
BF sword, and always remember to farm on creeps. Eve is famous from her low level compared to rest players in game, and number of creeps killed in most games - when all have about 150, Eve has 20. It's effect of leaving lane and ganking too often. You NEED gold, because
Infinity Edge, next item you should buy, is really expensive.
If game doesn't end yet, whats strange, get
Black Cleaver. Good alternative of BC isPhantom Dancer for higher critical strike. Your damage will SMASH. But remember - play carefully. Don't get cocky, you can't 1v5. Don't get into brushes (even stealthed!) when all enemies are missing. Destroy wards, force (:O) your team to focus enemies who have oracle elixir. It's not annoying when they see you, as I said at the start, but it's always better to be simply unseen. Really, don't worry if they see you - use your stealth to stun enemies, not for just being invisible for nothing.
If you noticed wards in some places, buyOracle Elixir and destroy them. Evelynn needs good teamwork. For example, if you see that enemies don't leave ward place and it's impossible to destroy it, ask your team to go push other lane - it will force enemies to go there and defend, and you will gain time to destroy wards and, with some luck, solo enemy turret if it's not full hp - with enemy creeps near (for spamming Q and dealing additional damage to turret), ulti and Youmuu's active you will solo it easily. Plan some backdoor actions too :)

Jungle option.
Eve can jungle, too. It's not more difficult than others, really. Pick
Smite instead of one Summoner Spell,
Cloth Armor and
5x Heal potion. As first ability, get
Hate Spike. But there's some problem. Your first and most important target, Golem, will kill you. And there are two ways to solve it.
First is to get three health quintessences. Quite simple, but you could not have it bought, and no IP too. Here's a second way. GetRevive! It may sound really stupid, but it is not that useless on Eve. With Revive and Smite, when you get to Golem, kill his two minions and let Golem kill you. Then, use Revive to get bunus health (with this you will kill Golem) and movement speed that will let you reach Golem again in a few seconds. In mid-late game, if you will use Revive, then ulti and Youmuus' active, your movement speed will be much OVER 1k. Impressive, isn't it? After Golem, kill wolves, wraiths, Lizard's minions, and Dragon.
In the meantime, visit base and buy
Madred's Razors - and here you have a choice. Purchase
Wriggle's Lantern early (for some lifesteal and useful ward every 3 min), or
Madred's Bloodrazor later, if enemies have powerful tank. Rest items normally, according to my build - AS Boots, Trinity, Infinity and so on.

Defense. You could notice that my build contains 5 items, not 6. Last item is counter item and here you must rely on yourself. Buy
Banshee's Veil or
Hexdrinker if they have a lot of magic nukers.
Thornmail against high physical dpses like Trynda and Master Yi or
Sunfire Cape for more armor and some additional damage.
Warmong's Armor or
Frozen Mallet if you want some higher survi with health, or just
Guardian Angel for some hybrid defense and, what's important, second life (especially worth buying when you have Zilean in your team - three lives on carry dps is deadly thing).

Have fun and good luck with your Evelynn!
PS: Please read all description before giving thumbs down. Thanks!

UPDATE 10.12.2010
-changed Masteries to be more useful
-made build more clear and more readable
-corrected some typos

UPDATE 24.12.2010
-remade items sequence to be more clear
-changed Berserker's Greaves to Boots of Mobility - I found it much more useful, attack speed is still very, very high
-Merry Christmas!