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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bish

Warwick: 'Bringer of Pain'

Bish Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Hi guys, this is just a build iv found is very effective for warwick. It focuses on getting his AD and lifesteal high to improve both survivability and damage output. I'll also be adding some simple yet i never seem to witness them, must be frequently ignored, strategies that most warwick players should stick to. This is a build that jungles to start with, but should only be attempted with a decent amount of ATK SPD runes, at least a quintessence, or some seals. If you havent got these, well, go look at a build that uses smite. I say smite is for pansies though, and people who want to be useless late game.

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Pros / Cons

Warwick has many pros and some cons. They are as follows:

-great for ganking
-good at tanking early on
-is a very efficient jungler, more than any other champ, can keep up with solo lanes plus earn more gold
-great lifestealer, passively and through abilities, hungering strike and infinite duress
-has a stun ultimate
-extremely hard to counter if played correctly and doesn't dive recklessly

-can be ganked jungling at the start of every match, pretty much stuffs u up
-no crowd control besides stun ultimate, and this can only target one champ, and can be interrupted during
-abilities are costly for a champ with relatively low mana and low mana regen, very buff dependant, but shouldn't phase any junglers
-not so much squishy as just cc vulnerable, if u dive into the middle of a group of enemies with any sort of cc, well, dont say i didnt warn u, u will die very quickly
-can be caught soloing at any time, is vulnerable without support if you have no items or buffs

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For runes as i said before, u should get some atk spd asap. At least one Quintessence of Alacrity will improve your jungling immensely, and when you max out your seals with Alacrity your jungling will not need smite. This has a double purpose which i will come to later.

The other Quints are Desolation for Armour Penetration, ArP, and the marks are all desolations as well. Having a good ArP early also makes jungling easier and ensures your hits hurt when u get to land them after jungling.

To make your life easier, and the lives of your enemies harded i suggest u get cooldown reduction runes with a flat percentage, means jungling at the start is easier cos u can use ur abilities, mainly hunters call, more often.

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I've tried this out so many times, going 21/0/9, 21/9/0, even 0/21/9 but by far the most effective for warwick iv ever used is the 9/0/21 mastery build. It seems to make him less mana thirsty from the get go, he gets around to creep camps faster, flash is more available more ofter, and exhaust as well, which is a bonus in any team fight. He basically only needs the magic penetration so his hungering strike and madreds bloodrazor, yes we will get one early on, are more effective, or at least as effective as their descriptions. Wat so many people fail to realise is that item descriptions look good but not when stacked up against by an opponents resistances. Especially high Magic Resist cos it can potentially halve the effectiveness of ur madreds and make u pretty much useless. Read on to find out how to counter these annoying quirks.

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Summoner Spells

I get Exhaust and Flash. Both are good offensively and defensively. Exhaust slows and blinds your opponent (100% miss chance) for a few precious seconds, while flash lets you escape or chase, over terrain, depending on the situation.

Dont get

-Heal: it scales so lowly its useless by late game.
-Teleport: you dont want them to know ur coming (turn blood scent off to be effectively hidden for ambush, please).
-Ignite: you shouldn't need it to last hit anyone, they can't get away with exhaust, blood scent and your ultimate. I admit its good for mundo, nulls his ult, but not needed cos he will be your last target in any fight, and should be, so your team can focus him down as needed.
-SMITE: this would have to be the only thing that gets me killed at the start of a match. If im jungling people see smite and go 'hmmm, lets go get first blood and gank ww on his side of the jungle'. Happens far too often i must say, even to eve's and shaco's and other junglers. Really its a good strategy, but not if you're on the receiving end of it! Also this is completely useless in a team fight and i never see an enemy champs pets often enough to validate having it for that reason. PLUS a good warwick with decent runes DOES NOT NEED SMITE to jungle. Enough about smite.

I cant think of any other spells warwicks mite like. Even clarity shouldn't be needed with the blue buff on you every chance you get.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty basic. Get hunter's call first and you'll jungle much more efficiently from the start. Then focus on maxing hungering strike, with blood scent and your ultimate (infinite duress) alternating. Hunters call takes the lowest priority despite being the first ability u get. Its good at level 1 and the others are more important early and mid game.

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Creeping / Jungling and Items

OK. To the details! Unfortunately im nood good at pics so ul hav to use ur imaginations.

Buy cloth armour and 5 x health pots. I start at my side golem camp. Use hunters call to initiate and pop a health potion. This gives u level 2, choose hungering strike. Then on to the ghosts. Attack the big ghost, with hunters call again, pop a potion, and hungering strike to finish it and regain some health. Finish off the little ghosts. They have lifesteal too so dont get caught up being fancy just focus them down 1 by 1. Then the wolf camp. Hunters call the big one, big ones first cos they do more damage, then finish him with hungering strike and finish the 2 little ones. Repeat again by running back to your golem camp and starting again, they will respawn about 4 secs after you get to it if you do this all by the same time i do. Once you have finished the wolves for a 2nd time go for the ancient golem. USe hunters call to initiate on one of the 2 small lizards, pop a health potion and finish the other lizard. Then focus on the ancient golem, alternating between 2 hunters call and hungering strike, if you have to u can pop ur last potion but i like to keep it for the lizard/red buff camp, just in case.
This should give u a sizeable amount of gold, both buffs and you can return to base to either get ur boots, partially or fully, and ur pink girly razor as i call it.

