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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyllo

Warwick: It's only fun, if they run!

Pyllo Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Intro- It's Time To Hunt!

Warwick, The Bloodhunter.
I'd like to first point out that this is a guide for a Lanewick.

Note this is my first guide so bare with me!!

I'm tired of seeing so many terrible Warwick guides out there. Laughing at other Warwicks in game when he is free for the week. When I first started playing this Champion I was following the guides I found on here, Experimenting with the champion myself I found far better results than following any guide. So I've decided to spend some time creating my own Warwick guide to express my never ending love for this puppy.

I hope it's helpful and that you enjoy it and vote it up so people can see how Warwick should be played properly!

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Runes- I Smell Their Stench!

My rune choice is simple and easy. Attack Speed, Attack Speed and more Attack Speed.
My theory is this; The quicker you hit, The more you heal. The quicker you hit, The more damage output you have.

I would also sub out Attack Speed Marks(RED) for Armor Penetration.

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Masteries- I Hunger!

Offense 12 Utility 9

The way I've chosen my masteries is simple.

3/3 Archmages Savvy for the bonus AP (to make Hungering Strike hit a seriously tiny bit harder (10AP @level 18- But I find that more beneficial than the Critical Strike chance because none of my items give me Crit Chance)

1/3 Deadliness is a filler to move down the tree (Even if I were to jungle, I would not need or use smite. If you use exhaust then by all means replace Deadliness with 1/1 Cripple)

4/4 Sorcery (CDR in general is nice and this is important for quicker biting!)

4/4 Alacrity (#thequickeryouhit)

3/3 Sunder (Less armor on the enemy just means more damage done)

1/1 Archaic Knowledge (Hungering Strike is effected by Ability Power, therefore your bite ignores 15% of the enemy's Magic Resistance) (if this is wrong than let me know in the comments! just what I've been lead to believe)

3/3 Brute Force (CHOMP!! CHOMP!!!)

1/3 Lethality (This is just another filler point to get that 21st. What good is Crit Damage if you don't Crit?)

1/1 Havoc (Bread and Butter my friends)

3/3 Perseverence(typo @Riot btw!) (Health and Mana regeneration are really nice early game, especially Mana if you play anything like me)

1/3 Good Hands (I don't use Ghost or Teleport so mainly a filler point but less time dead is always nice!)

4/4 Awareness (Leveling quicker is always a bonus and late game you won't have Mana issues so I'd prefer this boost than Expanded Mind)

1/1 Greed (Cha-Ching! More gold please) (Usually I lane with a fiddlesticks so primarily, Insight is my first choice to keep his mana up aswell as mine but when playing alone I use Greed)

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Items- Mmm, Delicious!

For my Item selection I'll first list what I get and why and then go into how I build (depending on my gold flow)

-Vampiric Scepter (Keeps health up during lane phase, Keeps me from Recalling, Builds Bloodthirster)

-Berserker's Greaves (Everybody needs boots and Attack Speed is crucial for Warwick)

-Madred's Bloodrazor (Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor, Magic Damage equal to 4% of target HP. This item is mandatory in any Warwick build)

-Frozen Mallet (Health to make Warwick beefier and Damage to make him stronger! Not to mention slowing enemy movement speeds when chasing, No one gets away from Warwick!)

-Spirit Visage (Again, more health and some magic resist. Most importantly is the Health regenerating effects increased by 15% (Auto Attack/Hungering Strike/Infinite Duress)and the CDR is a nice added bonus (Quicker bites).

-Bloodthirster (Base and stacking Damage and Lifesteal, What's not to love?)

-Black Cleaver/Sword of the Divine/Phantom Dancer (Your preference)

Vampiric Scepter is my first choice because it helps keep my health up in the lane phase which means I usually NEVER have to Recall, it's later used to build the Bloodthirster. I wait until I have enough gold to buy Berserker's Greaves and Madred's Razor before Recalling for items (if the game renders me Recalling or Dieing before I have the 1920 gold than I will just buy what I can working towards those).
Next up is the Pickaxe and Phage for 2300 gold. If you can't afford the Phage just buy the Long Sword and Pickaxe. I'm usually able to wait it out to buy the Madred's Bloodrazor and a Giants Belt for 2935 gold. If you end up recalling or dieing in between just make sure those are your next purchases. Next up is to complete your Frozen Mallet for 825 gold and start working on your Spirit Visage, starting with a Kindlegem for 850 gold. After you've completed your Spirit Visage your next item is a B.F Sword(1650) for your Bloodthirster (2550 w.o B.F, 900 with). Your 6th and final item is up to you which you want to build, mine depends drastically on what kind of team I'm facing. I recommend using a Black Cleaver or a Phantom Dancer.

Lastly after you've purchased all 6 items make sure you buy all the elixirs as many times as you need too! they are automatically used upon purchase and they do help a lot!

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Spells- All The Better To Eat You With, My Dear.

I use Clarity for a couple of reasons. The first being early game- you run out pretty quick. I can't even recall how many times Clarity has saved my life or let me get a kill early game to get that last Hungering Strike off. If you're not a fan of Clarity on Warwick then by all means don't use it But I would rather nothing else. The second reason I use Clarity is because I usually lane with fiddlesticks, keeping each others Mana up lets us harass to our full potential.

Ignite is just a fun spell in general. It helps with getting that last hit off as the enemy champion flees to their tower. It helps with tower diving by running in, Hungering Strike+Ignite and run out. Even late game it does some decent damage 1v1. I've gotten so many kills because of ignite, I love this spell personally.

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Summary- This Ends, Now!

This concludes my Warwick guide, If you have any suggestions I should change let me know in the comments.

I hope that you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful. Happy Huntings.