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Warwick Build Guide by Frstypwn

Warwick Jungling, The wolves natural habitat.

By Frstypwn | Updated on October 25, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Warwick
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  • LoL Champion: Warwick
  • LoL Champion: Warwick


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Guide to Warwick Jungling

okay, there are some things you need to know about Warwick.

He's a great jungler with great clear time, and self sustain, who is great at ganking with his Ultimate, and can do some heavy damage if you build him right, it all depends on team work though to call Misses, and being able to hold top lane while your tank has to recall.

Your jungle order should be Dogs > Blue Golem > Wraiths > Lizard > twin Golems > kill what spawns > at 6 dragon.

Amazingly, even without a leash or heal i was able to solo-blue golem at my low level just using one healing potion, and it's definitely do-able depending on timing of your Hunters Call.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Warwick is a great gank, very tanky, has great life steal, and capable of not needing a leash with 3 health pots, using one on the blue golem of course.
More: great in team fights, puts a huge fear on the enemy team, makes them waste money on wards.
Dragon: Able to easily control dragon kills beginning at level 6, and can farm it after that.
Hybrid: Warwick is both AP, AD, as well as a tank hybrid, while slightly less tanky than other hybrids such as Malphite.
Cons: Leaves another lane with only 1 person, in non ranked matches usually 1v2.
Laning: not too powerful of a lane champion due to the lack of AoE,
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Ganking, and why warwick is so good.

Okay, beginning at level 6 Warwick is one of the best for ganking middle / top lane, and at a incredibly fast rate once level 7.

Although you may want to be careful with warwicks E, you may want to turn it off when you're about to gank, and just use it while you're chasing them after your Ultimate, but this may be avoidable if the enemy isn't below 50%, so pay attention to your map, there HP, and make SURE You have skype to call things out.
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Team Work

With Warwick, you'll have to be able to hold top solo while your teammate buys the items in his build, and regenerates health, even on a short notice if the person dies, which makes Teleport a useful skill, but i find it not useful enough to get rid of Flash for it, and smite is a MUST as any jungler.

MIA's are also very useful, because the enemy team may try and ward your jungle, and even theirs if you invade, which is ONLY something you should do if they have no jungler.

Another important thing is making sure you call when you're ganking, i recommend skype to do this because it's quick and eases the process instead of having to type, and then your teammate can stop pushing and rest assure the enemy will be killed if they come close.
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Summoner Spells

Smite, this is a must because of the heavy damage it does early game and allowing your leveling to take less time, and put more effort into getting somewhere quicker.

Flash: This is a great item because you can flash away from someone, flash through a wall and into the jungle or whatever needs to be done, increases the speed at which you reach somewhere, and is highly recommended by me because of the kills this skill has gotten me.

Ignite: Do NOT look at this because this is something that doesn't benefit you in the jungle at all, and is merely for someone in the middle lane, or solo top to prevent a Soraka, Healing Pot, or Heal spell from healing someone.

Heal: Great spell early game, but late game loses effect unless in a heavy team battle where you're losing, this only works if they don't have ignite up. This is great because this item causes you not to need a leash early game, but it causes you to waste a Healing Potion that could be saved for later on.

Teleport: This is only good when you need to hold solo-top, but removes the element of surprise from your attacks, DO NOT GET THIS.

Clairvoyance: Gives you a view of a small area for a small amount of time, only good for invades.

Barrier: You're already tanky enough that this spell doesn't benefit you much unless fighting baron (which, is solo-able by Warwick at 18 if built right.)
the reason to this is, Warwicks self sustain with Vampiric scepter, and his Passive, and a built up Q makes him one of the best at keeping himself alive, even when you don't have a scepter.

Ghost: Warwick's E makes this useless because of the small Speed Boost.

Revive: This doesn't give you a good effect, because you really shouldn't die much as Warwick.

Surge: this is okay for pushing and for killing Baron / Dragon or a tank, but this really doesn't help you much since warwick is already doing enough damage to enemy players.

Cleanse: Doesn't give you a good benefit as a jungler, since only enemy champions give you debuffs and you only gank them really until end game, and they won't deal enough damage to you.

Promote: This is basically, in my opinion, a troll spell to help a minion tank a turret and it doesn't really help you at all since you're a jungler.
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Item build: revamped.

Okay, so i changed my build a little to represent a better build i tried out, and it is doing great.

Okay, so the reason i start with Cloth Armor and 3 Potions is because you need that extra armor if you're going to solo golem, and you get some HP Regen, which they should be used on the Blue Golem (If soloing), Dragon, and whenever needed.

