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Warwick Build Guide by InstaNT C0ffee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InstaNT C0ffee

Warwick: Jungle Late Game Carry!

InstaNT C0ffee Last updated on May 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I find this Warwick build to be of good use late game, as he generally falls off if you build him too tanky. The aim of this build is to allow you to use the jungle to level up, then acquire an early kill and 1v1 almost anyone late game, even champions such as Master Yi.

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Flat damage runes make for early damage on the neutral monsters and auto-attacks on champions and minions. Magic resist runes mean that when focused later game before activating Infinite Duress you can survive and still activate it, using the lifesteal from it and Hungering Strike to stay alive long enough to use passive and item lifesteal to win fights. Attack speed runes also add to the damage over time lifesteal aspect of Warwick that makes him such a good solo champ and sometimes carry, with the quintessences adding to this.

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The masteries chosen are similar somewhat to that of an ad carry, however will become useful late game as Warwick as an ad champ is very strong. The utilty masteries are chosen to amplify blue and red buff duration whilst giving him extra mana regen and the others merely to fill slots to get to the more useful masteries.

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Start with cloth armor as many junglers would. You can also start with a vampiric scepter but Warwicks passive lifesteal, Hungering Strike and the health potions easily sustain him to allow you to clear your entire jungle before having to return to base.

Build Madred's Razors to gain the useful on chance effect on minions, and boots early on to enable you to gank easily.

Getting a Recurve Bow next wasn't my first choice of item but I have been doing it for a while now and it definitely gives a large boost in attack speed, coupled with Wriggle's Lantern makes killing creeps child's play.

Build into Madred's Bloodrazor as soon as you can so you already have a big advantage over the tanky characters who may have a lot of health. Zeal and a B.F. Sword give you crit chance, attack speed and a big boost in damage so by now you should be able to take down most champs solo after Infinite Duress.

Build into a Bloodthirster for the stacked damage which makes Infinite Duress actually do a lot of damage. Phantom Dancer is a must as coupled with Blood Scent enables you to catch up to most enemies.

Finish off with a Frozen Mallet for the on-hit slowing effect and health boost to make you almost unkillable except through heavy focus. Enjoy owning the Fields Of Justice!

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at mana golem with a pull and smite it for a quick kill. Activate health potions and use Hungering Strike to keep your health up.

Move to wolves, aiming for the large wolf and using mainly Hunter's Call to finish them off. Try to use minimal amount of health potions to maximise time spent in the jungle early on. Then go on to wraiths, again focusing the large wraith then killing the smaller ones.

By now smite should be back up and you should have a couple health potions left. Carry on to red lizard and smite it for the red buff. Go to double golems with your double buff, then go to top lane for a quick push gank trying to force a flash or if lucky, picking up the kill.

You should be level 5 at least so head back to base and pick up items. Roam around killing creeps until you reach level 6, then choose a lane to gank with Infinite Duress, hopefully picking up the kill or assist if your teammate(s) are good.

After getting Wriggle's Lantern and Beserker Greaves you should be able roam quickly, entering fights at ease and taking down enemies. By level 9-10 you should be able to solo Dragon if you have a Recurve Bow and Smite up.

Keep getting buffs, giving them to willing teammates who will thank you for them if you already have one from an enemy. From then on roam the map, initiating on the carry's in team fights and soloing any who dare cross your path. Late game without Frozen Mallet you should be able to solo Baron Nashor with the amount of lifesteal and the attack speed you have. Then on to carrying the game and getting a nice juicy score!

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Basically this build is designed for a late game Warwick who will not fall off and die in teamfights and actually plays an essential part in winning the game. Any one wanting to try this build should try to follow it exactly and gank as much as possible for maximum effect and plenty of gold to buy your items with.