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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Megallish

Warwick - I do it my way

Megallish Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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If u dont think jungling is fun and dont want to... This build is maybe something u would like. I made this build especially for people that dont like to jungle with warwick.

-> Nice dmg
-> Great Ult
-> Awesome Chaser
-> Lifesteal :)


-> They target u fast
-> Heavy disabler teams are a pain
-> Useless when blinded


Q -> Hungering strike: Its a nice heal so use it but try to be easy with it since it costs alot of mana (can also be used against champions)
W -> Hunters Call: Great attackspeed buff for nearby allied champions. Very small mana use so use it whenever u please :P
E -> Blood Scent: Great movement speed buff when enemy champs are low. Many people make the mistake by using it all the time. Just use it when ur chasing or something cuz it can ruin the element of surprise when u try to gank.
R -> Infinite Duress (ULT): Great disable and lifesteal increase for a short duration. It is great for fast killing squishies in the back cuz warwick flashes aswell :P

Summoner Spells:

To take:
Exhaust: its just awesome (blind and slow) do i really have to explain :P
Ignite: I know ww has bloodscent to run and u can finish enemies off with hungering strike but still this one is nice for healing reduce and if enemies are almost dead and ur to low on hp to dive behind turret.
Flash: Flash and ult = range were enemies get scared from :P
Cleanse: get out of disable quickly to run away or chase

Not to take:
Heal: i think its useless cuz of warwicks lifesteal (if ur low just go in jungle and heal on neutral minions)
Rally: Enemies kill it fast
Teleport: i just dont like this one cuz there are way better ones :P
Smite: since ur not gonna jungle with this build
Revive: cooldown :S i really think this is the most useless summonerspell
Ghost: why? u have Blood Scent
Clairvoyance: u can take it if u like but i dont find it that usefull (for premade its nice to have 1 champ with clairvoyance)
Fortify: same as clairvoyance


Early game: try to stay abit easy dont think ur unbeatable because of ur lifesteal.
Try to kill minions for money and with teamplay u can get a few kills alr.

Mid Game: Here Warwick begins to shine alr :P. Try to help other lanes with ganking and dont forget to put off ur Blood Scent first when u try to gank someone with low hp or they will know ur there.

Late Game: Try to aim for squishies in the back or use ur ult on someone who needs to be disabled fast (like katarina if she is using ult). Warwick is really stong/fast and has a nice lifesteal but dont think ur unbeatable cuz of that.

I normally go in with a fast hungering strike and few hits and then when the enemy flashes away or tries to run u can turn on ur Blood Scent and use ult. IF they're still not dead by then use ur hungering strike to finish them off.

Doran's Blade: It has hp/ lifesteal and dmg and u got enough money left to buy a potion to start with. (i buy a health potion but if u dont feel like u need it u can buy a mana potion aswell)
Berserker Greaves: Movement and attackspeed (do i have to explain?)
Madred's Bloodrazor: This is were possible ppl disagree on me cuz some think u dont need the attackspeed but still getting this item so early ingame makes u really stronger cuz it has a lil bit armor and it has his awesome passive dealing 4% of target max hp each hit as magic dmg. Since u will hit fairly fast this will be a huge dmg also against tanks.
Black Cleaver: some possible want Bloodthirster first but because of ur passive i think this is the best choice. Great dmg increase and a nice armor reduce on hit.
Bloodthirster: Nice for abit more lifesteal and great dmg increase aswell
Last Whisper: agree or disagree with me but maybe u dont really need the attackspeed but the armor pen it gives is great and from my point of view i still think the attackspeed it great (think about how devastating it will make u).


Armor Pen marks: i like the armor pen :P
Mana regen Seals: i like these aswell cuz it makes it possible to use hungering strike abit more to heal without the danger of getting out of mana that quickly
Attackspeed Glyphs: well u can also take others here but i think these are the best.
Armor Pen Quintessence: what else :):)

I would say just try my build and let me now what u think of it.
Comments are welcome and Have Fun playing as Warwick.