The reason i build Madred Razor is so that you increase your clear speed of the creeps, and meaning you level up quickly, a good teammate to have is Zilean, his passive allows this to better benefit you.

The reason you want Sorcerer boots instead of the Berserker Greaves is because you get some great magic pen for your Q & Madred Bloodrazor, which is a great deal of your damage as Warwick.

The reason i get Vampiric Scepter is because you get a good amount of sustain damage which makes it very, very hard to kill you early game, because a built Q and W makes WarWick seem invincible against the enemy team, and you not have to worry about using Health Pots.

You want Malady because it makes your madred bloodrazor not get resisted, as well as your Q, and it really helps AP mid champions, which is great in team fights later game.

Madred Bloodrazor is a really great item, it does 4% of your enemys health, migated by Magic resist of course, which is why Sorcerer boots and Malady are really great items, and it also gives you attack speed, attack damage, and some nice armor. really a must for late / early game.

Black Cleaver, well this item is just like Malady but it reduces the enemys armor, great for ganking solo-top champions like Malphite, Mundo, Gangplank, and whoever is top and has some decent armor, as well as giving AD and AS.

Blood Thirster, This item is great imo, because it gives you 100 AD, 20% life steal once it's fully built, which as a jungler should be always, and it's great item for late game push / damage.

Infinity Edge, this item gives you 25% Crit, 250% Crit damage, and 80 AD which is all together well worth the slot, and it makes pushing a breeze, and it makes your other items stack better.

Hextech Gunblade, This item has a great use-effect and it gives good Spell vamp, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Life Steal, and it all together just benefits Warwick.

Other items that i find useful are: Tiamat for AoE fights. Frozen Mallet to slow people down, gives you some HP, and gives some AD. Guishino Rageblade, which increases Attack damage, and Ability Power, as well as a passive for Attack Speed and 48 Ability Power, which is decent against armor-heavy teams. Last whisper: Great against tanks, like malphite, which also works with Malphite. Randuin's Omen, which means you get a slow when hit, gives you some armor, and HP which is decent against a team with two ranged AD carries such as Vayne and Ezreal. Guardian Angel, when things start to get messy this is a last resort to gain you the ability to come back with HP when the enemy is low and unable to keep fighting against you. Nashor's Tooth, gives AS, AP, and CD reduction which means that you can Q more often, W more often, and gives some great damage. Spirit Visage, gives you some Magic Resistance, and a unique passive making you take 15% more healing, 250 HP, and 10% CD reduc, not only making you gain some survival, but it also makes you be able to do some high self-sustain that other champions would never dream of.
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Other good runes

Okay, some other good runes include the passive base 2% life stealx3, which is decent life steal in the beginning to add to Warwicks passive LS.

Attack Speed and Attack damage are other viable runes, i don't include them because Armor / Magic Pen is VERY Important to me, and it seems to be working fairly well for me, and it's great to have the ability to take on a tank no matter how fed they are in armor, and kill them, as well as magic res for your Q and Madreds Bloodrazor, + Black Cleaver and Malady.
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Bruiser Build #2.

You may look at this build as "noobish" because of the insane amount of HP you get with Max Leviathan stacks, which also gives you 15% damage reduction which is a decent amount, about as much HP as a flat Warmogs without any stacks, and with the other items you're tanky enough against ADCs, and the MR, well you can swap out Randuins Omen for Force of Nature, because with this build you'll do enough damage to take out a ADC with your ultimate + Madreds, and you get 15% Increased regenerations (Your life steal / spell vamp) because of spirit visage, so your self sustain is absurd and over-powering if they don't have ignite (They generally do not unless they counter-pick against WW). Yes, you only have 320 base movement speed with this build, but with your ultimate you get them almost immediately down below 50%, making you the KING OF CHASING. Also, this build has over 5k HP, probably closer to 6k, some use effects, a on-hit madreds blood razor for your ultimate, and does some good damage for being so health-centered tank build.

This build is recommended for AD heavy teams (Such as Ezreal / Talon mid, Panthheon mid, Hyper ADC such as Vayne, Kog'maw, Tristana, and other attack damage focused Damage roles.)
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In this, i described a portion of Warwick that is based off many games of him at max level, going 12-0, and i'll be posting a video soon to show some gameplay.

Warwick is by far the best chaser, can chase down Yi and other fast speed champions like Teemo, and has some of the best harass / CC in the game.

Hope you enjoy this guide, if you don't like jungling or how i described somethings or you don't like the items, don't downrate me because of your personal choice, if this doesn't work out for you and you did as i said, you may downrate me but please don't do it because of a dislike of a character or play style.
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