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Warwick Build Guide by darkarkin1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkarkin1


darkarkin1 Last updated on November 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Made By

Made By Darkarkin1
Welcome to my Jungle Warwick by darkarkin1 guide.

You can find my other guides here:
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2..... PROS & CONS
5..... RUNES
6..... SKILLS
8..... ITEMS
12... FAQ

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This build and guide will help you get familiar with Jungling Warwick.
The only viable Warwick is a jungling Warwick.
- 3 champions getting 100% Exp (mid lane, 1v2 lane, jungler)
- Dragon control gives alot of gold to whole team (190g x5 = 950g team profit for each kill!)
- Buff controll gives you that slight advantage in ganking and speaking of devil...
- GANKING! Jungler can appear on any lane at any time. And your opponent knows that, terror effect and suprise effect are great in this game.
- Support on weak lane or when one of your teammates have to back up.
- Peacefull leveling if you are aware of the map and your teammates call misses.

Bad things. One of your teammates will face a double lane, so he either needs to be realy good or just play VERY defensive. You might also suffer a tower loss in early game. The prio of that person is to stay in lane (forget last hitting even) and just gather exp while defending tower and minimising health loss.
A good tip to that person is to equip yourself with 2-3 health pots and pick a teleport skill in case of a gank.
You might get spotted in woods and get ganked so watch out for any miss on a map.
Anticipation FTW!

On lower lvls/ELO you will be called a n00b warwick, you will be called useless f***r, stupid, ****** and so on, while jungling. Dont get annoyed by that. People that call you that way probably have no clue how to play warwick or how to play this game at all. Just do your job.

Ppl from opposite team will often ask for AFK player coz they cant see you.
Make sure your team does not respond to those questions.

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+ One of the best junglers ingame
+ Great regeneration skills makes him quite tanky even without lifesteal.
+ Superb ganker. Apears from nowhere with a highly damaging long stun.
+ Best chaser ingame due to passive MS buff when the prey is under 50% life.
+ Extreme survival capabilities for a dps champ thx to huge lifesteal
+ % based damage (Bloodrazor + Hungering Strike) will get even tanks down very fast
- Golem buff dependant early/mid game.
- Costy itemisation
- Stun/blind vurneable
- Easy to countergank in jungle
- Leaves 1 champion for 2v1 lane
- Quite team dependant (ganks and map/miss awareness).

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Summoner Spells

Smite - this is the king of warwick summoner skills. You will recognise a good warwick if he has this skill. One of the skills you will ALWAYS use. Untill late game even. Great skill for taking down big mobs fast late game or mid game to speed up pushing lanes.
But the main prio is to make your jungling effective way of getting cash and lvl faster in early mid game.
I will explain when and how to use it a bit later.
This is also the reason you have to pick Plentiful Bounty in your Mastery Tree.
Lower cd and another gold is always good.

Picking 2nd skill is your choice. But you should get one of thiese:
Flash - All around great skill. Lets you land that last hit faster. Lets you run away from a gank. Lets you run away or engane an enemy to/from jungle. Lets you tower dive->kill->blink away into woods. My favorite skill.
You will just love it for cover in woods->flash out->ultimate->kill.
Exhaust - Good to case better a fleeing enemy, or disabling enemy heavy carry dps on you or your teammate while you gank him.
Heal - Makes your life easier while jungling, but after reaching lvl 9 and maxing out huntering strike... it will be useless.
Your text to link here...
Rally - Again, makes your jungling easier and a bit faster. Good skill for team battles. But later on it's cooldown will destroy the effectivness of the skill.Ghost - You have Blood Scent! you srsly dont need this one... Get Exhaust, it will work better.
Teleport -
Using this skill will destroy the element of suprise and we dont want that. Its better to run through jungle and get that tower pushing bastard from the back near your tower. If you would start teleporting to the tower or mob, he will run away before you get there anyway.
Ignite - you dont need this one. Its often used as a last hitter on running away champ. With your Blood Scent + Hungering strike beeing a ranged atack you dont need this to kill off your opponent.

