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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dopai

Warwick jungler *twisted treeline*

Dopai Last updated on March 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Warwick is a mainly a jungler and should be a jungler always. His lifesteal lets him live in the jungle and ganks with ease. His main purpose is to gank. Out of the Team he will be the only survivor.Btw my english isn't to good so i will have many typos.In the jungle it is good to pop in an health potion so you can live during the fight. You may want to buy 3+ more health potions if your new to warwick. That is of course optional. I strongly suggest to get the runes or you will probably die in a few seconds if you dont know what you're doing. As far as stuff like this you should probably consider watching some videos. I dont have any because well i dont know how and i dont got pictures well you guessed it. I DONT KNOW HOW.

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Great chaser

Wrong timeing for ult u dead
Scary Voice
Ganked on

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I like to focus on armor penetration for marks because it gives the highest boost and it lets u kill in the jungle easier.For seals u really need the attack speed boost to keep urself alive and not suicide while jungling.As for glyphs Critical chance/damage is your main purpose but i like to spice it up with some cool down reduction. You die so much times with ur spells on cooldown it is annoying. The quints gives a great boost to armor penetration so i said why not get it? So you will do great damage you can always change some armor penetration runes for magic penetration for your hungering, but i strongly suggest you use armor penetration, because you do a lot of regular hits with Warwick.

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I got magic penetration because of my hungering strike. I will be able to heal me and do more damage. I need the attack speed and cool down reduction to stay alive. Damage is like the main thing for all champions so it is for WW too. I need to come back faster when i am dead so i got that and health and mana regen can save u during a battle. Lvling faster then the other team is always beast. As for the summoner masteries i only got those according to what i think is good.
If you have flash you can always change out a few masteries, because flash doesnt have a mastery to upgrade it.

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Skill sequence

Hungering and ur Howling is really good in fights and in the jungle that keeps u alive. I like to have 1 blood scent to chase down enemy champions, but if u are doing well in game and u wanna raise it higher so u can get more kills its up to you. As for the ult well its the ult and its the bread and butter of WW. Without it u would die easily and enemies would disappear without the surpression. If you just plainly hate blood scent then dont raise it, but i warn you if you don't you wont get many kills. Unless of course you only go for kills with ghost off cooldown which is highly dangerous.Well that is just my opinion and you can be 100x better than me because i suck lol.

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Eternal thirst
Each of warwicks attacks heals him for 5/10/15 health. Each attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick. Getting hp from mobs,champions.

Hungering Strike

-> Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75/125/175/225/275 (+1) and 8/11/14/17/20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.

Cost 60/70/80/90/100 Mana
Range 400

As much damage it deal that much hp it gives you. It's doing 15%-30% dmg of enemy hp.Small CD.

Hunters Call

-> Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 40/50/60/70/80% and all nearby friendly champions' attack speed by half of that for 10 seconds.
Cost 35/35/35/35/35 Mana
Range 20
Use it whenever you can. If you're with melee dmg or attack speed(i think those who hit most of time) champions use it at them it's usable in team fights !

Blood Scent

-> Toggle: Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 distance of him; while he detects a low-health enemy, he gains 20/25/30/35/40% Movement Speed.

Cost No Cost
Range 20

If you want to surprise enemy then turn it off cause if you will not then enemy will hear your howl and he will be aware you're here. Turn it on when you're in normal fight at line.

Infinite Duress

-> Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, suppressing his target for 1.7 seconds. While they are suppressed, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 40/60/80. Warwick gains an additional 30% lifesteal while performing Infinite Duress.

Cost 100/125/150 Mana
Range 700

It can stop enemy and help you in team fights or chasing action,steal hp when hitting.

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Summoner Spells

Smite u always get for jungling,but the ghost is optional. I like the ghost because it lasts longer then flash, but u cant teleport through walls which is the down side.



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Getting a cloth armor prevents u from going back to recall and waste time, but u arent immortal so u get 1 health potion to stay alive and get some kills. Madreds so u can kill faster and lvl ofc it is beast. Greaves after that for ur attack speed to keep hitting and gaining hp OFC!!!!!
A blood razor isnt 2 shabby and kills every champion in your path. Your eternal thirst doesnt keep u alive so a starks is atk spd,health regen which isnt noticeable, and life steal.It's aura helps ur team out. Infinity for your crit chance and damage so your ult is boosted. Sword of the Divine kills them easily because of ur ult u deal extra 100 magic on every 4th hit. You can use the effect anytime u want 2 aganist any champion if it helps XD. Ghostblade for the atk dmg and atk spd and the effect is always nice. Tip: the hotkets are 1,2,3,4,5,6 for your items from the top to the side then bot to the side.

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First build

First build so it is rough and can be tweaked in many areas. At first it had loads of attack spead and then i noticed i didnt need that much so i switched out phantom and nashor for infinity and ghostblade. You can change any of the items in the list but it wont matter of course. So please dont down vote me just because it looks bad or bad masteries or some things. I mean like give me a break its my first build i will change it as i learn.

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Damage is one of Warwicks key things which i didnt add much of until the end.Attack speed is like 0.0 the survival of this guy, you cant live without him. Crit chance/damage is one of warwicks main things also because he does a lot of damage already but a crit is like 2-3x his base damage which kills everything in his path! Movement speed is already covered with ghost and blood scent. Oh if you want to switch out items for crit chance that is great also!