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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pmantis

Warwick KiLLa Beast and jungler Without smite best guide

pmantis Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Runes and Masteries

Runes: I have them like this so:
1. I dont need smite at the start.
2. Also so I dont waste a spell spot e.g. ignite, heal etc.....
3. Attack speed is most important thing to you being ww
4. 38% attack speed from runes is awsome fun
5. Having smite they have no question in their mind your jungling. As to not having it raises a ? In their mind making them uncertain if your jungling or not. By the time they realize youre not laning you've got your blue buff already.
6. To me smite is noob but thats just me

Masteries: I have them like this so:
1. Health and mana increases as u lvl
2. Cool down times 4 skills dont take as long
3. Buffs last till u get to other teams buff. (Depending on which side of map u started on) e.g. stole their blue buff first
4. I get exp quicker so I can get to level 6 fast ready 4 gank
5. Some def and offence
6. I dont find myself out of mana
7. And heaps more other reasons witch you'll find out or u can ask me by leaving post.

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Jungling Part

Ok here we go mind my English.

1. I buy amour and 5 hp pots learn hunger strike then set off for a blue golem buff first
2.need to be aware on loading screen if they have a jungler because this will let u know if u can start on their side of the map or not.
3.if they have jungler then be safe start on your side of the map and get a team mate to help u get buff or scout 4 u.(wards are helpful but cost too much at the start)Just in case they come looking 4 u.
4. I get blue buff by hitting the 2 smaller minions first, then golem last using hunger strike and 2x hp pots. This might seem much but as u get use to this u get better. Also getting blue buff first is important so u can stay in jungle the till level 6 and around 1200-1900 gold later.
5. Once you got blue buff safely u should be level 2 this will give u more mana and hp making u feel safer jungling to level 6.
6. Next get wolfs, then ghost's
7. Red buff I get small minions again use only 1 hp pot to feel safe but not really needed.
8. Get golems and now u should be level 4.5 with red and blue buff still.
9. I check the lane closest to me seeing if gank is possible keeping in mind u have red buff witch slows them and exhaust
10. If u got kill more money for u and gj helping team get front foot.
11. If not then I get enemies blue buff then there wolfs if they have no jungler. Order how u kill golem doesn't matter.
12. I head back to our side killing ether ghost's or golems (stone guys) then Im level 6
13. In some jungle guides they go 4 dragons but dragon is much stronger now so I do things different then most making me a beast :).
14. Port back get items in my build order should have heaps of cash
15. After shop blue buff will be back on our side so start the jungle order over again until red if u wish, as having these buffs just about guarantee u the kill. If u go without them its a maybe.
16. hope things went well 4 u at this point and u haven't been dumb and died tele back get build order as far as life steal thing witch cost u 450 then youre ready for dragon from there play the game to the best of your ability getting dragon often as possible.

PS Make sure u dont let any 1 tell u how to play. Covering early dead lane team mates is a no, as going to help them can cost u your build and ganking ability in early game so stick to your guns and dont listen to others as many are noobs

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Tips To Keep In Mind

Ok notice I have it
1. I ward drag and other side of river.
2. If some 1 beating me to killing dragon. Use ward as a spot to teleport to and kill enemy then steal dragon.
3. Having these wards up mean if there is fight u can cover half the field in seconds making it there on time to kill whose left.
4. When there is turret unguarded and being attacked by u minions u can teleport in destroying turrets quick as. As this technique can change the tide of the game.(less turrets they have the more likely the are to stay on def meaning u have free range to dragon and other buffs)
5. If u is level 10 and someone need time to heal from lane u can teleport in keeping lane safe?

1. You suck in the point of view of amour and magic def with this build but listen on as I tell u how it doesnt matter.
2.ww stays alive by his ability to steal life so 1vs1 with this build youll kill anyone. If u get your ulti on them first followed by bite then howl if needed.
3. With this build you have to be cleaver and use brush for stealth kills. As u get better at this youll see how easy it is to kill heroes in seconds even tanks with thorn mail lol. Life steal ftw
4. Once u get to infint edge in my build order u can solo baron easy on your own making sure your team is in site of the enemies so they dont know your getting baron. Be sure to keep an eye out if they have baron warded.
5. Items in this build order are easy to get when u start getting the stealthy kills and ganking.
6. Having at least red buff is a must at all times so u can guarantee the kills. (Late game team mates need blue buff more e.g. spell castors)
7. Level 6 gank as often as possible to get the kills and to make enemies fear u. late game heroes will run when they see u if u been killing heaps of their team mates lol make them back off when they should push.
8. With your teleport kill towers to get cash fast is good too. Making your build time quicker and making the win for team easier.
9. Don't get caught out on your own.

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Team fights

1. Key thing is to NOT initiate them as u will die quick and be laughed at
2. Waiting 4 ultis to be use from your enemy's is the best thing to do, meaning u can kill every 1 else easy after this is how I get penta kills then push lane fast heaps of fun.
3. Focus key people that do ranged damage and who are weak. Only kill as best u can get them without risking your life.
4. If by some chance u dont get kill after ulti (e.g. got stun in ulti) and theyre getting away dont chase as they could lead u in to a trap.
5. Remember u have descent hp but low def so keeping this in mind chose your fights well.
6. dont be shy to let your tank handle enemy ultis as if they cant then there a bad tank but when u feel its safe ulti in and clean up the mess for your team being very easy after enemy ultis are pop and are on cool down.
7. Gl the rest is up to u to learn on your own :)

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Thanks too :)

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