Ok. Thats basically the starting of jungling. You will be level 5 at least, close to 6. Sometimes i like to get level 6 before returning to base, just to be able to get both boots and pink razor in one trip, plus i can go straight out and gank from base then. Go for mid first, they are generally squishy, and if you have done this fast enough you will be the same level as your mid at least. Just always be running and killing something, dont ever sit still, or wait for gold at camp, thats how matches are lost, you might as well be dead if you're just sitting at base. Get out there and gank then jungle, alternating between the 2 untill its time to team up and crush the enemy team.

I seem to like get Bloodthirsters, i dont know wat it is.... oh wait THEY'RE AWESOME! They scale with kills, any kill, and give passive lifesteal, oh so good on warwick. I like to get at least 2 after i finish my madreds, makes your hitting more effective, imnproves survivability by omfg so much more, and by the way kids your ultimate (infinite duress) scales with AD. So after a few of these have some kills under their passives, which are not unique boo yah, ur ult is the bringer of pain! I'd be very surprised if u actually manage to get 2 of them, cos it means ur carving up, or the game has lasted at least long enough for the other team to have the option of surrendering. Which they are probably trying to do but some people just wont give up bless them for trying.

So in the event you do have to get to late late game, 2 lates, then get a frozen mallet for some health and the nasty slow buff. One of these on ww means short of a miracle they ain't gonna get away. Or teleport or flash or other annyoing spells. But make them use them once and for the next 3 mins they might as well sit in their base cos otherwise your gona get them.

Last item is purely situational. Get a Wits End for nuker teams, ap casters and such, most nukers are mana dependant, except for Vladimir but no worries, Vlad's never stack Magic Resist so your madreds should shred him and your bloodthirsters should keep you alive long enough to do so. The other considerable last item is Last Whisper. This mighty item, for so little expense, penetrates 40% of targets armour, and gives nearly as much AD as a BF sword. Seriously good stuff kids and one of my favourites.

Now some people get banshee's veil and others even get Guardian Angel as defensive items and i admit iv seen some really good warwicks employ these tactical items. But they are purely defensive and help your damage output not one bit. So only ever get 1 of these items if you're 100% sure you'll die every 3 minutes if you don't. They are good if you're the only melee and need to tank for the rest of your team. Other than that, stick to the item build for massive AD and Lifesteal, you will be much more effective.

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Fighting Tactics

Quite simply your attacking an enemy champ will be in the following order. Run in, hunters call, with blood scent activated (we'll discuss blood scent tactics later) and hungering strike them to lower their health, as ur health gets lower so does theirs (it should be going down otherwise get the hell outta there) when they try to run or u think the timing is right ult them to see your health go back up and theirs go down, possibly killing them.

This is important to remember, and i see this happening so much, is warwicks using their ult to initiate, so stupid, and doing so at full health. This is a double no-no. Your ult gives u massive lifesteal, use it to stop a nearly dead fleeing enemy sure but not to initiate team fights. You will die very quickly Warwick is a great hit-for-hitter as i call them. He gets passive lifesteal, which we add to with hungering strike, percentage of targets max health in damage converted 100% to add to your health, and your ultimate does huge lifesteal if you can get the full length of it, but you can get interrupted by stuns and tosses. Just remember to hang back a bit, wait out the initial stuns or cc abilities then get in there and aim for a triple kill at least! Use hungering strike as a finishing move in team fights to make sure your teammates dont take kills and precious gold off you. You need it more. A fed warwick is Good Game in any situation. Bar none.

Also very important. keep a close check on your blood scent if you are wanting to gank a champ on low health. You will tip them off that you're coming if blood scent is on. Wait to initate combat then toggle it on to chase them down and get the kills. Also use it if wanting to see where a champ is fleeing to, if you're having to come from the other side of the map, its nearly pointless, you cant run fast enough to catch them even though you know where they are. My main advice on blood scent. Leave it off, but every time you come into contact with an enemy champ toggle it on, shouldn't be too hard to remember. If there is a lull in the fighting and you cant see any enemies (im talking early and mid game) then toggle it off. No need to let them know ahead of time that your coming.

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Team Work

Partner with other crowd control champs, Pantheon, Sion to name a few, Ryze or Veigar also good, anyone that can prevent someone from moving will give you the best possible chance of getting a kill. Warwicks damage output is devastating against enemies he is allowed to focus on. Mention it to your teammates and get them to initiate with crowd control effects. As you attack the target they should be trying to flee, extra cc will make it more so. If they try to flee with ghost or flash or anything u can chase with blood scent, flash to last hit or get in range for infinite duress and stun them while you finish them.

Warwick is a good turret diver, but this needs to be considered carefully. Gank under a turret (initiate or chase) only when all other enemy champs are accounted for on the map. You dont want to get stuck on the wrong side of a turret and have the enemy corner you. You might get a kill out of it but at the expense of giving the enemy gold. Weigh up the odds and decide accordingly.

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Well thats it. A lot of writing. No pics. But i think i discussed something more important than mere colourful pictures and that is to play warwick in a way that keeps your team from abusing you, which can happen and does happen when they blame deaths on u not being there to help and other silly things. If someone dies, it is inevitably due to a mistake they themseves made, unless the champ who killed them is a fed beast and just dived under a turret to get a kill. It happens. But its only a game. So have fun trying out this build and any comments will be taken into consideration and im more than happy to adjust the build if someone brings something awesome to my attention. Later.