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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zurri

Warwick... just what is he?

Zurri Last updated on September 23, 2010
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Okay.. so im sick and tired of people playing as warwick and useing the same build and them haveing them feed all day long. It sickens me that this "Overpowerd champ" is played so sad. They run him into the ground claim he is made to jungle and gank. I say they are wrong no ifs about it. Sure DPS is good if fed... but if not fed. They just starve.

Before i get raged out. Please if you are just one of the people that won't accept how warwick should be played or at least an altnerative way of useing him, just read it see the idea how it works and maybe even give it a try. If it doesn't work im just sorry. Not that i want to be cocky but i always win.. i suck with most champs over all but this one just seems to have clinged on in such an awkward way.

So most if not 90% + population of all warwick players get smite or jungle forever buying what dps items they can running into a raizer for some reason. It makes sense to a reason but it always bothers me how people do it. If you read all of warwicks abilitys it doesn't actually say what the Q ( Hunger strike ) actually does. It hits for flat damage or a % of all of there hp. at lv5 it hits for a 20%! ( on a side note doesn't xin's ult only hit for 25% ? i never play him but im sure its something like that ) Back to what i was saying. It does 20% of there hp in one swing then even heals you for it. What is odd is it does MAGICAL DAMAGE not true damage not physical damage but MAGICAL. It doesn't say it does magical so i can understand why many people don't know it...

So you might say "Well i hit for the huge 20% but then i suck right?" well no you don't... the cooldown is 8 sec at lv1 and like 5 sec at lv5 ( im guessing i just no it gets really low) so you can easyly hit and run. ( yes you can freely tower dive hit and heal more then the tower does... don't be afraid... unless ur stunne dat tower or could be...) So spell pen boots are a must along with speccing full spell pen just take make that one skill just rediculess... but it doesn't stop there. ( depending on the word you want items and what team you are fighting) there are 3 items that all fit with spell pen and suit the needs to fight any team. Sunfire capes do MAGICAL damage so spell pen is needed with them. it gives hp and armor so another ww wont do anything to you let alone any other physical dps champ. Next up you have spirit visage it has magical resis for mages and increases ur healing by 20% so u ht for 20% of there hp and heal more then the crazy ammount you just did... Last and everyone fav... bloodraizers... please read the damn thing... each swing does 4% hp in MAGICAL DAMAGE. So once again magical pen is even best on dps Warwicks...That explains the items. if you get all 3 you can always keep stacking Sunfire capes they always stack. ( on a side note sunfire keeps working when you pop ult... so therefor ur ult becomes better then AD ww ult) as sad as it is.. it is true..

DEFENCE :So now how can you play this brute in the game? Well first never jungle unless ur getting dragon for the team. If you get dragon have a buddy dps it. You can easyaly tank it with low stats and just the passive for heals. Anyway if someone ever trys to "harras" you with anything just hunger strike them right after they hit. Basically they will harras themself to the point they give up bothering you. Sometimes people get greedy and tower dive this warwick... just hunger you will heal more then enough for the tower to finish them...

OFFENCE: Now lets say if you are pushing horribly and they are just trying to protect the damn tower. You now have free roam to just run up hunger strike and run away. the strike normally heals more then the tower does. Now please note... as soon as you get the enemy champ to half hp... they are screwed... you have the upper hand. You should be able to outrun them with no problems just hit and run. If they run away well "Its only fun if they run" charge back and hunger them. A lot of kills are about lureing and confuseing the people. Something a normal warwick can't do as they just keep swinging till someone wins you can actually put skill into fighting.

If you see someone alone you can normally hit for Q ( 20% damage) then cast ult ( it has a huge flat damage) then after ult is done they should run or attemp to kill you. chase or run depending on what they do but as soon as you can hit for another Q thats 40% damage and w/e the ult did. this should drop them to about 50% hp... now toy with until you kill them or have an entire team comeing to kill you. ( in this case run away if you see a gank or keep fighting till they die) if they all charge at you its normally good.... you can easyaly run away with blood and the rest of your team can just push for a tower or however far.

This is what warwick should be. He is no jungler he is a lane controller. of all things people see him backwards as i see him. Then i open a game and i see a Warwick playing building the same DPS build and seeing them feed and have no damage.. it sickens me...
Please try it... there is no reason i can ever see as to you loseing. Unless you have a team that just rages at you or feeds like crazy. Even then you can still win.

As far as abilitys go. Max Q as much as you can along with E and ult whenever possible. W increases you and all allies attack speed. I use it for end game pushing so obviously get it last.

Have fun I hope to see new warwicks in the game however i have a feeling people will rage at this and never test it...