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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt

Warwick - I Smell Blood

HeAt Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Hello again everyone and welcome to my new Jungle Warwick build. First off, I would like to acknowledge the help I have gotten testing this. Special thanks to Tweedle So Rocka (ideas), WrathofVuLcan (testing), and Chaotic Bliss (playing while I tested).

This Warwick is different from your contemporary Warwick build. I would like to note that you want to have both buffs, mainly the lizard buff, or "red" buff, as often as possible. They greatly help in your damage output. Secondly, this build is capable of taking a LOT of damage. This warwick can be played as a tank with a competent team (alongside a taric, janna, or other viable support).

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Pro's and Cons of this build


- Substantial ability to deal and take damage
- Great jungle control
- Very potent carry in ranked games (Tanking and damage.. with the ability to push turrets)
- Great addition to a hard carry when duo queuing or doing ranked 5's (running warwick/corki, etc.)
- Great anti-AP hero


- Unless blood scent or ghost is on, you are fairly slow
- You rely on the ability of at least 1 team mate to stun... which as anyone who plays ranked knows, is not a good idea

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: Wriggles Lantern is a great first item for Warwick. It is fairly cheap, provides armor, lifesteal, and a good creep proc for jungling. It also gives you a handy ward to place at enemy buffs, to know when they are taking the buff, or when it respawns, giving you great jungle control.
: Mercury Treads are a key item for warwick. The way warwick survives is by doing damage which is translated into life steal. When CC'd, Warwick can't deal damage. The less time he is CC'd for, the better. Since Mercury treads lower CC, they are a must-buy for warwick.
: Wits end will be your item that takes the place of the Bloodrazor. It is cheap, the passive does nearly as much damage as a Bloodrazor, and it steals mana from mana using targets. This makes warwick a great anti mage because when jumping on a hero like Ryze, Leblanc, Annie, etc. with his ultimate, he can steal up to 250 mana from them, which in a team fight, can bring them from that little reserve they had to 0, rendering them inactive. Also when fighting heroes with escapes, like corki, kassadin, or ezreal, you can use your ultimate on the hero to remove a lot of their mana, possibly rendering them unable to blink away. This item also provides more magic resist and attack speed, making it a key item in this build.
: Spirit visage is yet another key item for warwick. It increases the amount of health he heals when dealing damage, through his ultimate, attacks, or his Q skill. Also, this provides much needed HP, and a good amount of magic resistance.
: The guardian angel is the final key item to your success as warwick. When you pick this up, with the rest of your build, you can baron. For me this is usually about level 14, but it depends how you are doing in the game you are in. This provides the armor which you lack as the rest of your items are all magic resistance (minus the wriggle's)

The Final Item

... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

The final item is all dependent on how the game is going. If you are doing well, and not taking much damage, you will want a damage-dealing item. This can be either a Bloodthirster, a Black Cleaver, or a Madreds Bloodrazor. I would do the Black Cleaver. If you are still taking damage, it would not be magic damage, it would be physical. An item like the Sunfire Cape, or even a Thornmail, may be a good bet. An Atma's Impaler can fit somewhere in here, but I'm not a fan of that item myself. It provides armor and crit chance and turns 2% of your health into Attack Damage. On this build that would be approx. 54 damage, which isn't bad, so it is always an option. if SOMEHOW you are still taking magic damage, pick up a banshees, then proceed to throw a pie at (or Rabid Bite) their face. A frozen mallet also wouldn't be a bad idea. I personally either buy a Bloodrazor, Frozen Mallet, or Sunfire Cape.

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Team Compositions Which Compliment Warwick

The key to playing Warwick successfully is having a team which can help you get kills. This version of Warwick can also be a carry when going into the mid game, all the way until the late game (20 mins and above). All Warwick needs to succeed is that the duo lane has to have a utility hero (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a hero who can immobilize the enemy in some way, whether it is a stun, taunt, fear, [even a strong slow]), and the solo lane must not be pushing too far. Do NOT play Warwick with a Tristana solo mid. She cannot prevent her own pushing from occurring thanks to her passive. A good tip would be telling her not to level it if she is not good at harassing with it.

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When jungling with Warwick, follow the following series of camps. Don't forget to pop potions as soon as you start fights with the spawns. As of when you finish blue golem, you will have your Q which can be used to heal instead of potions (spammable due to mana regen).

Firstly, start at Golem. If there is no fear that Golem will be stolen, smite it as you start. This helps the cooldown of your smite come back faster (Will pop up just before wraith camp). Kill the main golem first then just finish off the other 2.

Next go polish off the wolves, killing the orange one first.

Proceed to the wraiths, smiting the blue wraith killing off the rest.

When the wraits are completed, go to lizard. Kill lizard first then the 2 minions near it. Once you have lizard proceed to the smaller golem camp next to lizard, then gank the lane nearest to you. If that lane is not pushed, and they have no jungler, go steal their golem then go for a gank mid. (be careful when doing this)

Lastly, get dragon when you hit level 5-6, then keep getting it throughout the game

Rinse, repeat (keep ganking the duo lane).

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Summoner Spells

: Ghost is a great skill for Warwick to catch up for his kill, considering he isn't the fastest of heroes. When using lizard, it may help you catch up to get the lizard proc on your enemy, slowing them down.
: Smite is used to speed up your jungle. That is all.

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Basically let me put this into simple terms.

Keep both buffs at all times, gank the double lane consistently, do NOT initiate with your ultimate, and just try to have fun :)

For skills, you want to pop W before the fight begins, and have E active. Go in and get a hit off first to slow the enemy, then land a rabid bite on them to heal and keep fighting

If you get low, use your ultimate on the enemy which can stun you.

that is all
- HeAt