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Warwick Build Guide by ilias116

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ilias116

Warwick can lane and he is good !!!

ilias116 Last updated on August 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my first guide ever and i wan o show you that WW is something more than an exceptional jungler.
I want us to forgive my bad english . im living in greece and i dont have many option or time to improve my grammar.
Lets get started. In-lane WWearly on should emphasize on improveing his first ability early on which is his main damage ouput form lvls 1-5 ,so itake doran ring to improve my damage and be able to stay i lane longer by cae to mana regen and the healing form my Q . This is the early so i think it fits in introduction.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

    easy lane phase cause Q heals you a lot
    the fb at least in your lane is sure
    WW is good at last hitting
    your ulti will ensure you a kill by the time you get it
    if you play some tanky as i do you will stay alive a lot in the team battle and you will be a great source of damage ,plus you ulti is very good to kill the enemy ad carry first before he is able to react
    only by taking madreds bloodrazor you have too mush dps
Cons :
    you might screw up your laning phase which is not possibly as a jungler , of cource in the team battle you can collect alot of gold be aggressive and this will help you
    you have to learn your limits at the team fights and when to use your ulti to initiate
    WW will give you the feeling you are invissibly but you are not you should be cautious , this is an advice for every champ you play

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i take magic pen, armor ,magic resistance and health runes to improve my laning face and make it easier . this is the runes i really use and i have some crazy games with WW even from the first match . remember that those are the runes for laning and not jungling and are useful only for early game and helps you to get easy the first kill because early on you are doing more magical damage plus . the damage for madreds is improves

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i emphasize on damage masteries because i love havoc on damage dealers.and i take utility to stay in lane longer . the bonus time with buff i want it because i always get the blue the way to lane after returning to base to base at lvl 6 for first time . you can choose what it fits to you . i just give you my point of view

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i think that only if it sure thath the game will end too early you must grab madreds blodrazor as fast as pssible and this should be your first big item and i many cases your last . dont forget that WW passive give him health per hit so you should take vampire scepter along with madreds razir or even before that if you must. then you have to decide in what case scenario is the match you are in . for instnce if he others are heavy ap or ad and they are all focusing you first you should take the deffencive items first after madreds . forgot to mention that yu probably have some movement issues do you can take zeal somewhere between the others . ther are soem optional items such as frozen mallet which helps your team take down an isolated target or randuins omen you can also take warmogs and FoN and sunfire cup . it is depend on the enemy team . even frozen heart might be usefull. even if youdecide to go tank and some dps , dont forget to get madreds bloodrazor first on all cases. as a tank WW has no GC and he must deal exceptionla damge to make the others focus him so maderds helps you alot to fulfill your role as a tank and destruct the enemy team. if you go dps as i love to do you can take guardian agel and do some funny kills one vs one or even if your focused and di first time this item gives you teh chance to take revenge i just love it on WW . when you finally take and banshees your defence are to good and the bloodthrister with phantom dancer will give you more thatn enough damge and durability

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Skill Sequence

WW is god to be with another ayto-attacker and make the enemy team suffer from early on or he is even able to solo top and make a very successful gagn with the help of the jungler . so you maximize Q first to make more damage early on and then you should take early on Wtwo improve the overall damage. you take a poin on E at lvl 7 but in some cases you can taek it at lvl 3 to make your oppponent more scaredbecause you have alot more movemetn speeed than he on every champ you max R whenever it is possibly . your first ability is perfect to last hit champs and minions . your W can hep your team and you significally. E can help you finish of target which they run and ulti can be used to intiate or finish of weapon.

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Summoner Spells

i like exhaust and ignite because they help me a lot early on to take fB. plus exhaust can be used in team battles to make useless a DPS for some sec. ignite is perfect to finish of targets or just make them die easier(mundo amumu and all the tank etc). you take flash, teleport anything you like except the spells on the following list:
heal is just useless at late game and you survive as long as you hit someone .
clarity it is not need because it is easy to grab blue by your self and doran ring gives you enough mana regen until even mid game
clairvoyance is just not your job let the supporter have it
rally is one of the useless spell i havent see noone to use it anymore in a normal or ranked
fortify is the tank spell so is not for you , except you will play the tank when you still able to take kills
revive should not be used by anyone because that means you are determined to die

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Team Work

let the batle start and get a little late becasue you don want to get focused and die first before your able to kill at least three or help to kill them all.
dont forget you are a figher so you could be the tank for your team and make them suffer by item independent DPS with some help by madreds bloodrazor , make the enemy team focus you and let your team to do the damage .however with my build you are a tanky DPS especially a DPS .
use the W to improve the damage of all physical damage dealers and hep you alot to destroy towers and push in lane

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I hope my guide help you to try out another way to start with WW and my sry i cant include media because im not familiar with the mobafire system plus i dont have any scores to show you cause they are on another pc and i dont have access to lol by the time i made the guide plz leave comments and advices i really want your point of view until next guide cya