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Warwick Build Guide by DyalekT

Warwick - How to jungle without Smite

Warwick - How to jungle without Smite

Updated on December 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DyalekT Build Guide By DyalekT 10 8 33,590 Views 20 Comments
10 8 33,590 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DyalekT Warwick Build Guide By DyalekT Updated on December 27, 2011
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Hello everyone

Today I will try to show you how to play WW the way I do. You may have seen that I am not using Smite, because I personnally think that my 2 masteries (ghost + exhaust) are WAY too much important to waste it on a stupid smite that I am going to use only in the 10 first minutes. Soo this will be a complete guide( my first one, but i have some other great build that arent complete guide).


PS: Phreak told me this build was great.... I told you....I'm not even kidding! :)

PS: I dont ****ing care if i make spelling mistake.. GO FIST YOURSELF!
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My Experience!

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The first thing you are going to do is go listen to the video?

It will show you alot of thing.

If you dont ahve time for the video, i will give you some tip:
1-start with the 2 golem golem :) and ur W spell, wait that you have been hit 2 time b4 pressing ur spell.
2-you dont need help for the golem , BUT (VERY IMPORTANT) if someone leach the golem for u it will give you more xp and you will get ur lvl 2 after killing those creeps. it will help you to do the wraith and jungle a little faster.
3- then u do the wraith with ur health potion.
4- u do the wolf
5- u go back to bottom, try a gank while waiting for the 2 golem, you kill them and kill the wraith.
6- recall and buy madred
7- go kill the golem buff, gank top or go do the red, gank bot or mid
8- have fun!!!
9- dont hesitate to last hit some kill to get more money, the faster you get ur main build done(boots+madred+spirit+wits) the faster your going to be almost invinsible
10-continue to drag/take buff all game long, ur the BEST HERO IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS WITH BUFF, make that clear to ur teamate and get them all :)
11- dont forgot to stil lkilling creeps in lane all game long.
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Team Fight

What i find out with WW is that with this build late game you will be able to engage against any team, because you will be soo tanking and taking back soo much life, BUT early on, what i like to do is turning around teamfight and when it is really engage doing my ult on the carry/range carry of the other team to annihilate his impact on the teamfight.

Because, you ahve come a little after everyone, other team will have targeted someone else and will target you second, giving you the time to kill 1 or 2 people and then they are no more able to kill you because theyre carry is dead!?

try it out!
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For this kind of WW you will have to use a complicated rune page that i found to be really great. I have try alot of different rune, but this , I think, is the one that works the best and is also the FASTEST way to be good early on, mid game and late game.

I use 5 Greater Mark of Alacrity 5 Greater Glyph of Alacrity and 3 Quintessence on Alacrity. This will give you +25%as early game and is going to give you the little touch to be faster and not being under levelled, you may even be higher level then a 2 champions lane.

I also take 4 Greater Mark of Desolation, because it will give you some armor penetration for mid and end game.

I have try alot of different thing for the seal runes, but i just cant find anything better than these dodge runes, these Greater Seal Of Evasion are going to save your life atleast once in a game by dodging the little hit that was going to kill you.

I also take 4 Greater Glyph of Replenishment, because it is always nice to have the mana to do ur Q and ur R spell to last hit someone ur chasing or simply to save ur life!

This is about everything I have to say about unes, move on to the next chapters!
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I use a 21/9/0 mastery tree with 15% spell penenetration, because ur Q uses spell penetration and Madred/Wits end also make magic damage and it will make more dmg if you use this.

9 in defense to make is looks beautiful? lol idk WTF BBQ!
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You start with a long sword, soo you will make more dmg and with ur AS runes you will be fine to survive AND you will be closer to your madred(415$ compared to shield + 5 pot).You get your boots after, you gank, you jungle and when you have arround 1050 gold you recall, get your Recurve Bow or continue to gank or kill tower if you have opportunities.You Then get ur boots of speed, your Madred and you follow the build to Wits End.

After, that I put Banshee and sunfire, but i believe you understand that you can go with anything else that is tanky and good against what your facing. You can consider a bloodthirster If you are the only dmg on your team or if you feal like doing alot of kill, but MY PERSONAL OPINION is that the most helpfull that a warwick can be is by being tanky and taking alot of dmg, because the other is not enough intelligent to stop targetting you and because your still doing A HELL OF ALOT DMG!!! lol.

It is also not a build that will get you 300k dmg like i see alot of time with bloodthirster WW in NORMAL GAMe.

You can also try with sorceress shoes, it can be good against some team, but i like more berseker...
Theres another point, I believe that you cannot play this kind of AD WW in a RANKED GAME, because team are made to counter these carry with alot of CC and other team will be enought intelligent to ignite you and focuss you like hell.
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MAX HUNTERS CALL AFTER UR Q AND UR ULT, IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!!! this is on of the major advantage in my build i think and when i started to do that i became really better because you can be very far and reach the teamfight really fast or just chase the last guys to ace them and kill a tower and an inhibitor:)

Hungering Strike - A targeted, short-range spell that deals damage to a target and returns the damage as health to Warwick. To Champions, it will deal 4/8/12/16/20% of their health in magic damage. To minions, it may deal 75/125/175/225/275 flat damage if the damage is greater than the % choice.

Hunter's Call - Improves all allied champions' attack speed by 25% and Warwick's attack speed by 50%. Lasts 6/9/12/15/18 seconds.

Blood Scent - Warwick's movement speed is improved by 16/22/28/34/40 if there is an enemy Champion below half health within 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 radius.

Infinite Duress - Warwick leaps onto an enemy champion, striking them 6 times for for 33% of his attack damage plus 30/50/70.
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Summoner Spells

I know, people are going to call you "noobs" or "mexican"( LOL, but its true) everytime your going to jungle without smite, but dont answer to them and wait until you 10/0/10 to ask them what they were saying at the begining. You will see... They'll shut there mouth really fast!

Lets talk about masteries:

Ghost: Best summonner spell in the game(my opinion). It will give you the chance to hunt everyone down, escape for saving ur life, getting fed, ganking, ETC.

Exhaust: My second favorite masteries, can be used to hunt enemy down, slow people or fighting a Jax, a Olaf or a Udyr that is too fed and who took smite, soo he cant get exhaust...MOUAHAHAAHAH ********!
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Soo this is it, its 1hAM im fcking tired, men have fun a video will be uploaded soon on my youtube channel:Your text to link here...

League of Legends Build Guide Author DyalekT
DyalekT Warwick Guide
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Warwick - How to jungle without Smite

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