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I play with 20/0/10 Masteries skills tree.
20 points in Offence - for dps and to help you jungle kill faster.
Prios on Plentfull bounty, Offensive mastery, Sunder.
Archaic Knowledge is there since your main source of damage will be magic basedprocproc10 points in utility - for faster lvling, and for enlongment of neutral buffs (VERY IMPORTANT).

Please dont go full offence its realy not nessesary. Srsly... DON'T!

THE MOST IMPORTANT MASTERY IS 4/4 AWARENESS (the exp mastery in utility tree) AND 2/2 UTILITY MASTERY (longer buff duration)

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Marks and Quitesences on ArPLowering Armor of your potential gank target to 0 is something VERY nice, and you are not able to always go for Black Cleaver in games (they finish too fast or you cant farm enaugh for it) That is why i swapped some runes for ArP. It also lets you kill in jungle more efficiently on lower lvls.
With this runes composition a non-tank champ shoud have its armor reduced nearly or to 0 witch will have great benefit on damage your ultimate and melee hits deal.
Glyphs on Attack Speed. This will get your work better and give you faster jungling and more survivability due to increased health regen
Seals for dodge. Makes you jungle more efficient without loosing much health.
Also this helps a bit later on on hard carry 1v1 fights. 6.75% dodge might not seem too much but its more or less a 6% less damage you take. Dodging a crit from Yi that could take 600-900 of your HP. Can save your life alot of times and ofc it also works in jungling survival.

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In jungle you should always useWhenever avaible.On bigger creeps (Golem/Lizard/Dragon) i suggest landing at least 3 melee hits to maximize the effect of before triggering should be used on CD whenever you have blue buff. If you dont have it use it only on: Blue Wraith, Golem(buff one), Lizard(buff one) and Dragon.
Doesnt have much use in jungling. Tho you should be aware of using it. Having it triggered on while you are on 10% health fighting dragon can cause ppl to notice you are close and that could cause a gank opportunity. is unusable on creeps.


When you try to gank your usual skill order should look like:
If you see option to fast eand easily close the distance to your prey save your
for stopping your prey or to close the distance if that person will use or when you get low on HP, ultimate will heal you quite much thx to the 30% increased lifesteal while performing it.


Your dps order is similar to Gank. But instead of initiating you should always wait with your ultimate when you accualy drop on hp. The situation changes if that person will instantly start to run away.

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Early game 1-6

Mid game 6-15

Late game 16-18
Help on team fights.

Simple isnt it?

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I was looking for FASTEST and most efficient route when creating this guide. There has been some changes like dragon buffs nerfs bla bla bla so i had to edit the route and invent new one.
I also wanted to make it more gold efficient. The goal was to minimize the use ofOther goal was to get on your 1st base return and a dragon kill before lvl 6. All this should also contain both buffs if possible active to gank imidietly on lvl 6. All of this is achieved by going this route.

So what you get by folowing this route?
-lvl 6 in 7:20-7:45 (depends on luck with )
-dragon kill worth 190g to whole team on lvl 5.
-totaly new blue buff ready for gank.
-25-50% of the red buff still running on you while lvl 6 gank takes place.
-fairly safe early jungling (not starting in obvious blue golem buff location)

What you risk?
Well unlike other routes this is kinda tricky. You will be low on hp in some situations (1st golem kill and dragon kill). That could open a gate for gank on you.
You also need to get other team blue buff if you want to have it ready for gank.
It is a bit harder when you start on top.

What you need?
I am running this with full rune setup.
I am running this with full masteries setup.


Sorry but i dont want to try running it on each and every possible combo.

This route was tested and WORKS with 0/0/10 Masteries and no runes. So minimum lvl to do it with that amount of is probably lvl 10.
If you find it difficult just run the route with more (just buy 5 in base with
This way you wont be able to get on your 1st trip home but you will maintain the speed and it is a bit safer.

The description is made for lvl 30 champions with 20/0/10 masteries. (Runes are a great tool but not NEEDED).

Also to realy show this is simply possible... I did a 1-5 run without ANY POTIONS! You simply dont use them AT ALL. You have to use 1 HP pot at lvl 5 dragon killin and that is it. Every 1g counts in jungling. Keep that in mind.

If you want the screenshots in better quality you can go to the link below to see a gallery hosted at imageshack with bigger resolution.

Hope you like it.

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