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Warwick Build Guide by Zippo33

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zippo33

Warwick A Jungle Hero!

Zippo33 Last updated on July 26, 2012
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Hey there, this is my first guide on mobafire I hope you guys like it. This is a jungling guide for Warwick, I just started playing him about 2 months ago and Ive learned everything there is to know about him. So here is my cusyom build for a Jungle Warwick.

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For Marks I get Greater Mark Of strength so I can clear the jungles faster some people might say to go attack speed instead of damage, I think its a personal preferance because I get enough attack speed with my build and his "W". For seals I get Greater Seal Of Resiliance, I like durability in the Jungle, I want to survive and be able to stay out longer and provide reliable ganks as well. For glyphs I get Greater Glyph of Shielding, if you plan on ganking mid (Which you definately should) you are more than likely to run into an AP Carry. You dont want to have to go back when the gank is over. I go from beserkers greaves straight into

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I start out with Cloth Armor for extra durability so that I can stay in the jungle for longer and when I gank I come out with more health, the masteries just help me even more with staying alive. I get 3 health potions so the slim possibilty that I dont get a leash or run into another jungler trying to counter. I want to come out of the battle vitorious and stil be able to stay in the jungle. By the time you go back you should have enough for beserkers greaves giving you attack speed. I go from beserkers greaves straight into Madreds Bloodrazor. Once I get this item I start to gank hard and help lanes that are falling to the enemy team. From there I go to Wits End, it gives me a good amount of attack speed and magic resist. Its passive is also very good for warwick, since warwicks passive does magiv damage this only adds to its effect. At this point Im looking to stay alive and have chasing capability with some good CC besides my ult, Frozen Mallet solves all of these problems. At this point the game should be about over but by the slim chance you get this far The Bloodthirster is the way to go, once Warwick gets this item hes unstoppable, with his natural life steal added on with The Bloodthirster he cant be beat in 1v1's and 1v2's.

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Skill Sequence

This is usually a personal prefeance type of thing, I put mine above but if you feel youre running out of health more than usual you can do "Q" more. Again its whatever youre looking for in a jungler

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Summoner Spells

Smite, never go jungling without it, it plays a key role in jungling by dealing true damage to minions and if you follow my masteries it even gives you a little extra gold too. My second summoner spell I almost always go with flash, with flash I can escape bad situations and go on the offensive by the slight chance someone trys to run from me and I cant catch up. Flash could be replaced with Ignite for extra damage to enemy champions or exhaust for some extra CC in a team fight.

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Creeping / Jungling

When the game first starts out I go to blue buff, get a leash for it so you dont have to go back after you finish it. I get blue so I can use my "Q" and "W" constantly while jungling to get through all the minions as fast as possible. From there go to wolves and take them out, they shouldnt be a problem. Go to Wraiths to Golems to red buff, its very easy and with his natural life steal and health potions you shouldnt have to go back. If there isnt an enemy jungler I always like to sneack into their jungle (Just dont get caught). By the time you take out red your blue should be about out, so go steal theirs! :D get their wolves while your there and then head back to your side. If youre not level 6 yet you can go to your side and take out the minions on your side and make your way around your jungle to infiltarte their other side. Steal their read and any minions that are there. Remember this is only if the y dont have a jungler! You should definately be level 6 and should start ganking immediately. Look for a lane where the enemy cahnmps have overextended and ping so your allies know youre coming. From there on out do gank constantly, join team fights, give your buffs to people who need them, and Have fun!

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Ranked Play

All ranked games have a jungler on each side. So counter jungling is NOT AN OPTION. Get your buffs and go to lanes that are losing and help them out until you reach level 6 at thaat point you can gank lanes and have the full potential of Warwick.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Natural life steal Cons: Can be easily tracked
Amazing attack speed
Good damage output

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Team Work

Your supression can really help out a lot you can get your whole team to focus one champion and take them out as fast as possible so you have the upper hand in a team fight. Make sure to give red and blue buffs to people who need them like AP mid and AD Carry. They can make more use for them in the game than you.

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Unique Skills

His natural life steal is a great help in 1v1's and 2v2's if your attack speed is up you can dominate the champins focusing you and supression can hold them down and allow your team member to focus them and get them out of the way.

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Warwick is an exceptional farmer his "W" can allow you to clear minion waves in a matter of seconds without your health going down. If you end up laning with Warwick just last hit minions to get gold and farm until your build is underway.

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Warwick is my favorite champion he can dominate any champion in a 1v1. I wanted to share my build to get other people into Warwick just as much as I am! If you could rate my build that would help a lot so I know what I can do to make me an even better player and what changes I should do. If you want to request another build for a different champion just let me know. Good luck and happy gaming!